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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 09.04.2018

Ahoy there matey, Welcome to a new week in the extraordinary adventures of Twitch Streamer JoeR247! Dont tell anyone, but you've stumbled upon the secret bit where JoeR247 painstaking reviews his week as an aspiring Internet personality!

On second thoughts, tell the world, go on! Share it to all your friends, family, loved ones, even that person on the bus your sat next to who smells abit funny, I'll be here waiting for when you've shared it.

Right, now the shameless plug is out of the way, shall I tell you what I've been up to and then we can all get on with our lives like it never happened?


Monday, this is  traditionally the beginning of the week, and this week was no different.

Monday is usually a downer of a day, end of the weekend / back to work, all that boring adult stuff, but this week, JoeR247 decided to take a different view on it! Look!

(JoeR247 getting all motivational and stuff, whats going on here...)

We all know JoeR247 likes films, films about Wars in Space. Monday was a good day for people who enjoy films about Wars in Space, as the trailer for Solo - A Star Wars Story came out! If JoeR247 was a dog, his tail would have been wagging alot during the watching of the trailer! Roll on May 25th

(Disney did not pay for this endorsement - The views of this blog are 100% my own)

JoeR247 also needs to put his hands up at this point, Last week's blog which should have come out on the Sunday was still in the draft setting with 5 days worth of stuff to write up... My baaaaaad - wont happen again

(Coffee required right now...)

So again, we streamed on the Sunday, so the rule of one day on, one day off came into play, so no stream on Monday, don't worry, I'll be doing more internet gaming stuff tomorrow! I promise!

Tuesday followed Monday!

We started Tuesday asking the people of the internet what there were reading! (Not at all pretending that he could read...) My current favorite series of words on paper has to be "The Secret Footballer" - anonymous behind the scenes stories about the live of a rich and famous Football/Soccer player (A bit like this blog in a way... Hmm...)

The stories are exactly what you'd expect, all the scandal and shock that you'd expect young men with all the money in the world would get up to.

(JoeR247 can read, stop the presses)

8pm, you know the drill if your up to speed on this blog series, STREAM TIME!

Tuesday's game of choice was the ever present, Fallout 4, In Survival mode no less!

(Fallout 4 will never leave the channel...)

So JoeR247 seemed to be becoming slightly overpowered in the game, with the fancy laser weapons and snazzy power armour, so decided to be brave and head towards the city of Boston.

Speaking of being OP, JoeR247 gave the game away by revealing his wall hacks... Oh wait, no its just a glitchy game...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TastyHotTriangleVoteYea JoeR247 got dem sweet wallhacks

Not hacks, just bugs...

Anyway, back to the game, We decided that we would finally head towards the beautiful location that is the Castle, for old Preston Garvey! (You thought you hadn't seen him awhile?)

So we headed off there, via Hangmans Alley, another excellent settlement FYI.

During this stream, we had to do another world famous JoeR247 Sub DAB thanks to friend of the channel, Wobblyredman23! - Clip below...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousWealthyMangoAMPTropPunch Wobblyredman23 with the Sub Dab Hype!

That man is about to be the lucky recipient of some Limited Edition JoeR247 Stickers!

Another friend of the channel OdiBatterz enjoyed abusing the the Bittie Text to speech again... It's a good thing I love him...

https://clips.twitch.tv/DistinctSaltyJayGOWSkull OdiBatterz is the Table?

During this stream, we finally got the perk which allows the grenade throwing arc, so JoeR247 spent no time throwing all of his grenades and molotov's like a maniac - proof of this below...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ResoluteKitschyYogurtSSSsss Bit too Sinister?

Pro tip, keep me away from explosives...

So that was the stream, we approached the 2 hour point, having been distracted by LolaSunnyButter's summoning of a YaoGai and Deathclaw, we finally made it to Preston Garvey and the castle... Did we acquire it? Not this time... Come back next time!

Guess whats next? A NEW DAY! Wednesday specifically!

It was started off the right way, with a good cup of Joe (Do you see what I did there...? No? Ah okay, moving on)

(Mug not available in all good stores)

It was also time for more Sub Perk post so wednesday was alot of stationary and admin work... Good thing I was powered by that cup of Joe!

(I need to get more postage stamps...)

JoeR247 was speaking to friend of the channel Grumpus_Dad, who inspired him to open Paint.Net and mess about... One downloaded font later and we had come up with the below!

(Time to get a N64 Emulator?)

Mario 64 font and the JoeR247 theme works well if you ask me, but I am biased!

So that was Wednesday, Thursday next.

The clocks hit 00:00 and it became Thursday!

Thursday was another non stream day (Shock horror, 2 in a row... Is this the end of JoeR247 as we know it...?)

Reason for the Non Stream day? BOWLING! COCKTAILS! FAST FOOD!

From the below image, can you guess who won...? Dam right it was yours truly! (Just don't ask about the 1st of the 2 games...)


Again, quiet day in JoeR247 land, Shall we move onto Friday?


Fridays was started with JoeR247 showing off his fancy RGB Coolermaster MasterKeys Pro S keyboard. Got to love the Rainbow setting, it makes pretty pics

(CoolerMaster pls sponsor me and I'll tell people you are cool)

Friday, JoeR247 also discovered how it feels to be on the receiving end of Sub Perk stickers, courtesy of Franchize1140

(Told you I was cool, JoeR247 now officially Franchize Approved)

Friday was a stream day (AT LAST!!!)

This was a special stream day... If you remember last week, JoeR247 went to the lovely eBay and found a copy of Need For Speed Carbon... Well guess what we were playing this night... 

(Fancy thumbnail right?)

Well... As it turned out, we nearly didn't play anything at all... 

Playing games from 2006 on Windows 10 turns out to be quite a task... but thanks to Turfy, we were only an hour behind schedule, thanks to his master computer skills and a patch, mod and NOCD Patch later, we had the game up and running!

Turfy before the stream warned me that he had a surprise in mind for the stream... Well here it was...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorVictoriousPepperDBstyle TURFY WITH THE 4 MONTH SUB DAB HYPE!

Love to the man, the myth, the legend Turfy... Just dont ask him about his Sub Perk stickers... (Long story...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/PowerfulSneakyHornetLitFam Remember to remap the controls Joe...

Who's the smart ass at EA who decided that the "Reset Car" button should be above the accelorate button on the controller? They need firing... from a cannon, into space...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappySpikyPistachioUWot Cops with the attempted Vertical Takedown

The Police in this game seem abit more agressive than the once in Need For Speed Most Wanted, using Burnout Tactics of attempting Vertical takedowns on me... Imagine the paper work the police would have to do to explain that...

So stream over, We now have a Salmon Pink Alfa Romeo Brera (Dont ask...) and a very nice pink slip Aston Martin, stolen from the guy whos name I've since forgotton... 

Saturday is also good right? Lets discuss it here!

Saturday in the United Kingdom, is also National give the betting shop's all your money day so some horse people can go and do a race... So JoeR247 lined up and did his duty and handed over £5 for a piece of paper with secret codes on it...

(Something tells me this is the code to wake up Spy Sleeper Agents...)

Come 5:15pm, JoeR247 went to the television and tuned in to watch the horses do the racing. If your not familiar, its like a race on Forza Horizon, off road, and with people driving Horses...

Anyway, as luck would have it, the Horse with the name Tiger Roll won the race! This means that my £5 piece of paper was now worth £8.20! That is a good thing.

JoeR247 also spent time working on a secret project... Can you guess what it is from the image below?

(Can you tell I only spent about 30 seconds finding a "Graffiti" style font...)

Here's a better clue... That's right! JoeR247 was making another montage video of the clips made from the Twitch channel! If you remember, we made one in February which was 10 minutes long... This one turned out to be 21 minutes long... I'm just that clip-able it seems ;)

(JoeR247 now pretending he's a Video Editor now...)

So if you want to go have a nosey at the so called highlights of JoeR247, click here!

So that was Saturday. Sunday next?

As Promised, here is Sunday!

Sunday was another non stream day... I know, your probably thinking "JoeR247, you call yourself a streamer... but you never stream..."

In answer to that, IRL is key. You have to spend days offline to ensure you dont burnout. There is nothing to gain from streaming when not feeling 100%. I'd rather stream when at 100% and have a great stream, than go live at 80% and have an average stream at best.

Fear not, JoeR247 will be back with a vengence next week! Potentially some Cities Skylines may be on the cards once again... We shall see.

So back to Sunday, JoeR247 was revisiting a film from December 2017... Thats right Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi

(Don't worry, JoeR247 does have a colour TV, the black and white looked cooler on Instagram...)

So... when this came out, it got alot of hate which I never understood. To me, its an excellent film and excellent Star Wars film and couldn't wait to rewatch it. 

Safe to say it didn't disappoint on the 2nd viewing. If you didnt like it, go to your local Blockbuster and get a copy of it on VHS and give it another go!

So that was the week! Another one in the bag. These seem to be flying by too quickly for my liking! JoeR247 is now 5 months into his Streaming Adventure/Hobby/Career and is still learning new things every day.

If you are an aspiring streamer reading this, never forget that you are always learning, and will never get your setup perfect. There is always something that can be tweaked or improved. Also something I have been preaching lately is networking, yourself, your brand and your stream. What good is a great stream if nobody knows it exists? 

Spend 70% of your time networking and getting your name out their, and the remaining 30% actually producing content!

That's enough ranting from me for another week. Shall we recap?

So we started the week on 465 Twitch.tv Followers and 48 Youtube subscribers. Where did we end up? Was it a good week numbers wise?

Shall I reveal? 471 Twitch.tv followers and 52 Youtube Subscribers!

Great numbers and as always, you will never understand how grateful and appreciative of all the support I get on my cocking about in old video games on the internet in my little apartment!

Right, that's it, I've taken up enough of your time for another week (assuming you made it this far...) Shall we arrange to meet again same time next week? Sounds great! I'll make a note in my diary!

See you then!




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