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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 02.04.2018

Welcome to the new week guys! Back for more already? Well then, if you insist!

To recap, we finished Sunday with 447 Twitch followers and 44 Youtube followers. Lets see what the next 7 days have to offer!

We'll be sensible, and start with Monday!

Monday in the United Kingdom was a bank holiday! Which meant JoeR247 didnt have to go to work and could spend it doing whatever he wanted!

JoeR247 gave the world of Twitter an insight into what JoeR247 notes down during streams... and his terrible handwriting - Damn you years of typing causing me to neglect it!

(The numbers, what could they mean???)

It was also a sad time, as we finally removed this disk from the JoeR247 computer, for the first time since December 2017... Back onto the shelf of completed games it goes.

(Remember when games came on disks...? Me Neither...)

Monday was also spent making a long overdue change to the channel. Look at the image below, then come back and read the rest of this paragraph. The nice new white cam frame with the combined chat box replaces the boring blue frame and random floating chat.

Looks so much nicer, and the chat is easier to read as its now on a transparantish black background, so you can still see what's going on behind!

(Ignore the Game Face... I do tend to smile on stream...)

So that was Monday! Pretty chilled and quiet day for me! Onto the next one ey?

The Next one! Tuesday! This was a stream day!

Seeing as though we had finished 1 mid 2000's EA racing game, it only seemed fitting to do the other one! Thats Right, back to Paradise City and Burnout Paradise!

(Whos ready for JoeR247 drive like a god! Crashing? Non of that here)

8pm swung around and we went live! Still chasing that Burnout Elite License! Did we get it this stream? No... 2 hours later I think we were 5 events closer... 30 to go... The only trouble is, most of them are the dreaded stunt runs :(

WobblyRedMan23 was in the stream, doing his usual bittie distractions, trying to make me crash! I'm ashamed to say that the distraction method worked... XD (I'll use that excuse as to why I was so rubbish...)

So that was the stream... (There was other stuff but I'm writing this 6 days later so my memory is foggy - Dam IRL getting in the way of blogging)


Wednesday happened next! Wednesday was a non stream day (you get the jist by now, one day on, one day off!)

JoeR247 looked longingly at the JoeR247 Points Leaderboard on Stream Elements, wishing he was cool enough to be at the top of it... Dam you @Turfy / @LG_Green / @Ementalo

(The funny thing is, I can manually add points to put myself at the top, but I'm not that petty... Yet...)

Also speaking of Wednesday, JoeR247 was already missing the classic Need For Speed gameplay, so he went on eBay and tracked down a copy of the sequel to Most Wanted! £9.86 later, JoeR247 had a copy heading his way! Look forward to it coming to a stream near you

(Cheap and Cheerful Ebay, lets hope they post it with the disk in the box...)

Wednesday was also Pizza Day! Pizza Express to be precise... Warning - Food Porn incoming. A Fan of the channel also faithfully recreated my Logo on a Pizza Express Hat... I was very appreciative

(If you are now hungry, I apologise)

Also on Wednesday to celebrate the purchase of Need For Speed, JoeR247 super keen to get the thumbnail setup! Let me know what you think!

(One of my finer Video Thumbnails if you ask me - But I am going to be biased)

That was Wednesday, we shall now move on to the next day

That next day, was in fact, Thursday

Thursday was another non stream day, but I had a valid reason! JoeR247 was going to the Movies!

(I recommend this motion picture)

If you haven't seen it, get yo ass to the cinema now! I'm not getting paid to say this either...

That was Thursday, not much else to report!

Following on from Thursday was FRIDAY! AKA FRIYAY

You will be glad to know that Friday was indeed a stream day! I am still a Video Game Streamer - Fear not!

The game of choice was put to the people of Twitter! They had a decision to make which could make or break JoeR247... Burnout Paradise / Fallout 4 / Forza Horizon 3 / Cities Skylines

6pm came around and the decision was final! Fallout 4 was the name of the game! Back to hunting and killing in Boston I go!

(Thank god Twitter exists to make the hard choices for me)

Before that, JoeR247 had some Admin to do! A fresh batch of JoeR247 stickers ready to send out to the world! Scotland, England, Holland, Denmark, Australia, Canada and The USA postal systems have now had JoeR247 stickers passed through them

(Can confirm, JoeR247 Stationary is on fleek)

So we got to 8pm and JoeR247 went live!

No longer than 2 minutes into the stream, Greenbolt smashed the Sub button on the channel! I didn't even get chance to kill any Super Mutants :D Massive love to that guy! - Thats Right, JoeR247 was Dabbing again

https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousArtisticTruffleSmoocherZ Greenbolt with the Sub Dab Hype!

A few minutes later, We found the JoeR247 and Poison dont mix together well... Another death for the playthrough... Must be around 10 now? (We'll pretend its 10 just incase its more...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/OpenDeadIguanaCmonBruh So JoeR247 Died... Once again...

So we finally set off after some deaths and inventory management to find Paladin Brandis once and for all!

But WAIT! A new challenger approaches! Enter a new entry to the JoeR247 Dab Club! LolaSunnyButter!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TalentedEnchantingLasagnaFailFish LolaSunnyButter with the Sub Dab Hype!

Completely unexpected! Completely appreciated! <3 I've got to go buy some stamps now...

So we found Paladin Brandis, he wasn't that cool, didn't want to go on adventures on me so we robbed him and moved on to new adventures!

The game then crashed... but we were out of time so JoeR247 said his thank yous and then ended the stream!

That was Friday, Saturday next...

As promised, here is Saturday

Saturday was a non stream day, a time to relax, unwind, and eat junk food in an attempt to either win £100k or at least more free food in a board game based game of chance, diabetes and obesity!

(I didnt win £100k or any free food :( )

So JoeR247 came away empty handed, but was soon made happy again as all channel subscribers who had got their 100% genuine authentic JoeR247 Stickers sent in photos of what they had done with them! The sense of joy was overwhelming so JoeR247 made a collage quickly on his phone to show the awesomeness to the world!

(Any excuse to look at my logo...)

That was saturday... fairly quiet day with not alot to shout about! Shall I meet you for Sunday? Lets

Speaking of Sunday... Here it is/was!

Nothing to report during the day, but 5pm came around and myself and the fine people at The British Nerd Network (Sirs @Odibatterz @HyperPeaks @GeekForGamingDK and @TheBritishNerdNetwork) all fired up Forza Horizon 3 and took part in The BNN Race Wars!

(JoeR247 behind the wheel again... What could go wrong)

Online happened, JoeR247 missed nearly every single checkpoint in nearly every single race. JoeR247 never won a race...

Oh well, taking part that counts right?

The stream was amazing, chat was off the scale and viewers were in their plenty. Looking back this may have been the best stream on the channel other than the time I got raided...

Halfway through the stream, the big boss of BNN fired up Forza and joined the fun, even so kind as to tweet out the fact <3

(They are good people at that BNN thingy)

We had a mutual agreement that I would not beat them for fear of getting banned... So that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

Speaking of The BNN... I tried to introduce them but @GeekforGamingDK had other ideas!

https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringSuccessfulSowBudStar Humble Geek is Humble...

OdiBatterz was once again at it, testing the Text to Speech bot with his bitties... With excellent results... :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/ComfortableSuaveSkirretAsianGlow Odibatterz can spell!

I also decided to hustle the poor people, by bringing out the JoeR247 Van of Nic, and giving them a shock...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeNimbleAubergineFrankerZ Never underestimate the power of the Ford Transit

We then get to the bit where it gets weird... Remember how on the Fallout Stream, JoeR247 was made to Dab twice? Well it happened again somehow in this stream... WestScottishWarrior and TheAngryBritAlex

https://clips.twitch.tv/TawdrySplendidAnacondaCharlieBitMe West Scottish Warrior with the Sub Dab Hype!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BrainyColdbloodedYamCoolCat TheAngryBritAlex with the Sub Dab Hype!

Massive love to both of them for the support and I cant wait to see what they come up with for their Sticker Sub perk!

Once again, it wouldn't be a Forza Horizon Stream without JoeR247 pulling of some fantastic Driving manoeuvre or what not... Well here it is...

https://clips.twitch.tv/InterestingStrongPastaAsianGlow JoeR247 with the Mad Driving Skills

So that was the stream, a boat load of fun! BNN Race days shall return I feel...

Amazing stream ended, We raided Odibatterz with about 10 people who had left to go start his Guitar Hero stream and then we sat back and relaxed after the amazing stream.

Stats finally came in... wow... That was incredible... Massive respect to everyone who supported the stream, either by taking part, lurking, watching, chatting, dropping bits, following and Subbing <3

(Remarkable... I love you all)

So that was sunday... another productive week I feel... What do you think?...

Shall we recap? We started Monday on 447 Twitch Followers and 44 Youtube subscribers... Where did we end up? 465 Twitch followers and 48 Youtube subs! A most excellent week for stats fans (Mainly me...)

So... that's it... Same time next week? (I am pretending this came out on the Sunday 08.04.2018 when it was supposed to... not 11.04.2018... My bad...)



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