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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 26.03.2018

Oh hello! Welcome this piece of factual writing I do on a weekly basis! Your just in time!

So, new week... Lets see what fun and games it has in store for JoeR247 Empires shall we. Probably best to start at the beginning, which in this story, starts with Monday...

Monday! Monday was Stream day! Just to recap, we ended the last week with 423 Twitch Followers and 40 Youtube Subscribers - bear that in mind come the end of this blog post!

So monday evening came around, and JoeR247 was in the mood for some racing shenanigans!

(New Forza Horizon Thumbnail... pretty aint it)

Yes! Long overdue on the channel again - Forza Horizon 3 was back!

Get comfortable guys... This was an interesting stream...

So the clocks hit 20:00 and we went live, all across the world! It had been a while since we last played so took a while to familiarize myself with the game, but we eventually pulled though and started to get some race wins on the board.

(JoeR247 did some more Pimp My Ride and came out with the famous Takata Honda NSX... Very sexy)

We tried to get some multiplayer going during the first half of the stream, trying to get viewer Blaxk001 and Subscriber GeekforGamingDK in for co-op racing, but the game didnt agree with us so the multiplayer was put on the back burner for the time being.

Once again, this was a stream dedicated to the JoeR247 school of Acrobatic driving... as the below clips shall demonstrate...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PlainInterestingShrimpImGlitch Hitching a Ride

https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyBlindingHamsterStinkyCheese JoeR247 Acrobatic Driving school https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveCredulousWaterTwitchRaid Not sure about this one...

One day I'll learn that cars work best when all 4 wheels are in contact with the ground...

All was going well until about 51 minutes into the stream, when things turned from Well to Most Excellent, when we got a new friend of the channel in the form of Altritus who forced JoeR247 to dab on the internet again by becoming the latest Twitch Sub! https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulGracefulHerbsOSsloth Altritus with the Sub Dab Hype!

Shout out to that guy! Going to be interesting posting stickers to Australia...

So we got to 1 hour and 10 minutes into the stream when things got abit wild... The lovely people at The British Nerd Network decided it would be fun to come raid little old JoeR247 during his chill Forza stream... Lets say this is when it got really exciting!

https://clips.twitch.tv/FurtiveSnappyWasabiCclamChamp When you get Raided by #TeamBNN

So the viewer count smashed up from 6-8 to pretty much 25 on average for the 2nd half of the stream and I was blown away by the support! Support such as BekahBear101 also joining the Subscribers Lounge at JoeR247 Empires, causing me to Dab on stream once again! (Thankfully sticker postage to Bekahbear wont be too bad...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/EnjoyableShyTildePogChamp Bekahbear101 with the SUB DAB HYPE

Things got crazy, the Streamlabs alert system couldn't cope, bits, follows, hosts, subs, the poor thing needed a lie down... Kappagens going off every 30 seconds... It was all amazing!

Speaking of the Streamlabs alert, the Text to speech function was tested again by the lovely Ementalo (more on that legend later)

https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticFitVanillaPanicBasket SOSIG

Did I mention Bitties?... My viewers are too kind! Or are all secret Millionaires (I'm looking at your Ementalo...)

(JoeR247 is gonna be making it rain...)

So potentially the Raid went to JoeR247's head...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterCoyPlumPermaSmug Stay Humble JoeR247

We will gloss over the ear splitting raid from Maelchon... Trust me guys, I will find a sensible level for that alert volume one of these days to prevent deafening you all!

So the stream ended, JoeR247 truly broken. One of the best streams I've ever had. The support and chat was amazing. It's going to be hard to top that feeling I had after the stream. JoeR247 decided to pass on the torch and raid a fellow BNN streamer, NattyNoob! Hope she enjoyed those potentially 20 something raiders! :D

So Mondays stream... It went well...

Tuesday, JoeR247 woke up and had to check the Twitch stats and make sure it wasn't just a wild dream (Dreaming about getting raided on twitch isn't sad, I swear!)

(Not too bad ey... Partner here we come :P )

Unbelievable right? I cannot thank the people of #TeamBNN enough! 20 Followers in one stream was insane! No wonder the Streamlabs thing couldn't keep up! Very please with that!

So Tuesday was a day off, spent mostly admiring the stats screen on Twitch, but also getting all the admin work done, Youtube, stickers to new subs etc. etc.

It was also brought to my attention that March 27th was a very good day at JoeR247 empires, with it been...

That's right! About time there was a day just for me!

Wednesday came next! Shall I explain at great length how amazing it was? Lets see what happened Wednesday... This was a stream day! The best kind of Day at JoeR247 Empires!

It was time for more Fallout 4 Survival Mode! (Best version of the game if you ask me!)

8:30pm rolled around and JoeR247 went live! Exploring the wastes once again with Dogmeat, doing the Brotherhood of Steel's handiwork! So off we set toward the distress beacons to try and recover the downed comrades of the BoS

Didn't take long before JoeR247 was pulling off magnificent Molotov Trick shots on enemy Synths!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ScrumptiousYummyLegPeteZaroll JoeR247 Molotov game strong

After playing hide and seek for the downed BoS members, we left the National Army base and headed towards the Satellite array, only to find it heavily defended by the dastardly Super Mutants - including some armed with Mini-Nukes with Suicidal tendencies... What happened next may shock you

https://clips.twitch.tv/AmericanAmorphousSardineTriHard Fallout 4 Survival Mode Death number 8

So yeah, finally got to Death number 8... Got dam Mini-Nukes, Bethesda, they are OP! PLS NERF!

We eventually cleared out the base and recovered the distress signals, but time was up! JoeR247 left the stream on a cliff hanger, would we find Paladin Brandis? I guess we shall have to wait and see!

Lets do that! Thursday! Lets see what happened Thursday... Urm, not alot other than some Admin and Youtube editing...

That and finding more things to put the JoeR247 logo on!

(Dell, Feel free to get in touch regarding Royalties)

It was also pointed out to me, that Twitch was sabotaging me and my face... Twitch had an extension which placed a Button on your stream to remind people if they had a Twitch Prime Sub available to use... Little did I know where it placed it...

(Twitch censoring JoeR247? I shall not stand for this!)

So yeah, not alot to report... Shall we move on to Friday?

FRIDAY! Usually best day of the week, but this week was even better as it was EASTER! 4 days off work! Chocolate! What more can you ask for!

Friday was spent doing more IRL stuff! We started with the below! JoeR247 is going to EGX in September on the 22nd! Will you see JoeR247 in person and fan girl? Probably not...

(JoeR247 is super excited to go to the Nerd fest which is EGX! Will you be their?)

Did I say IRL stuff? Like Food Porn? Who likes BBQ food and Cocktails? It seems JoeR247 does...

(If you are hungry due to this, JoeR247 apologies and cannot be held responsible)

As I said earlier, Friday was a lazy day, and finished off in style with some #FilmFriday! The film of choice?...

(Disney films are Nerdy right?)

Would you believe I'd never seen this film before? Suppose it was overdue as theres a new one due out?

So that was Friday! Day 1 of 4 with no work! What will happen next?


Saturday, JoeR247 showed off the happy JoeR247 Twitch.tv Subscriber perk photos that he'd been sent! Look how good they look on people devices! Looking good guys!

(Free advertising for me, funky stickers for you guys - Win Win)

So Saturday JoeR247 got some special post from the lovely people at Qwertee.com! Awesome T-Shirts! Star Wars and Killer Bowls of Ramen!

(And they said JoeR247 had no sense of Fashion...)

8:30pm came around again as it tends to do and JoeR247 went live - Need for Speed Most Wanted was the name of the game

(Try and guess how many times JoeR247 will get busted... Then add 3 to that...)

So we went live, 8 race events in the Lotus Elise completed in about 40 minutes. Easy Peasy! Next step, the police chases and then the Blacklist event - How hard could it be?

The Dodge Viper came out ready to use its grunt and muscle against the police. We had some mighty challenges to do - Avoid 9 Spike Strips, 12 Road Blocks, Cause $200,000 worth of damage to the state and have the chase last longer than 9 minutes... Simple right?


1st chase went well, we got the spike strip and road block challenges fairly easily, but around 7 minutes, we lost the cops and the game seemed to give up spawning anymore... Dammit! Oh well, 2 of the 4 challenges completed at least.

2nd chase... didn't end well, fine payed and back on the road. 3rd chase... didn't end well either, fine paid and back on the road again.

4th chase... ahhh sod this, lets get the old Mitsubishi Evo out.

It was at heat level 1, so we had a few test chases to get the heat level up and get used to the car again, but eventually, after a very tense couple of minutes, we hit 9 minutes in the chase, we cause the cost to state... AND WE DID IT! Ready to take on Bull!

Or not...

JoeR247 was a massive CockTease and left it on a cliff hanger - Mainly as the stream time was up... We shall have to wait for the next stream to see the conclusion! We are so close to the end of Need for Speed - Most Wanted (2005). It has been on the channel since December. It will be a sad day when its finished and we have to retire the game.

Best get planning then next one. Maybe Need for Speed Carbon...?

Thats Saturday covered... Sunday Next?

SUNDAY! Sunday was Easter! Which meant Chocolate!

Lots and lots of chocolate!

(Cadbury/Jesus are to blame if I get fat...)

Sunday was also the beginning of APRIL! This also meant the end of March... and the result of the March goals... Shall we see how we did?

(Not a bad haul in terms of Views and followers! Thanks everyone for the support!)

I best plan some April goals? 550 Twitch followers? Deal!

Youtube we aimed for 35 Subsribers... We finished on 44! Amazing results on the youtube considering its only an archive for my Twitch.tv streams! I'll aim for 50 in April...

Sunday 19:30 came around and we went live once again! JoeR247 fired up Need for Speed Most Wanted! Ready to finish this game! What happened next? Carry on reading...

As stated in the last sentence, JoeR247 went live, ready to take on Bull! Literally where we left off the night before! 3 events later, Bull was de-horned and off the Blacklist - Position 2 on the Blacklist was ours! Now just the chump who calls himself Razer to take on, and get the BMW M3 back... (Not that we need it, my Evo is miles better!)

9 events to tick off, easy peasy! We don't talk about the 4 minute lap, 3 lap event... that was painful. The rest of them? No problem! All was going well until around 57 minutes into the stream, When the channels newest friend - ZethusMG became the channels latest supporter by hitting that Sub button and Joining the higher ranks of the JoeR247 Empire! (and making JoeR247 Dab again on the internet... That will never get old...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectSourMartenTheRinger ZethusMG with the Sub Dab HYPE!

9 Events later, It was time to take on the police... Easy requirements this time, Escape 1 chase in under 2 mins, Cause 850,000 in bounty, Tag 35 cars and have another chase last 13 minutes.

First attempt went well, we got the bounty, we got to 9 minutes, we got caught... maybe not that well then...?

Second attempt, we escaped in 28 seconds... Hey! At least we ticked off the sub 2 mins one this time...

3rd time, 13 mins reached - 35 cars tagged... could we escape?

https://clips.twitch.tv/KindElatedGoshawkWOOP JoeR247 1 - Police 0

YES! WE DID IT! - Its Razer time baby!

Razer wanted 5 races... talk about moving the goal posts?

Speedtrap, sprint, drag, sprint, circuit.

10 or so minutes later, Razer was defeated. The M3 was mine... but not for long... Turned out the fancy lady who was helping me, was only part of the ruddy cops! But I knew she had taken a liking to me, she let me get away! I say away, we were in a massive chase, heat level 6 - This was gonna hurt! The main pain was that my Evo had been taken away and I had to drive the M3...

5 minutes into the chase, fancy lady calls up and tells me about a shortcut to the end credits, I guess this was it... We headed up there, was about to make the awesome jump...

Wheres the cutscene and ticker tape parade gone...? Oh... The game died... FML

https://clips.twitch.tv/GloriousCheerfulZucchiniBudBlast Bad time to die on me game...

Thankfully there was an autosave, lets try again.... 2nd attempt... 100m from the bridge, spike strips... FML x2

3rd attempt? This was it! Freedom! GAME OVER! JoeR247 was the Most Wanted Driver! Right, what game shall we play next...? Need for Speed Carbon perhaps?...

So that was the week in review... Next episode will most likely feature much of the same, only set in April :D

Cant wait to tell you all about it then!



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