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JoeR247 Week in review w/c 16.04.2018

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you there, Visitor of this weeks Week In Review blog post, by the one and only JoeR247!

You are here, which means you want to know what goes on behind the scenes of an aspiring Twitch.tv Streamer! (Or you clicked on the link by mistake... I mean while you're here, you might aswell read it!)

Fear not, for this is the blog series where you can find out just that!

First and foremost, as we always do.. I shall explain the state of play, where does JoeR247 sit numbers wise at this point?

We start the week of with a very respectable 471 Twitch.tv followers and 53 Youtube Subscribers! Shall we see what magic numbers we end up with at the end of the week! We have the April goal to try reach and time is running out!

(Please understand, stats and numbers really don't mean anything major to me. They are just a stick to wave about, having 1,000,000 followers and subscribers doesn't really mean anything unless you produce good content and develop a strong community of viewers)

I'm going to start the week off with MONDAY!

Monday I started by asking people the most impossible question to answer anybody who grew up with a GameBoy in the 90's. Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. This caused a big debate on Twitter, with no love for Bulbasaur in the end :(

(Team Charmander all the way at JoeR247 Empires)

Monday was a stream day! The game in question? Going back to February, JoeR247 featured 3 streams of a particular City Building game which was then never seen again... UNTIL NOW! Cities Skylines was back!

(Can you tell I enjoy the lightbox?)

So, back to JoeR247 City, We started with a population of about 6,000 with ambitions to grow!

What do all cities which only have a population of 6,000 need? A BIG ASS FOOTBALL STADIUM! That was the main objective of the stream! We even made the team colours Twitch Purple, setup a bus route dedicated to the stadium with Purple buses! Joe thought of everything! That's why he's top Community Admin at the BNN you know ;)

Other than that, we discovered the beauty of sound barrier highways, high rise residential zones and office zones replacing all the quaint farms.

Thanks to all this, we had a football team which plays on an annual basis with a 2:0 record, and a city population of 17,000!

Did you also know that this stream day was the Birthday of friend of the channel @Bekahbear101 ? I'm not sure if it was possible to miss after the fun and games with Text to Speech abuse...

So... the Elephant in the room during this stream... Twitch Cheer Text to Speech Abuse...

Run the clips...

https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingSmoothDootPupper Wheels on the bus


Did someone say Wibble Wobble?

https://clips.twitch.tv/JoyousNimbleDoveJonCarnage Happy 101st Birthday BekahBear

https://clips.twitch.tv/AffluentAbstruseWrenShazBotstix Someone Ban Franchize1140 for me...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearDreamySnoodDoritosChip True fact

https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyTrustworthyOtterArgieB8 Text to speech abuse FTW

So yeah... Fun fun fun... My head hurts... Shall we move onto Tuesday?

TUESDAY! You know the score by now, non stream day! Not alot to write about today... Or was there?


(Told you I'm MVP ;) )

Tuesday we also started a poll for the Wednesday stream game... Fallout 4, Cities Skylines, Forza Horizon 3 and Need for Speed Carbon all in contention! Who wins? You decide!

Wednesday followed!

Remember that poll we started on Tuesday? Well it ended today! The result was in! You guys like voting it seems! 43 votes on this poll was amazing!

But what did you dictate JoeR247 play? Why Fallout 4 of course! You guys like to watch me suffer in Survival mode it seems!

(RIP Cities Skylines ey?)

Before the stream, JoeR247 needed Stream fuel. Fuel in the form of Gammon, egg, chips and peas (Standard UK pub food) washed down with a 568ml of Cider (A pint to you and me)


So, 20:30 came around (the food took longer than expected so the stream was delayed - my bad...) and we went live, back in the Commonwealth, fighting the nastiest creatures it had to offer.

Before we got into it, we had something new to do, a first for the channel. We had a subscriber while offline! So... I had to make an announcement live didn't I? Nobody escapes the SUBDAB!

https://clips.twitch.tv/VenomousSilkyJellyfishDAESuppy Dexter 59 with the SubDabHype!

So the game, we started where we left off, The Castle! Easy peasy right? Urm, yes.

Cleared out the Mirelurks, got rid of the egg nests and obliterated the Mirelurk Queen thanks to a well aimed missile or too. I wasn't worried, much...

We into the traditional LolaSunnyButter summoned Deathclaw, but to quote Obi Wan Kenobi, we had the high ground!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappySmoothChickenAMPEnergyCherry Nuka Grenades are fun!

In this stream, we went a little Rambo, OP weapons, awesome Power Armour and a natural gift for scoped weapons...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LuckyObeseMetalBigBrother JoeR247 Confirmed Sniper Elite

This was an eventful stream... Odibatterz dropping in with another SUBDABHYPE! You guys love having to make me DAB!

https://clips.twitch.tv/RepleteCredulousBisonDAESuppy OdiBatterz with the SubDabHype!

Remember a few weeks back, we had fun with Super Mutant Suicider's... And JoeR247 had a theory that you could shoot the Mini Nuke in their arms to vapourise them...? Eyes on the below link

https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianProudBatDansGame Detonated!

Told you it was possible! Not a bad snipe either!

So we took the castle, we sorted the water problem at Greygarden, we pretty much kicked ass!

Special shout-out to TheScotNat, WestScottishWarrior and SuperScot for their Scotland themed raids triggering the infamous JoeR247 raid alert music - Music to everyones ears... Also thank you to Ice_streamers for coming in with another massive raid at the end aswell!

All in all, Wednesday was a good day! Up next, Thursday?

Thursday! AKA non stream day - fear not however, things actually happened! First of all, we confirmed that my PC is 100% Franchize1140 approved with an official sticker

(My sticker also shown for scale)

Speaking of stickers, friend of the channel, Mayling1994 revealed his amazing use of the JoeR247 sticker! On his motorbike! Amazing work!

(Subscribers never cease to amaze what they come up with!)

So that was Thursday... You know whats coming up next?


Friday, JoeR247 offended the entire internet with his method of eating KitKats... What's your say on this?

(Other Chocolate products are availible)

Friday we went live! Back for more Need for Speed: Carbon!

We decided to take the Aston Martin for a spin, however I wasnt a fan of the design. Off came the old team colours and the famous British Racing Green went on! With the blue team, whos name I forget eliminated, it was time to take on the Bushido (green team)

Things didnt start too well, bloody local news vans, with their agenda against cool street racing...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SoftWimpyWebRlyTho God damn local news...

I also got to experience the joys of being on the recieving end of a pursuit breaker... having spent the whole of Need for Speed Most Wanted using them against the police... Turns out its not so fun...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LongDignifiedSoymilkNomNom INCOMING WHEEL

We eventually got rid of all Kenji's underlings and get to take on the big bad boss for ourselves... How did it go? Find out below!

https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailPleasantTigerDxCat Smell ya later Kenji

Yeah, Kenji is a scrub haha. I win!

The inevitable happened next. It was long overdue to be fair...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeInexpensiveSmoothieOhMyDog "Getting the hang of this now..."

Yeah... Canyons are dangerous, confirmed

Police chases dont seem to be such a big deal in this game compared to Most Wanted, but the mechanics seem the same... Including the glitchiness of them... As seen below!

https://clips.twitch.tv/PolishedPreciousTarsierAMPEnergyCherry Heat Level 3 can't be that bad can it?

And as always, the Police AI aint the brightest either... RIP those guys in the below clip...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyAntsyOysterDerp Police with the Epic Team Kill

So that was the stream, Thankfully no crashes this time (other than the ones in game...) another sector under control and we are starting to get a beastly Aston Martin... Still super tempted to get myself a Mitsubishi Lance Evo when they get unlocked however...


Saturday came next... Shall we see what happened in the World of JoeR247?

(Yes, it was as good as it looked)

Not alot to be fair... The usual Pizza and Cocktail combo... Shall we move onto Sunday?

We finished the week with Sunday!

Sunday was stream day! More Importantly, TeamBNN Race Day!

(Racing in the land of Upside Down seems to be a reoccurring Sunday Stream!)

Forza Horizon 3 was the name of the game, and we went live at 5pm!

(As you can see, we we're gaming with royalty on this occasion, the famous orange of The BNN came out to play!

So me, The BNN and Wobblyredman23 took to the roads of Australia and showed what TeamBNN is made of!

Well, for about 10 minutes for me... DAM YOU WINDOWS

(That smug sad face taunting me...)

Quick reboot later, we got the gang back together to show off our skills... sadly, we showed them how good we are at coming 3rd...

Friend of the Channel Ementalo caused JoeR247 to Dab on the internet again! Salute to that gent!

https://clips.twitch.tv/RudeSplendidPeppermintFailFish EMENTALO SUBDAB HYPE

We found ourselves then doing stupid things with cars (nothing new there...) such as playing capture the flag... I demonstrated my skills with an amazing Slam Dunk! If you watch one clip from this blog, make sure its the one below!

https://clips.twitch.tv/MuddyShortChickpeaDogFace SLAM DUNK

Remember when you play games and get an amazing skill combo and you go super cautious to ensure you dont lose it? Yeah that happened aswell... It may have cost me a place or two in the race but it was worth it!

https://clips.twitch.tv/EnticingBloodyEagleOSfrog COMBO!

We then decided to end the stream with a 1 Lap X Class race of the Goliath... 4 racers, only 1 winner... How did it go? Let the below clip give you a indication...


That counts as a Barrel Roll right?

So yeah, big fat DNF for me and TheBNN as we were nowhere near the end when the winner finished...

With that the stream ended and we did the usual end of stream raid on Katieee120

I think it's safe to say that the Sunday TeamBNN Race Day streams are proving very popular as shown in the below stats from the stream! Thank you all once again for taking part and watching!


So that was it, another week done and dusted... Fun week! Shall we recap? It's kind of tradition now...

So we started the week with 471 Twitch.tv followers and 53 Youtube Subscribers... Any guesses where we ended up?

Wow good guess! That's right! 491 Twitch followers and 53 Youtube Subs!

These numbers never fail to amaze me!

Right! That's enough from me, you go do other more important things now, Have you made your bed? If not, go do that.

I'll speak to you again next week :D



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