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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 12.03.2018

New week, new Week in Review blog! How about that?

To recap where we left off in the last blog, we finished last week with 386 Twitch followers and 35 YouTube subs... Lets see what this week brings! Will we smash the March target of 400 followers? Already hit the 35 YouTube subs goal last week!

So Monday... Bloody Monday... IRL got in the way during the day meaning that come the usual scheduled stream time, I was well and truly spent, exhausted, running on fumes, empty, drained, consumed, etc etc you get the picture.

Tuesday came suddenly, and with it, JoeR247 decided it was time to put Fallout back on the shelf (or Steam Library) and bring out an old channel favourite, so we put the decision to Twitter!

Cities Skylines / Forza Horizon 3 / Burnout Paradise / Need for Speed Most Wanted all in the mix... What did Twitter pick?

(Still a better turnout to a vote than the UK general election)

47 lovely people voted in total! Pretty sure that is a record for a twitter poll in the JoeR247 empire, excellent work everyone who took part - you may pat yourselves on the back on my behalf.

Anyhoo, the vote was extremely close with 1-2 votes swinging it into Forza Horizon 3's favour. I blame @TheBNN_Official for potentially using their influence in the vote however.

So with that, JoeR247 prep'd for the long flight over to Australia (not really, its just a game) and to race some cars!

(Funky photo I took and thought looked cool in black and white... Look at the subtle lighting on the mug <3)

8pm came around and JoeR247 went live! 8:02pm the stream was still still on the starting soon screen and Loyal friend of the channel Turfy only went and dropped his 3rd month resub! <3

https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticPluckyPepperJKanStyle Turfy with the sub before the stream even starts haha

8:03pm and Odibatterz came in with another ear splitting raid haha - so much for me fixing the volume last week :-/

Odibatterz with the ear splitting raid! VOLUME WARNING! https://clips.twitch.tv/GrossChillyHerdAsianGlow

The stream went really well! Constant chat and fun with Blaxk001 joining me for some Co-op racing. However, it still seems I cannot drive with all 4 wheels on the road...

Make sure you wear a seatbelt when JoeR247 is at the wheel https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliqueAdventurousBaguetteArgieB8

That went well... https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringBlatantRadishDansGame

We also discovered that Streaming is potentially dangerous! (Time for a clickbait headline) The time streaming almost killed me!!!!111 https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappyBreakableQuailTheThing

Always keep hydrated during streaming guys... Can I recommend a mug to you???

(Shameless plug)

So the stream ended with me finding all of the available barn finds (mainly thanks to Blaxk001 showing me where they are...) and then as usual sending a raid onto a fellow member of TeamBNN! SM1L3R was todays victim so I hope he enjoyed the raid!

Tuesday also saw the sad retirement of Wizebot, after 2 months of loyal service. Sadly for Wizebot, we found that the new Bot StreamElements also has the text alerts for followers/hosts/subs etc so Wizebot isnt needed anymore. Thanks for the service Wizebot, we may meet again...

We also found a new channel slogan inspired by the EAT SLEEP GAME REPEAT poster... Can I make it a meme...? https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveFrozenCucumberDxCat

Wednesday now, it was time to do the admin, cut the stream and upload to youtube, make and publish twitch clips and all the other fun stream things that go on behind the scenes.

Speaking of YouTube, we somehow reached part 100 of the Forza Horizon 3 series. (Congrats to me for filling the Youtube Servers with my rubbish) Heres to the next 100 as that game doesnt have an ending...

(100 parts, Must be a good game...)

After Wednesday, we found ourselves in Thursday... Not much to report during day, I am really happy with the current stream setup and not a lot needs changing as it stands. I did slightly reduce the volume of the Raid alert abit more, hopefully no longer at a deafening level the next someone decides to invade the stream with their hoard!

Anyway, 8pm came around and it was time to continue the raid on the Raiders in Fallout 4 Survival mode (Can you tell I'm enjoying it?)

The stream started out amazingly with Odibatterz dropping a SUB HYPE and joining the lovely bunch of people who can spam the Bronze JoeR247 emote all over twitch! <3 to that guy!

https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectFrailManateePanicVis ODIBATTERZ WITH THE SUB HYPE

We also got jokes here at JoeR247 - I even clipped it for proof...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappyInexpensiveElephantDancingBanana Thats handy....

We also found the high quality which Bethesda games are world renowned for... https://clips.twitch.tv/AttractiveEsteemedIcecreamTTours Bethesda games are the best! https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliviousAntsyNarwhalTakeNRG Dem Physics...

Thursday the 15th of March, shall do down in history as the day that JoeR247 achieved the March Goals which had been set out! The aim for 400 Followers and 35 Youtube Subs well and truly smashed! Thank you everyone for your continued support on the JoeR247 Empire. You shall all be spared when JoeR247 is Supreme Leader of the world (...and not just my discord)

(Somehow tricked 400 people into liking me - Happy days!)

Finally on Thursday I discovered a long lost item, My Nintendo 3DS and the copy of Pokemon Sun! No idea on the plot and where I was so far but I had a dam cool team when I left if off last! Let me know your thoughts on a potential Pokemon Lets play on the channel via Twitter!... I'd be up for it!

(Squad goals)

So that summed up Thursday nicely...

Friday! Friday happened next! Friday we returned for more punishment in the wonderful wastes of the commonwealth in 2287 with Fallout 4, carrying on after the cliff hanger of the Thursday stream!

We went full Rambo on the raiders of the Corvega factory and took them all out with maximum brutality and brought peace to the 2 people of Tenpines Bluff! (JoeR247 is a hero)

Another stream of Fallout Survival mode without any deaths, This Survival mode is too easy ;) (Jinxed it now...)

This stream had no end of highlights, with the Cheer text to speech being abused in full force with Ementalo, Odibatterz and Wobblyredman23. https://clips.twitch.tv/MagnificentLuckyFlamingoOpieOP Wobblyredman23's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleFrailNoodleAliens Odibatterz's anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!

https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyGlamorousDaikonTBTacoLeft Here is the Greatest Bittie in the world, Tribute

So the bittie text to speech well and truly tested there...

The stream was long, 3 Hours, 29 minutes and 40 seconds to be precise... but was filled with love from new friend of the channel, BDawg913 who became the newest Subsciber to the channel, as well as making it rain 1000 bitties! Much love to that guy! Totally unneeded but super appreciated!

https://clips.twitch.tv/GlamorousCleverAnteaterWOOP BDawg913 with the SUB HYPE

https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyThankfulAsteriskOSkomodo BDawg913 Making it rain bitties!!!

So that was Friday... Perfect friday night if you ask me :D

Saturday was a day off, out doing IRL things like posing in toy shops next to LEGO models and committing crimes against Pizza...

(Imagine how bad it would be if I had put pineapple on the pizza...)

We finished the week with Sunday, which could only mean one thing, more Streams!

We ran a small poll over night Saturday to decide what game I would be streaming. In contention today was Fallout 4, Cities Skylines, Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)

(The vote was a forgone conclusion long before the end...)

So back for more punishment with Survival Mode in the Commonwealth of Boston in Fallout 4 it was!

So 12pm came around and we joined up with the organisation know as the Brotherhood of Steel... Big tank like armor, powerful laser weapons... Sounds the perfect allies in survival mode if you ask me...

Sadly, the Brotherhood wernt around for Death number 7 when we ran into a Feral Ghoul roamer which could take a shotgun blast... (or 6) Not bad only 7 so far in 20 hours of Survival Mode regarless.

https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxyKnottyTeaTriHard Death number 7...

Arcjet was cleared and we became members of the BoS and got a shiny new laser rifle in the process!

We came across a weird bug with the graphics going crazy, restarting the game didn't seem to help, but friend of the channel and mod Turfy found the solution, it was the "Wetness" setting in the graphics so that was turned off ASAP!

Turfy also got a clip of the highlight so far of the play through in Fallout, me in a blind panic accidentally throwing a Molotov cocktail at 2 Bloodbugs, and getting a direct hit on one and killing them both!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TiredTacitMonkeyMVGame Epic Molotov direct hit!

The stream ended and the stats came in hot of the presses... Fair to say that was an amazingly well supported stream. The stats below speak for themselves! Thank you all for the support on it! Glad your enjoying it as much as I am!

(Either I must be doing something right or there's not a lot else on Twitch at 12pm UK time...)

So that was the week... Hope your enjoyed the content from the JoeR247 empire!

This week saw us reach out March goals, well in advance of the time limit! We started the week with 386 Followers on Twitch and 35 subscribers on Youtube and ended with 411 and 37 Subs on Youtube!

So once again, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Week in Review breaking the 4th wall blog. Same time next week? Sure why not, I'll see you then!



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