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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 23.04.2018

(Notice the new WIR logo?....)

Oh hi guys! Welcome back to a brand new shiny week! Hope we are all well and ready to read this weeks behind the scene's look at Yorkshire's newest up and coming streamer!

(If not, stick around anyway, we at least have pretty pictures...)

So, as always, we shall recap... We finished the last week with 491 Twitch.tv followers and 53 YouTube subscribers... Watch this space... Can we break 500 Twitch followers this week?

Shall we start with Monday?

Nothing happened on Monday... How about Tuesday?


Tuesday, JoeR247 had a question for the people of Twitter after a long debate on The British Nerd Network's Discord server that needed and answer once and for all!

Pineapple on Pizza? Yay or Nay... The answer my surprise you...

(How on earth did Yes get so many votes???)

Back to streaming related activities, JoeR247 had another question for the people of the internet... What should be the Tuesday stream game be?!?

(JoeR247 even made a fancy image to help people decide!)

As you can tell, JoeR247 was in a mid 2000's EA arcade racing mood...

What came out on top?

Shall I give you a clue...?

(The internet like to see me crash my cars it seems...)

We shall witness the madness at 20:00.

Before that JoeR247 found some interesting stats via the StreamElements dashboard... the top Twitch Emotes which have been used in chat!

As you can see, the JoeR247 Bronze Silver and Gold are well represented here, mainly thanks to A. Turfy and B. !slots!

The 2200 each for Silver and Gold is to be expected from the slots, but the extra 2000 alone for the Bronze is impressive!

(bekahbLove got most of that 1534 during the end sequence of a recent Cities Skylines stream haha! It's a good thing she outranks me on the BNN or there would have been trouble...)

Anyway, back to the interesting bit. The stream! We went live at 20:00 and took to the streets of Paradise City in cars which have a life expectancy of around 54 seconds with me at the wheel.

So we took off in pursuit of the Burnout Elite License... And struggled in our goal - Mainly due to JoeR247 not being able to figure out how to complete Stunt runs. I think it was an hour into the stream before we completed an event... and that was due to it being a Marked Man event.

We decided to give up on stunt runs and focuse our energy on Road Rage events (mainly as JoeR247 can do them...) and got to a record high of 65 takedowns in one event... Slightly more than the 36 that was needed...

We also found that OdiBatterz, FavouriteFood and Ementalo enjoy the Text to Speech bit alert slightly too much, and that capitalism and advertising do work. There was too many to clip but Domino's, Cadbury, Cillit Bang, Danone and many other companies owe me money for their brand slogans being used on my channel...

Oh yeah and Ementalo makes a good Sat Nav voice....

https://clips.twitch.tv/ProductiveTemperedCaribouYouWHY Ementalo Sat Nav voice

FavouriteFood also seems to have shady tactics when it comes to finding a mate based on the Cheer text they submitted... No wonder why I crashed...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectDarkFishPRChase Why do I have Text to Speech enabled again?

JoeR247 also found a fun new car... which can take out oncoming traffic... but sadly not all forms off traffic... i.e. Buses...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveCalmAnacondaWutFace Bus 1 - JoeR247 0

So as you known should realise, I have been playing Burnout Paradise for a hella long time, since December on and off to be precise... And in all that time, I have been unable to achieve the elusive Vertical Takedown... UNTIL NOW!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedBrightJay4Head The 1st Vertical Takedown!

It wouldn't be a JoeR247 stream without encountering a Bug or Glitch or Crash... and this was no different... For some reason, after being super OP, the game decided to bring be down a peg or too, by spawning my car the wrong way around..

Pretty sure that the wheels are meant to be the on the road, not the roof...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TenderFancyWasabiFrankerZ Wheels on the Road please game...

So that was the stream, we are still struggling to get the Burnout Elite License... Will we ever get it?... Not sure...

Wednesday now!

Non stream day so don't get too excited... :D

Wednesday JoeR247 discovered interesting stats on the channel. If you see below, you can see a the stream stats from December, and then on the right the current numbers.


5 away from 500... Remarkable!

Wednesday JoeR247 also started work on a secret project... You may find out more about this on Thursday...

Speaking of Thursday! Lets do it now!

Shall I show you the secret project?

(Yes! JoeR247 is going to be playing some Pokemon)

Soul Silver is the best Pokemon game - Fite me...

Shall we have a look at the overlay which will be featuring on your screens while I play it?

(As overlays go, that's pretty sexy right?)

So there we go... All set, Game, chat, my face, alerts and the Current team lineup all good to go. To be fair, its a fairly standard Pokemon streamer setup, but with a JoeR247 skin on it!

So 20:00 came around and we went live!

(Lugia is BAE, Don't even disagree)

We went live, and crossed our fingers that it would work out, Would JoeR247 catch them all? Would he smash the Johto and Kanto gym leaders challenge? Would be able to take on Red?

Lets see...

We started off well, we got the first member of the lineup in nice and early, Cyndaquil, the awesome little fire hedgehog!

JoeR247 decided on the fly that channel subs would get team members named after them, so it was obvious that the starter would be named after the channel's longest sub. With that, we set of to the next town with "Turfy" following on.

It wasnt long until this game for Children upset JoeR247, the 2nd house we found had a very mean man in it who enjoyed rubbing the fact we dont have a Pokemon yet in my face...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpartialFantasticChickpeaNinjaGrumpy Right in the feels

We also had the opportunity to use the JoeR247 signature... Although the Stylus made this difficult as you can see below... (It's definitely not just my bad handwriting...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/GrotesqueEphemeralSandpiperBabyRage Dat Handwriting though...

JoeR247 was once again forced to DAB on the internet again thanks to CKiiDD. This also entitled him to getting a Pokemon named after him... Lets hope we don't get a Weedle as the next Pokemon :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicAssiduousDootDatSheffy CKiiDD with the SUBDAB HYPE

Not long after that... Maelchon also got the Sub Dab Hype treatment, courtesy of friend of the channel, Ementalo. 2 dabs in one stream, what's the world coming to!?!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SillySassyGrouseYee Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype!

So in this game, it expects you to be mature and sensible when it come to naming things... They obviously didnt have JoeR247 in mind when they thought about it...

https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningAltruisticMochaNinjaGrumpy What was his name?

His name was Dicks.... Yeah...

So we ended the stream in Violet City, with Turfy now being a Quilava, CKiiDD the Pidgey and Maelchon the Mareep, ready to take on the first gym...

So that was the stream, very productive and fun! Pokemon shall return!

FRIDAY WAS NEXT! Let's discuss it here!

Friday JoeR247 received a parcel in the post. Want to see what it is?

(Many space, such speed)

Old SSD, 240GB and 7 years old, Lets say it was long overdue a replacement. Plus it game with a free copy of Far Cry 5 to sweeten the deal!

Friday evening was spent cloning the existing drive and getting it up to speed. Friday night was spent downloading all the games...

(God bless my ISP for not throttling my connection!)

So yeah, we have alot of new games ready to go now... Shall we fast forward to Saturday where all the games had downloaded?

Saturday as promised...

Shall we have a look at what JoeR247 downloaded? This isn't even the full Steam library fyi ;)

(So many games, not enough time...)

JoeR247 decided to do his viewers a favour and do some Pokemon Level grinding off stream to save them the boredom. Here is the team in its current state...

(Ready to kick the gym leaders ass!)

Saturday was an IRL day spent visiting the local city and spending too much money on food and drink...

(Anyone for Tea/Ribs/Cake/Cocktails?)

So that was Saturday... Shall we end this week once and for all? Lets get Sunday done and dusted first

Sunday, the day of rest, and racing it seems JoeR247 had scheduled some Forza racing once again with the great people from The British Nerd Network!

Before any of that crazyness however, JoeR274 spotted a brilliant marketing opportunity whihc he had been missing for so long... Another spot for the JoeR247 stickers!

(Until I get custom JoeR247 headphones, this will do...)

So the clock hit 18:00 and JoeR247 went live, racing with friends and foes (I'm looking at you Mr BNN...)

(Finally updated the plays logo on the Forza thumbnail...)

We hit the streets and got the multiplayer going on, until I brought out the JoeR247 Transit van... then the internet died...

A few resets of things later and we got back on track, to carry on coming 2nd to The BNN and his cheat cars ;)

If it was based on style points however, I would have won with this beautiful piece of skill...

https://clips.twitch.tv/UnsightlyGracefulOstrichPoooound Ultimate Skills

Sadly, not all maneuvers were as graceful... (Dont try this at home kids...)

https://clips.twitch.tv/TenderAgileGnatBloodTrail Nailed it

The stream went super well, plenty of fun to be had with the rest of the racers, and then this happened...



(Remember when I said I'd never get more than 10 followers...?)

Remember that April goal we had set? TICK!

Once again thank you all for your phenomenal support on my internet adventure!

So that was it. Stream over. Sunday over.

Shall we recap on what proved to be an amazing week?

We started on 491 Twitch followers and 53 Youtube subs... We ended with 503 and 53. Amazing work! (Sheds manly tears)

Right, week over. I'll see you next week for more fun and games...


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