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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 07.05.2018

Greetings Internet friend! Welcome to what has become my weekly blog post where I talk you through my actions of the week and my reasons for them... Just like a day in Court... But with more streaming stories and probably photos of Cocktails

So as you know, we start the week with a recap of where we are Twitch Followers and YouTube subscribers wise (But this weeks blog has been started on the Friday, and I forgot to take note... Don't tell anyone :P Lets just pretend its a lot shall we?)

Anyway, Monday is the beginning of this week. Lets start with that shall we?


Monday was a bank holiday in the UK, and also a day of recovering from the Sunday shenanigans...

Monday was also interesting as friend of the channel Maelchon returned the honour of being named in his Pokemon game!

(He did have to make me a Caterpie however...)

So I am now imortalised in his game cartridge forever! Unless he boxes me, or starts a new save...

Looks at notes for Monday... Sees the end of list... Moving onto Tuesday!

Tuesday was next!

Tuesday JoeR247 was doing what JoeR247 kind of does best... Producing mediocre content on the internet!

The content in question? Pokemon Soul Silver!

(Pokemon is flavour of the month at JoeR247 if you didn't already realise...)

So prior to this stream, we kicked ass in the first two Johto gyms, and was ready to kick ass once again in Gym #3

To do that, we had to head to Goldenrod City! Not before our good friend "Dicks" turned up and wanted a scrap! 5 minutes later, Dicks was dealt with and we headed to the nearby forest, and the delightful Farfetch'd puzzle in order to get HM01 Cut!

The Puzzle took longer than I'm happy to admin, but we got there in the end and got through the forest!

As you know, TheBritishNerdNetwork preaches at me to get a Crobat, so we took Zubat to the hairdressers (Long story but its to make it get max happiness in order to evolve...)

However... TheBNN had other ideas... like causing me to laugh/choke and nearly die on stream again...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicBigSproutBrokeBack TheBNN is doing what now?

We finally got to the gym, dispatched of the trainers in there and headed to Whitney. Then we met her dreaded Milktank...

And then Maelchon met the Milktank...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessMagnificentGoldfishPJSugar Damn you Maelchon! Stop being in love!

Needless to say, it didn't go well from there...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulWildLaptopShadyLulu Screw you Whitney

That is crazy hard for the 3rd gym of the game... She has two super potions and the beast that is Milktank, with the deadly Rollout and stomp, and the super infuriating Attract and Milk Drink... Oh and did I mention the status ailment curing berry?...

First defeat of the game... Shall we go back for attempt number 2? Whats the worst that could happen?

https://clips.twitch.tv/WildProudWrenHeyGuys CKiiDD saves the day?

Oh snap, CKiiDD did it! RIP Milktank! Press F in the comments to pay respect to Whitney! Gimme dat gym badge!

To top off the stream (as if it could get any better than kicking Whitney's ass) we had the Sub Dab Hype alarm go off not once... but twice!

First up, Mr JuniorSamplesRL smashed that Sub button! And in return, became a very fine Nidoran♂ addition to the team!

https://clips.twitch.tv/AgreeableConfidentLeopardBrainSlug JuniorSamplesRL with the SubDabHype!

And last but not least, BekahBear101 also smashed the Sub button, albeit right at the end of the stream so I couldn't acquire her a Pokemon, but I had something in mind which I needed to research off stream...

https://clips.twitch.tv/FairCogentBeefOpieOP BekahBear101 with the SubDabHype!

Massive thank you to those lovely people! I appreciate all the support!

So that was the stream. Productive use of my tuesday, whether you agree with me or not. What's that? You do agree? Aww thanks, you're the best! XD

Suppose you'll want to see the squad as it stands ey? Here goes!

(Elite 4, come at me bro!)

That was Tuesday. I vote we move swiftly onto Wednesday

As promised, here is Wednesday!

Urm, non stream day... not alot to report on social media either... Lets fast forward to Thursday?

Fast forward complete, Welcome to Thursday!

JoeR247 spent the morning of Thursday taking part in some #ThrowbackThursday, and asking what peoples favourite PlayStation 1 game was...

Mine? Only Ape Escape from 1999 (back when I was a wee baby JoeR247)

(As stated by Wikipedia - Ape Escape is a platform video game, developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation in May 1999 in North America, and June 1999 in Japan. The first in the Ape Escape series, the game tells the story of an ape named Specter who gains enhanced intelligence and a malevolent streak through the use of an experimental helmet. Specter produces an army of apes, which he sends through time in an attempt to rewrite history. Spike, the player character, sets out to capture the apes with the aid of special gadgets.)

Feel free to let me know what your was in the comments or on twitter! I wont bite!

Thursday JoeR247 also went live on the internet once again. The game of choice? Let me give you a clue with a screencap of a GIF I stole...

(A Canadian hip hop artist edited to be wearing a pop culture hat and throwing a pop culture red and white sphere... Any guesses?)

Yes! JoeR247 is on a Pokemon binge this week! Is it a wise idea? Probably not, but its my channel so deal with it :P

Remember last stream? When we had a new subscriber and I promised the first 6 subscribers to the twitch channel a team member named after them?

Well... I did some research off stream and figured out a plan which I could do relatively easily at this stage of the game... But it required a Water Stone...

Do you know how awkward it is to get a Water Stone in these games? It is not easy dear reader. But JoeR247 found a way... The Pokeathlon - Whatever that is...

Turns out it is a very difficult stylus based Pokemon style Olympics... Controlling 3 things at once using a stylus is tricky...

After some grueling practise, CKiiDD, TheBNN and Turfy won the gold medal in the Speed event! Netting me 499 out of the 2500 points needed in the quest to get a Water Stone!

https://clips.twitch.tv/CuriousSpicyCaribouPeteZarollTie Winner Winner, Torchic Dinner

We decided to break the stream up abit and decided to adventure towards Ecruteak City and find team member #6. Enroute however, the game did nothing to help JoeR247's ego, with another trainer wanting my PokeGear phone number!

https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongAcceptableSandwichBIRB JoeR247 and his ego...

Did I mention team member #6? Meet BekahBear's sub perk!

https://clips.twitch.tv/GloriousArtsySharkPicoMause Newest member of the Squad - BekahBear!

Back to the Pokeathlon, JoeR247 needed the points desperately for the Water Stone, We need a water type on the team! Anyway, Remember how humble JoeR247 is? Well now he's giving life advice to people... This cant end well can it?

https://clips.twitch.tv/AlluringTangentialLardTebowing Advice for Life from JoeR247

We were super close to the 2500 target, when it all seemed to click. JoeR247 tastes victory, and he liked it

https://clips.twitch.tv/ConsiderateRudeRuffOhMyDog JoeR247 got the 1,2,3 on Lockdown

2800 points in the back. 2500 of them cashed in. The Water Stone was mine!

Shall I reveal (if you didnt guess already) what the plan for it was?

(BekahBear looks good as a Vaporeon!)

Dare I say Squad goals? Another productive stream in the bag!

Coming up next... FRIDAY!

FRIDAY has arrived! Lets discuss it here!

Friday, JoeR247 had interesting news. He had made it to the final round of The British Nerd Network's Clip Competition!

(Reckon JoeR247 has a hope in hell? Find out Sunday!)

The clip was one of the many times that JoeR247 failed at life in Need for Speed Most Wanted (Remember that game? From the good old days?)

Will it win? Will it beat the other 3 clips? Only one way to find out! Read on to the Sunday part of the blog and find out if its time to pop a cork or a champagne bottle, or wallow in self pity...

Anything else to note from Friday? Nah, not really. Lets arrange to meet up again, maybe Saturday? Deal!


What happened on Saturday? (Looks at notes...) Oh yes I remember!

Saturday, was a non stream day... Now I know that you are asking me, "JoeR247, you didnt stream on friday. We had a deal, every other day you will stream"

Well... The Eurovision song contest was on and in JoeR247 towers, its traditional to watch it. So there! Next question

(Europe has silly taste in music...)

However, there was still gaming to be done after the silly music. All I have to say is, "They made me do it"

(JoeR247 played some Fortnight... The end of the world is coming)

This was off stream, with fellow streamers @CKiiDD and @BekahBear101, who tried to show me the ropes... Safe to say I was a lost cause with around 1 kill for 10 deaths...

Don't expect me to stream it and get any Chicken Dinners any time soon...

That about summed up Saturday. Sunday next!


Sunday was, at long last, a Stream! Long overdue you could say!

As usual, we went down under to Australia for some Forza Horizon 3 with friends on multiplayer. This was an excellent time to show off the new JoeR247 props!

JoeR247 UK car License plates looking fire!

(Decoration purposes only, I can't afford the legal stuff to be allowed to put them on a car)

So people who join me on Forza, get used to seeing these as you trail behind my car :D

Anyway, the clock struck 15:00 and there was signs of Live on Twitch.tv/JoeR247!

JoeR247 started the stream finding out it was Forzathon, and this weeks Forzathon had a prize which JoeR247 wanted! Nissan GTR Horizon Edition! This was the new stream goal!

The not so easy part was I had to get 3 stars on a Drift Zone... This proved tricky, as demonstrated below...

https://clips.twitch.tv/FragileCleanPoxDAESuppy JoeR247 and Traction Control...

Perseverance was key though, we got the drift zone in the bag and keys to the new HE GTR. It is very nice. You can see it in action in the next clip... Where I tried to multitask... with disastrous results...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringAuspiciousKalePeoplesChamp Don't send game invites and Drive at the same time...

So once we got the gang altogether and some practice races (and after the 2 Blue Screens of Death on my PC), we changed the game setup to some Playground games. Only for me to be setup in an Infection game right near GoliathonGaming...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakyCreativeBadgerMau5 "Oh no"

My driving didn't help to be fair...

Not that it counted for anything, I was now on the infected team, and ready to spread my infection! How about the game ending kill? Lets see...

https://clips.twitch.tv/RelentlessClumsyLouseSquadGoals Infected!

Despite all the fun and games, we got an amazing alert during this stream. Turfy gave us a 5th Sub Dab! Massive <3 to Turfy for his continued support to the channel!

https://clips.twitch.tv/EphemeralHedonisticSushiTheThing Turfy with the SubDabHype

That pretty much summed up the stream. We had an average event position of 3rd place. Sadly no podiums but I seem to attract good players to my Forza streams...

Remember I mentioned I was in the final 4 of the TeamBNN clip competition?

Shall we see if I won? The result was announced during the first ever "TheGeekend" Talk show!

Did I win?...

(DAMN YOU CKiiDD_Games!)

Better luck next time I feel. Losing by 4% was painful but I'll happily concede to that guy...

Late on sunday evening, the stats came in for the Forza stream, and they were so impressive I had to share them...

(Dem numbers though)

The Sunday Forza streams are here to stay!

So with that, we conclude the week!

Shall we do the usual of counting the Twitch.tv Followers and YouTube Subscribers?

526 and 51! Crazy numbers on Twitch, but YouTube has taken a slide... Maybe uploading nothing but Pokemon last week was too much for some people...

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me... Any comments or questions, drop them in the box below or hit me up on twitter or my Discord!



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