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#GameBlast18 and #TeamBNN

During the weekend of 23/02-25/02, #GameBlast18 was well and truly underway.

For those who dont know what #GameBlast is, it is a charity event run by Special Effect, in order to raise money to their target goal of £100,000, which they spend helping children with disabilities.

They explain it best themselves

"It's the best reason to game ever! We're gaming for good this weekend to level the playing field for gamers with disabilities."

So the fine people at #TeamBNN answered the call to arms and set out with a target of raising £500 over the weekend, by allowing members to "takeover" their twitch channel and raise money by broadcasting games (and some questionable singing by the GizagoGaming guys)

Members such as CkiiDD/Gizagogaming/GeekforGamingDK/NinjaSquirrel/Eboy87/ClockworkSJ and many more took the challenge and streamed for long hours and helped raise money for the excellent cause. We had a wide variety of games played, from Fortnite to Fifa, Cards against Humanity to Portal 1 and 2, not to mention the special Skyrim stream of ClockworkSJ, in full cosplay setup!

Also during the weekend, The British Nerd Network and its Team Members arranged a raffle prize draw. For every £2.50 donated, the doner recieved 1 ticket into the big prize draw, which took place on sunday evening, alongside the big grand reveal of the total the team had raised.

So, after many hours of games and fun, we reached the end of the weekend. Bekahbear101 and The British Nerd network hosted the finale. Mayling1994 won most of the raffle (well earned after he donated around £500... Bare this in mind later considering the teams goal was £500)

Bekahbear101 finished the night off with some Fortnite with team members and the grand total was unveiled...

Had they reached their £500 goal? (Considering Mayling1994 did this on their own, I think the answer is yes...)

Goal well and truly smashed if you ask me...

TeamBNN should be so proud of themselves for what they have done!

All in all, Special Effect raised £189,930 at the time of writing, nearly double their £100,000 goal!

Congrats to everyone involved at Special Effect.

The links for the justgiving pages are still live and open to further donations if you would like to contribute and help more children level the playing field!



If you want more information on The BNN, look for them at www.theBNN.net and on twitter @TheBNN_Official

If you want more information on Special Effect, find them at www.specialeffect.org.uk and on twitter @SpecialEffect


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