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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 30.04.2018

Oh crap, its Monday again! I best start blogging to tell you cool cats all about the behind the scenes at JoeR247 empires

So we shall begin with a recap of the state of play going into the week?

We finished the previous week with 503 Twitch Followers and 53 Youtube Subscribers... What will we finish on? Lets see shall we?

Monday is the beginning of the week, you know it, I know it, your dog knows it. Shall we start there?

We started with the help of twitter, trying to work out what the hell these notes are trying to indicate... Answers on a postcard please :D

("The numbers Mason, what do they mean?")

As you know, we streamed on the Sunday, so no stream on the monday. Keep your eyes on Tuesday however... I feel there may be a stream

JoeR247 is known for being a collector of Nerd culture T-Shirts, and monday, he added another one to the collection, courtsey of the website www.qwertee.com

Let me know if you know what its a reference to...

(Godzilla looks different these days...)

So that was monday, pretty quiet day. Come back tomorrow for a dose of Tuesday!

TUESDAY! I am pleased to report that this is a stream day! However, JoeR247 was unsure what the people of the Empire would want to watch, so that responsibility got passed to the lovely people of Twitter!

Fallout 4, Pokemon Soul Silver, Need for Speed Carbon and Cities Skylines were all on offer, but what did Twitter pick?

(Looks like it was time to strap into the Power Armour again!)

The clock struck 20:00 and we went live! Ready to tackle what the Commonwealth had to throw at us (Or what Preston Garvey could task us with...)

Off we went to defend Taffington Boat House from the gunners, proving once again how OP we are. Once the dust had settled there, we marched onward for Preston towards Finch Farm to clean up their mess

As we all know by now, JoeR247 gets easily distracted in Bethesda games and this was no different. We found a town of houses which were still under construction prior to the Great War, which seemed to have become home to a gang of Super Mutants. This angered JoeR247, so he set out to reclaim it for the human race.

All was going well until we met a nice Super Mutant named Hammer... Who owned a missile launcher... Its a good thing I invested so heavily in demolition skill and grenades to deal with him in the below clip!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyGorgeousBibimbapBuddhaBar Grenades FTW

With the estate cleared, it was time to loot! Before that, we found an interesting setup in one of the houses as shown below... Protip, make sure the area is clear before you start Bowling...


Bowling in a War Zone is safe right?

After the fun and games of hunting and bowling with Super Mutants, we headed to Finch Farm who had a quest for us! To go take recover Jake Finch and his Grandfathers Sword.

This meant we had to take on the Forged, the people who like to play with fire. This encounter nearly ended up in another on stream death, but some skillful use of Psycho Jet saved JoeR247's skin! That and a finely tuned shotgun...

https://clips.twitch.tv/HungryVibrantArtichokeHassanChop Shotty feels good

Remember how much JoeR247 enjoys the hacking mini game? Turns out there is no skill to it at all if you get it right the first time!

https://clips.twitch.tv/RoughFrozenSaladPlanking Hacks. Mods. Cheats. LIAR

Eventually we made our way to the boss of the Forged, Mr Slag. We had to eliminate Jake as he turned on me, oh well, he made his choice!

Mr Slag was also in Power Armour, but one well placed Nuka Grenade took care of him... And sadly Dogmeat...

https://clips.twitch.tv/GenerousHeadstrongWalrusMrDestructoid ANIMAL ABUSE

Its fine! Don't get PETA involved, I Stimpacked Dogmeat so all is good!

We had another encounter with a Mini Nuke user... Thankfully they couldn't aim!

https://clips.twitch.tv/HumbleHungryLouseVoteNay Protip, avoid the Mini Nukes

All the fun and games over and done with, it was time to head back to Preston Garvey to tell him the good news about Taffington Boathouse and Finch Farm, However... We found "Preston"

We don't like Frauds and nobody pretends to be My Preston!

https://clips.twitch.tv/AlertSweetStapleM4xHeh Not my Preston Garvey

We got back to the real Preston and cashed in all the rewards! Job done, great stream!

That was Tuesday all wrapped up with a ribbon on it!

WEDNESDAY NEXT! Urm, nothing happened here. Lets move along to Thursday!


We had another item arrive in the post at JoeR247 Empires on this day! More channel branding! Business cards are live! Designed by me, printed by Vistaprint!

(I just need find somebody to give them to now...)

Right, pretty stationary out of the way, back to the Twitch channel, the main reason you are here after all...

20:00 - Stream time. JoeR247 had been long craving some more Pokemon action on the channel, and keen to crack on with the Johto badges!

(Oh boy, I've been looking forward to this one again!)

We started outside Violet City Gym, so that seemed like a good place to start.

10 minutes later, we walked out with the first Gym badge! Maelchon the Mareep clipped the wings of the Gym leaders flying type Pokemon! Maelchon also became a Flaaffy!

We then quickly moved on to the next town, to find that Team Rocket was back in business, and blocking access to the gym... buggers...

We also had a new addition to the team. The British Nerd Network would never stop going on about how good Crobat can be... so I had to find out for myself. Welcome the Zubat to the team, Nicknamed TheBNN. Lets see how it does or if have to box TheBNN...

Pokemon games are also very innuendo heavy. Either by me naming my rival Dicks, or making jokes about balls...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterTemperedPigFrankerZ JoeR247 got Ballz

As most of you know, friend of the Channel CKiiDD is what they call a Vaping Enthusiast... It turns out that vaping could be his special move according to ProfessorWeird!

https://clips.twitch.tv/CoweringBreakableZucchiniDogFace CKiiDD's special move

More innuendo in this "Childrens" game can be seen below...

https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateFrozenCarabeefKappaClaus No title needed...

So we took on Team Rocket and helped out Kurt, who knows a thing or two about balls it turns out... Cue the more innuendo at a Childrens game...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SavoryBelovedClipzPogChamp This game is obsessed with Balls...

Moving swiftly on, we then took on Bugsy and friends and slapped them about abit (Apart from the Scyther... That took a slight amount of effort to best) and took off with the 2nd Johto badge of the stream and play though! These kids games are easy!

So that was Thursday!

Come back tomorrow to find Friday!

FRIDAY! Nothing of note to report... Shall we reschedule for tomorrow?

SATURDAY! Saturday JoeR247 noticed that someone had unlocked the sunshine mode on IRL, so decided to try make the most of it! We very rarely get sun in the UK so it would be foolish to waste it

(The graphics on IRL are great! If abit strange and nightmareish...)

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park was the chosen location! It has some very strange art installations... It was also very hot and JoeR247 doesn't understand sun cream instructions so he ended up looking abit reddish/pinkish... Oops...

After the fun and games of IRL, it was time for the fun and games of streaming!

(Time for something which hasn't been seen on the channel in a very long time...)

JoeR247 was talking into going online in the wonderful world of GTA V by the wonderful people at The British Nerd Network, so we all went live at 7pm in downtown Los Santos!

JoeR247, GeekforGamingDK, Satirivi, Professor Weird, Jazz Cranston and JackTheNewb all got online ready to cause some chaos

It didn't take long for JoeR247 to show off his amazing Driving skills once again... Or lack of them...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CreativeProtectiveBisonCclamChamp Epic Stunt Jump Failed

He has also being placing open world games long enough to know not to drive into fuel pumps... but does that stop him...? Have a guess...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdRelatedPieDxCat Don't do what JoeR247 does do...

We eventually did something productive on the stream, and did some GTA racing! Once again, JoeR247 had some interesting stunts up his sleeve. Watch below and look in sheer horror and disbelief at what happens next...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousSuperHareRiPepperonis Bonus points for a clean landing?

JoeR247 finally had something to be proud of! When all looked dead and buried, JoeR247 captialised on the misfortune of others and got on the winners podium!

https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazingExcitedLettuceTebowing "Never promise the viewers success..."

However, the jubilation didn't last long... Dam you Professor Weird!



Oh well, cant win them all can we? I'm sure its more fun watching me fail than win...

And with that, we conclude Saturday! Next time you hear from me, it will most likely be Sunday

I must be psychic, its SUNDAY NOW AS PROMISED!

The sun was out again on sunday, so JoeR247 made the most of it and visited the city of Leeds with friends to celebrate a birthday!

Brace yourself for the traditonal photos of cocktails in 3... 2... 1...

(I have a feeling I was going to regret this come the Monday morning...)

JoeR247 also showed off his nerd credentials by wearing the recently acquired Pokemon Qwertee T-Shirt!

(Other shirts are available)

Sneak peak behind the scenes of the Behind the Scenes blog, this is actually being wrote by a very hungover JoeR247... So it's not going to win any awards for writing... But alas, people of the JoeR247 need to know the facts of the week!

And with that, the week is over! Over as soon as it began... Fear not, there will be more to come. I say give it a week...

Until next time...


(Remember to leave comments and ask me questions!) :-)


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