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1. What is the story behind your twitch channel name?

The story behind my Twitch channel name is very simple its my surname

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

I have been playing videos for a very long time, my very first computer was a commodore 64 then a NES after that a SNES then Moved onto a Sega Saturn, then PS2 and PS3, then XBOX 360 and XBOX One and PS4, so i've had quite a few. My all time favourite game was Destiny 1 where i spent 3 years playing, no other game apart from that

3. What/who inspired you to start streaming?

The streamer that inspired me to start was King Gothalion after playing Destiny for so long solo I heard about raids so searched online about them and found Twitch and King Gothalion and the rest is history

4. When did you start streaming?

I started streaming about 8 months ago

5. How did you find the first few weeks/months of streaming? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

I enjoyed streaming straight away, I found it very hard to get viewers and followers to begin with, but enjoyed it anyway

6. How did you grow your stream? How did you network?

I grew my stream by posting on twitter and following smaller streamers on twitter and I then joined a stream team and started networking properly through Discord

7. What has been your proudest moment while streaming?

I have a couple of proudest moments while streaming my first was an immense raid with over 40 viewers which led to my affiliation, my next is every stream that all my new found friends come to watch and interact with me

8. How did you find the technical side of streaming? Setting up your stream, etc?

To begin with I streamed straight from PS4 so that was easy, then moved to stream through OBS which threw a few curve balls at me mainly audio due to obs not picking up both party chat and game audio at the same time, so I did lots of research to finally solve the problems, then came mic sound problems lol

9. What do you enjoy most about your streaming career

The thing I enjoy most about streaming is all the amazing people that i have met since ive been doing it

10. What don't you enjoy so much about streaming?

The thing that i find hard while streaming is dead space and trying to fill it with nonsense

11. What are you short term and long term goals for your stream?

My short term goals is to get 10 subs my long term goal is to make partner

12. What advice would you give anyone looking to start streaming?

My advice to any new streamer would be just to keep going, keep grinding it doesn't all come in a few weeks

13. Finally, what other streamers do you enjoy watching?

Streamers I enjoy to watch are Fozzy, Nightmarcher, Crash Koeck, and DadWithAPad

Elvidge_Gaming, Twitch Streamer, Hype Squad, Mod

Find me at www.twitch.tv/elvidge_gaming and www.twitter.com/Elvidge_Gaming


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