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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 26.02.2018

So guys, going to start a new blog series, hopefully someone can find this interesting enough to read!

So the week started with monday (as it usualy does) and after a long weekend of #GameBlast18 and Cities Skylines streams, JoeR247 was up to 334 followers on twitch (And there was me only ever expecting to get about 10...)

Monday’s stream was a twitter vote. The competition was between Forza Horizon 3, Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Cities Skylines.

It was a closely contested vote but Burnout Paradise was the eventual winner! This pleased JoeR247 as the game was long overdue on the channel

It was a good stream and we got to see the introduction of the !Kappagen system... which produced amazing results.


The stream was mostly a fail stream, with only about 4 events actually completed successfully. That Burnout Elite license is proving tricky...

After the stream, I was alerted about the completion of a twitch achievement!

250 hours of JoeR247 is now out on the internet… I feel sorry for you all. I also really like the term “Empire” I may carry on calling this the JoeR247 Empire… We shall see.

Tuesday I expanded on the StreamElements bot and moved the stream loyalty points away from Wizebot. This was mainly due to StreamElements having the below feature...!

WE HAVE SLOTS! Just like Vegas!

I also spent alot of time updating the Follow /Sub /Host /Raid /Donate alerts in StreamLabs… 6 new Follow alerts, 3 new Sub alerts, 3 new Host alerts, 3 new Raid and 3 new Donation alerts.

I look forward for you guys to test them and the reactions

There was another highlight on the Youtube channel! According to the stats, the channel had set a new record for "Watch time over the past 28 days"

Also it has reached 27 subscribers at time of recording which is pleasing to see, considering its just a channel for exporting my streams to and not my main focus! Roll on 100k for the Silver Youtube plaque!


Moving swiftly on, Wednesday came around and we went back to an old favourite... Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)

We saw the debut of the !points and !slots commands. Sadly the system was rigged according to everyone but me. Turfy even won 6000 JoeR247Coins, only to lose them all again...

The gameplay was superb, beating positions 6 and 5 on the Blacklist in game thanks to the super OP Lotus Elise which we had built. And the CPU derping out...


There was 1 brief bit of slow down on the FPS counter mid stream, but one !Kappagen later and normal service resumed... Is there anything Kappagen can't do???

Later in the week, JoeR247 set out to improve the !slots system... Can you see what changed?

YES, the JoeR247 emotes are now the icons you need to match on the slot machine to win - It's true, I have thought of everything.

There was also some channel feedback which was so obvious and was crazy I had not seen sooner! The font on the channel is good for the JoeR247 logo, however in the twitch panels, it can be abit hard to read... Example below...

So JoeR247 spent most of friday revamping the channel font...

Let me know what you think, is it easier to read?

I feel its so much easier to read and shocked it took so long to make the change!

Friday came around the kind folks at The British Nerd Network found me worthy of promotion.

I shall hereby be known as JoeR247 - Co-Admin of The BNN. I shall no longer respond to the title of Head of Membership.

Friday also saw the beginning of #Forza #Friday, back to the old channel favourite and the first real test of the !slots game using the JoeR247 emotes! It proved surprising popular! Especially with ementalo who won the jackpot and won 23,000 coins on one spin!

The Friday stream was topped as it saw Kingbezerk sub to the channel! Shout out to King <3 Clip of the sub can be seen below!


We finished the week on Sunday with a new series. Survival mode of Fallout 4! This is gonna hurt... :D

Plenty of fun with the game crashing an hour into the stream (and this being survival mode means saving is hard to do) meant progress was slow, but we got through the first main quest was completed by the end of the first stream!

Hopefully going forward the game is more stable and runs smoother. We also got a bit of slowdown, so I may have to resort to streaming at 30fps instead of 60fps in order to keep the footage smooth and silky.

So that wraps up the week so far, pretty hectic week with a decent variety of games played! We started the week as Head of Membership at The British Nerd Network and 334 followers, and end the week as Co-Admin of the BNN and 360 followers!

Well on the way to personal March goal of 400 followers!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this very first Week In Review Blog and look forward to the next one. It has been fun letting you in behind the scenes aswell as writing this all down!

You never know, I could be looking back at this first blog post in a years time and laughing at home lame I was/am... Time will tell...

Meanwhile on the rest of the website, make sure you check out the rest of the blog series of TeamBNN streamer interviews.

Until next week,



Co-Admin of The British Nerd Network

Former Head of Membership of The British Nerd Network.


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