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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 19.03.2018

So last week was fun right? I think so... Glad you agree...

Anyway, Sunday, the clocks reached 23:59:59 and ticked us over into Monday!

Following last week, the JoeR247 Empire current stood at 411 Twitch.tv Followers and 35 Youtube Subscribers! Lets see what this week brings!

Monday was a day spent doing IRL things, including going for foooooooooooooood! Italian all you can eat buffet food to be precise...

(My lunch was better that your lunch...)

So that was Monday, as I said, not alot to report...

Following on from Monday, we got to experience the magic of Tuesday!

Tuesday started excellently, as the post man brought something very exciting to JoeR247... STICKERS


500 of these JoeR247 logo badboys on little awesome stickers! Curious how big they are?

(Samsung Galaxy S8 for scale! P.S. Samsung pls return my call about sponsorship :-/ )

They are the latest must have in sticker fashion technology... They are the latest New Sub perk too... All subscribers to the Twitch.tv channel will get sent 2 stickers to do as they please with! Cant argue with that!

So that's the stickers situation sorted. 500 of them to go through... I wonder how many household items I can have my logo on...

8PM came back around and JoeR247 was broadcasting all over the world via Twitch.tv. The stream in question was obviously more Fallout 4 Survival mode... (It seems to be popular as of late!)

16 minutes into the stream we got all aboard the SUB HYPE Train, calling at Grumpus_dad and Ementalo stations! Much love to both of them for supporting the channel!

Grumpus_Dad Three-peat sub hype! <3 https://clips.twitch.tv/TriangularWanderingToothDBstyle

Ementalo Sub hype! <3 https://clips.twitch.tv/FunSaltyLaptopVoteYea

Back to the game, we progressed with the almighty Brotherhood of Steel, completing fetch and kill quests for Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys (Not the most cheerful person in the game, may I add) getting us valuable XP in the hunt for level up's and perks! We also upgraded the Laser Rifle to have a tasty scope on it, making it OP and took Rifleman 2, making all rifles have more damage and ignore 15% of enemy armour!

Poogieboy1 joined in the chat an spoke to soon at one point. I found an overpass with a lift up to it and decided why not have a look. Poogieboy1 commented saying nothing of value is ever up these...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BlindingBoxyShrimpResidentSleeper Look what I found XD

Poogieboy1 took it well however :D

Another stream of Survival mode without dying. Maybe its not as hard as people make out... Or JoeR247 is super OP!

So that was the stream. Very productive, Resubs and cheers from LG_green! Love to you all for the support!

After the stream, I couldn't help myself, I got the JoeR247 stickers out again... JoeR247 on all the things!

(Genuinely think Nintendo missed a trick when they didn't have the JoeR247 Logo on by default...)

And again... It's a good thing I ordered 500....

(Again, The Dell design team should be ashamed that they didn't think of it first...)

So that was Tuesday. The next thing you'll read about should be Wednesday.

Wednesday! This came next!

Wednesday was another Admin day! We made some improvements to the stream! Amazing changes such as changing the welcome text which you see in the top left of the stream to be slightly transparent!

Told it it was amazing!

More importantly... we got new alerts... AMAZING NEW JOER247 PERSONALISED ALERTS!

Prepare for all your internet data to get used up...

Starting with the brand new Host Alert! Beautiful aint it

(Very Welcoming, Such Friendliness)

Awesome new Follow Alert! The JoeR247 official salute!

(Look at those eyes, look at those eyeeeeeeeeees!)

Finally, The Sub alert... Yeah... Best not to speak much about this one...

(JoeR247 has dabbed on the internet... Oh god why...)

So there we go. No more copy write infringement on the alerts by using stolen ones anymore, 100% unique JoeR247 ones, never seen before... Perhaps the old ones were better...

This lead to Thursday! Thursday daytime was spent in the stationary department, postage stamps and envelopes as JoeR247 setup the Twitch.tv Sub perk stickers! Expect those in your post boxes soon!

Thursday evening came around... Need for Speed Most Wanted! It had been nearly a month since the last playthrough of this so it was long overdue!

(Moody black and white photo I did)

We were up against number 4 on the Blacklist today! So we took out little pocket rocket Lotus Elise and tore up the streets of Rockport!

All went well until Bekahbear101 turned up and jinxed the stream...

https://clips.twitch.tv/RoughBeautifulTapirGivePLZ Jinx effect...

We saw the debut of the new follower and host alerts, which were received brilliantly!

The dreaded Sub alert also happened thanks to GeekforGamingDK dropping the SUB HYPE! JoeR247 Dabbed on the internet... Proof below...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BlueCrackyTigerDerp GEEKFORGAMINGDK WITH THE SUB DAB HYPE

So the stream ended with us knocking the holder of spot 4 on the Blacklist back to the car shop, having taken the keys to his very nice bright green Dodge Viper!

Friday happened next, as it normally does! I cant bend the world's view of the week schedule... yet...

Friday was an off day from the stream, but it didn't stop me from making upgrades!

Starting with this!...

(Round logos can improve video clicks by 400%... I made that statistic up)

We have a new Plays logo for the video thumbnails! Very happy with how this has come out! Much much better than the old boring one. (Check the Need for Speed post above for comparison!)

Look forward to seeing it on new play-throughs coming soon!

Speaking of new play-throughs... We may be getting a new game on the channel...

(Time to play guess how long before the VOD's on Twitch get muted for copyright!)

JoeR247 is brushing off the dust and picking the Guitar (plastic one with buttons on it) up again and going to rock out for the viewers with potentially some song requests! Few things to work out but should be on the channel shortly! (Yes I have got the Meme songs pack too...)

Saturday! The best day of the week!

JoeR247 started it the best way, with fun coloured alcoholic drinks!

(Only 1 was mine... The yellow one!)

We eventually got round to the whole streaming video game content onto the internet... JoeR247 enjoyed streaming Need for Speed Most so much, he decided to do it again Saturday night!

8PM came around we went live! This time, Blacklist spot number 3 was in our sites, ready to send Ronnie home on the bus and taking his lovely Aston Martin DB9...

Stream went really well, the 8 required races where dispatched with easily... But the Pursuit Milestones put up some resistance...

8 minute chase and 32 police vehicles to tag, not an easy feat, especially now that Heat Level 5 is a thing... Powerful Corvette Police cars, Rhinos and the helicopter... Not fun.

The not fun aspect was proven 6 minutes into the chase... Busted again. It seems the Little Pocket Rocket Lotus Elise doesn't have the muscle to compete with the police anymore... So JoeR247 fished out the brand shiny new Dodge Viper out of the Garage and took it for a spin against the cops

This happened next... https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeSpeedyTireMrDestructoid

All that mattered is that the chase was eventually completed. Lasted over 8 minutes, tagged the 32 cars. All that resulted in a happy JoeR247

During the hectic chase, we had a moment of Joy... And more dabbing from JoeR247...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SmallFragileRuffCclamChamp CKiiDD SUB DAB HYPE

Shout out to CKiiDD for the Sub Hype! Look out for the post box as your JoeR247 Stickers get sent your way!

So the chase was done and we where ready to take on Ronnie.

That Aston Martin would be mine... Or would it?

3 Races later, Ronnie was defeated. But did we get the pink slip... Sadly not this time... Oh well, The Pocket Rocket Lotus Elise is much better!

So That was the Saturday night stream! Super successful! I was honestly expecting a poor showing (with it being saturday night and most of my audience being streaming themselves...) but the stats dont lie! Super happy with the support you lovely people keep sending my way!

(Twitch.tv Partner here we come!)

So that was Saturday...

Sunday was next, and was a day spent IRL. The clocks in the UK had gone forward and that seemed to summon the sunshine so JoeR247 tried to make the most of it so internet stuff was on the back burner!

Youtube stuff was sorted in the evening and this blog post after that, meaning that the week was over. Done, Finished, Ended, Expired, No more, I've run out of ways of saying, so I'll end the sentence.

So that was the Week in Review W/C 19/03/2018. So in summary, as discussed in last weeks blog, the March goals of 35 Youtube Subs and 400 Twitch followers has been long smashed so anything this week was a bonus!

Stats wise, we started with 411 Twitch.tv followers and 35 Youtube Subscribers... Shall we see where we ended up?

Twitch.tv = 423

Youtube = 40

Very impressive week! Especially with Youtube! Appreciate all the continued support! Couldn't have got this far without you all cheering me on!

So that's another week done. Shall we do this again next week? Lets! I'll see you then!



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