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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 05.03.2018

So Monday came back around an started a brand new week, which meant a brand new week for JoeR247 to give you lovely readers a peak behind the curtain of the stream!

The week started with the channel on 360 followers, and with part 2 of the Fallout 4 Survival mode playthrough!

In the stream we looked to prevent any more dropped frames so I found a tool which capped the framerate at 45fps which proved to be very effective as the stream was silky smooth!

Progress was slow and steady, which is to be expected in survival mode of Fallout but we ticked off some of the starting quests and started to build our character up to becoming the ultimate badass of the wasteland! We'll gloss over the part where I wasn't strong enough to carry the fat man and had to give it to Dogmeat to carry...

The stream was also made interesting thanks to WobblyRedMan who came in half way though with his raiding party... Which set of the raid streamlabs alert... And the deafening Sanic The Hedgehog theme...

WobblyRedMan Raid! https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedyWittyEelSeemsGood

I regret the choice and volume of alert now... 😂

It was all good though as I have now lowered the alert volume so it was a productive test from WobblyRedMan

Again the stream ended with no deaths, which is promising for the rest of the series going forward, no rage quitting just yet. (unless that would be funny for the viewer? 🤔)

So all in all a productive Monday.

Moving swiftly on to Wednesday, we attempted what the Twitch.tv pro's do and streamed for 8 hours straight! 8 hours of Fallout Survival mode... This was going to hurt... 😂

The stream was long and super enjoyable! The stats speak for themselves! 267 stream views! 11 new followers and an average view count over the 8 hours of 7! Remarkable stats!

Can I be a diva and say if only 20 less viewers came in, would have been 247 viewers then! :D Oh well, more the merrier Haha

We found the first death of the Survival mode playthrough, plus 4 others... Clips below for you to laugh at me screaming like a little girl...

First Death of the Survival playthrough... https://clips.twitch.tv/RelentlessAbstruseAniseOneHand

Second death... https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringSucculentKleeThisIsSparta

Third... https://clips.twitch.tv/AgileCleanShrimpWTRuck

Fourth... https://clips.twitch.tv/OddConcernedVultureHotPokket

Fifth https://clips.twitch.tv/CulturedImpossibleTomatoRiPepperonis

In more positive news, the Twitch channel gained a new Subscriber who can spam the JoeR247 emotes to their hearts content! The lovely LG_Green with the sub hype!

LG_Green Sub Hype! https://clips.twitch.tv/TriumphantGiftedChinchillaDancingBanana

Also during the stream, I found that playing a tense game and having a loud alert is not a good mix as shown in the below clip...

Bitties = Heart attack https://clips.twitch.tv/CallousCoyApeBibleThump

We also had fun on the JoeR247 slot machine during the stream, with LG_Green managing to accumulate around 3.2million JoeR247 points at one stage, only to then dwindle down to a more reasonable 1.2million.

Ementalo lost all of their JoeR247 points in 1 foolish spin but managed to build back up over the course of the stream to a respectable 24k Points! We also had Grumpus_dad and GeekforGamingDK foolishly go all in and lost 10k and 11k respectively

Speaking of the JoeR247 Points, shall we have a look at the scores on the doors?

Not happy about 2nd place but I wont cheat myself to the top (I totally can by the way)

So after 8 hours of stressful adventuring though the wastes the stream was drawn to an end. I found my time as a "full-time streamer" very enjoyable. No idea how they do it as I was knackered by the end of it and ready for a long sleep. Takine breaks to eat food and when nature called where interesting to plan out aswell.

Thursday was a day of rest, recovery and uploading 8 hours/11GB of stream footage to Youtube... Sorry Youtube Haha!

I also arranged friend of the Stream WobblyRedman's other half to create a Cross stitch version of my logo as he was talking to me about them getting into creative streaming, so thought why not volunteer and see what we get.

All I can say is that the result was amazing. I got a sneak peak of the early progress on the stream they broadcast late that night.

Come friday morning, I saw the finished article... Do you want to see it? Was that a Yes? Good

How amazing is that?!? Shout out to @TheStitchyBaker for making it!

Friday also saw another Twitter Vote deciding what we were going to play. The options were as follows,

1. Fallout 4

2. Forza Horizon 3

3. Cities Skylines

4. Burnout Paradise

All great choices (otherwise I wouldnt have included them. Smart right?) but which would the lovely people of Twitter pick..?

It turns out that you lovely twitter people love the Fallout 4 Survival mode playthrough so it was back for more adventuring through the wastes!

Only a 2 hour stream this one which flew by in comparison to Wednesdays 8 hours.

We had trouble again with OBS dropping frames in fallout but I believe to have found a cure. Opening task manager and setting the priority of OBS to be real-time then gave me solid 30fps on the stream. I will have to Carry on testing 🤔

We found death number 6 on the stream... It turns out in fallout you need to look where your going, otherwise you may find the highway you are walking on runs out of floor beneath you, causing you to hit the ground and go all floppy and stop breathing... Clip below... 😂

Death 6... https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulSavoryPandaMingLee

We closed the week off with Sunday and a short but sweet stream of more Fallout 4! (Can you tell I'm enjoying it?)

We unfortunately managed to get face to face with a raid who was packing some serious firepower... A Fat Man loaded with a Mini Nuke which landed slap bang in the middle of my face... Clip below...

Death 7... https://clips.twitch.tv/WanderingZealousDonutTooSpicy

The stream saw me get abit more adventurous as we trekked down near Lexington and took on the above mentioned gang of raiders which went well if we ignore the mini-nuke scenario...

The stream was topped off with the SUB HYPE from Franchize1140 :D Much love to that man <3

SUB HYPE - https://clips.twitch.tv/CuriousFineRadishPRChase

So that about sums up the week... very productive, very enjoy, very hype :D

We started the this blog post and week with 360 followers on the channel and end with 386! Crazy week and I thank you all for your continued support!

Youtube has also had abit more focus and promotion out on twitter/instagram and it has paid off. Now up to 35 subscribers! That Youtube Sub Plaque will be mine! 99,965 Subs to go!

So that sums the week up. Hope you enjoyed reading the 2nd Week in review post and eagerly anticipate the next one :D

Lots of Love,



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