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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 28.05.2018

Eyup! Only me! JoeR247!

I mean, who else would it be on JoeR247's blog?... Hmm, Lets gloss over this bit and crack on.

We started with a brand new week on Monday! So lets go back to it and see what JoeR247 had to say for himself...

Before we begin though, We start the week on 537 Twitch followers and 54 Youtube Subscribers. Lets hope we still have those numbers (and hopefully more) by the end of the week!


Let us discuss it now.

We started off, having another look at the JoeR247Points Leaderboard.

People can no longer accuse the !slots of being rigged. Especially not turfy... Also, I am not a fan of being 10th... I need to fix that. I may just give myself 999,999,999 points...

(31 million JoeR247Points... Just for turfy... I never thought I would see the day)

Fans of Football/Soccer will know that we are due another Fifa World Cup! To make things abit more exciting, JoeR247 and 3 IRL friends did a sweepstake. £5 entry and you get 8 teams.

What teams did JoeR247 get? Brazil? Spain? Germany?...

No... There goes £5...

(At least I didn't get England...)

Monday afternoon JoeR247 received an interesting email or 3... 4 days after submitting them, the all new JoeR247 emotes had been approved! Thank god!

(How awkward would it be if one of them got declined...)

Suppose you'll want to see them I guess! Well... Scroll down 3/4 notches and you shall see!

(Eyup! Rigged! DO IT U WONT! I've no idea what they mean either...)

Snazzy! Alot more personal than the old crappy ones!

I can't wait to see them in action on the slots! Going to be so awkward when someone loses the slots with 2 Eyup's and 1 Rigged... XD

That about summed up monday. No stream, but sexy new emotes. Not a bad result!


Tuesday JoeR247's creative juices were flowing again... What had he made this time?

Only some Cute as hell hearts! Want to see them?

(Branding on point. Heart shaped points)

What will I put my mark on next?...

Looks like that's all for Tuesday... So much for being a streamer ey?

Wednesday was next to occur! Surely JoeR247 did something of note on this day!?!

Urm, If you are expecting a stream, sadly not... But we noticed something which grabbed the attention of JoeR247 Empires.

Bethesda ran a live stream for what seemed like a day saying Please Stand By. Several hours later... OH CRAP! NEW FALLOUT!

(This intrigues JoeR247... What could it mean...)

Rumors suggest its not your standard Fallout game. This concerns me as you should know I am a big fan of the Bethesda Fallout games. I don't like change... Give me a single player RPG anyday...

Regardless, I should probably hurry up and finish Fallout 4...

After all that fun and games, we found ourselves in Thursday!

Thursday, we must be due a JoeR247 stream right? CORRECT!

But before that. Something of interest got posted on the JoeR247 twitter.

(Dam, massive thanks to everyone who has supported JoeR247 Empires with more than just their time. It really is incredible how generous you all are towards me playing games badly. <3 )

Time to reinvest in the stream! Possibly something with flashing RGB lights on...

Remember I was saying we need to hurry up and finish Fallout 4? Now seems a good of a time as any! Time to cash in on the Fallout76 hype train!

(Bet you are all sick of this image now...)

Clock hit 20:00, JoeR247 went live, you know the drill by now...

20:10, the JoeR247 Empires PC crapped its pants and died on us. 20:12, JoeR247 went live again. This time with better results.

The crash is pretty much down to one person. Maelchon... He subbed to the JoeR247 empire, and the awesomeness of that feat destroyed the JoeR247 dream machine...

More dabbing needed... I had gotten some IRL Dabbing lessons from CKiiDD. Lets hope they pay off...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentRepleteClipsmomTBCheesePull Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype! <3

Speaking of CKiiDD. He made me show off his teachings. He made me Dab again...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidAntsySparrowKappaPride CKiiDD with the Sub Dab Hype!

Would you believe me if I told you I had to Dab a 3rd time? Really putting the Dabbing lessons to good use today...

https://clips.twitch.tv/RespectfulRelievedTurtleSaltBae Westscottishwarrior with the Sub Dab Hype!

Enough of people being too kind to me. Shall we see me fail in the game? I can definitely provide that!

Before the fails, I made a Super Mutant Suicider my bitch for a change. Its usually the other way around. 1 Bullet, 1 kill. GGWP me!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BelovedEagerBaconGrammarKing RIP Suicider

We set off anyway towards Diamond City at long last! Only took 75 YouTube LP parts...

When we got there however, the people were mean to me... :(

https://clips.twitch.tv/CrowdedUgliestChickpeaDxCat JoeR247 Confirmed Moron...

https://clips.twitch.tv/EnticingDistinctPicklesDoggo Don't even

Nothing new there however now that I think about it...

Diamond city was boring, not enough Deathclaws for LolaSunnyButter, so they tricked me into going to the Glowing See. Whats the worst that could happen on Survival mode ey?

So off we set. Chat and JoeR247 got talking, got knows what about, but things got weird... As usual...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SilkyDependableOkapiWOOP JoeR247 is a pretty Girl

I don't understand either... Apparently I am a legend too... Who am I to disagree with my loyal fans?

https://clips.twitch.tv/IronicCleanPistachioFeelsBadMan Ain't that the truth

It wouldn't be a JoeR247 stream either without WobblyRedMan23 testing the Text to Speech bot would it?...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CooperativeChillyDiamondRalpherZ Wibble

So, the Glowing Sea. How hard could it be? See for yourself. Are we about to see another Survival mode death? We are due one by now...


2 of them!!!!!!!!

GG WP EZ. Try harder game...

With the stream wrapping up, did we find a Deathclaw for Lola? Actually yes we did! TWO AT ONCE!!!... Thankfully JoeR247 is OP and they died pretty easily. Glowing Sea. Tick!

So that was the stream. Very productive. Lets do it again some time.

With that out of the way, shall we move to Friday?

Remember JoeR247 is a sucker for RGB? Well he found a headset which offered RGB. Guess what happened next.

A box from the fine people at Amazon turned up!

(Once again, the JoeR247 sticker was applied by me. Not Amazon... Yet...)

IT LIGHTS UP! IT CHANGES COLOUR. JoeR247 is very happy with it. Any complaints about my choice. Blame @Bekahbear101. She introduced me to it. XD

Very comfy to wear, nice sound quality, good mic and nice and lightweight. DID I MENTION IT LIGHTS UP???!!!

Any more Friday things to note? No... Moving along sir/ma'am

SATURDAY HAPPENED NEXT! We shall feature it in this section.

As you may remember from a few blogs back, we featured some books which are enjoyed by JoeR247. The Secret Football had put some words on paper and made money by selling them... (kind of like this blog, but mine is free to read... For now... *Evil laugh*)

(JoeR247 now has to learn to read, as it turns out theres no pictures in this one...)

Saturday was also a good day, as JoeR247 finally got to see Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Ignore the haters! It's a really good film! Alden Ehrenreich plays the role of Han Solo perfectly. I had my doubts before with all the hate and poor film goer reviews, but I enjoyed it.

I genuinely think it is "Cool" to hate on Star Wars these days. The same happened for The Last Jedi which I loved too. Maybe I am just a fanboy...

Go see it and judge for yourself.

(Disney did not pay me for this review. Yet... It's also got Emilia Clarke in it so it gets bonus points for that alone.)

Saturday complete. I should really stream more... Let's see if I can fix that on Sunday...


Sunday was stream day. Sunday was Forza Horizon 3 Stream day.

(I hope you like racing games... It's all we got here...)

The clock hit 16:30 and we went Live, back racing down under with viewers once again! Would JoeR247 finally win a race, or would Techno Trio turn up and win all the races as tradition?...

Well, we started the stream by showing off... the new JoeR247 headset! Ain't she pretty!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulFurtiveGrouseNotLikeThis NEW HEADSET HYPE - Steelseries Arctis 5

(I know its not glow in the dark. I am an idiot...)

Anyway, off we set, doing some Bucket List challenges, one of the many types of event in this game which I still haven't done. Too much stuff, not enough time.

We completed the challenge, but not as well as some people...


Seems legit

Back to the racing, JoeR247's special ability. We upped the difficulty to "Unbeatable"

It didnt seem unbeatable to me...

https://clips.twitch.tv/KnottyAuspiciousArugulaBudStar God bless the derpy AI

I gave the viewers a choice of car to pick for me to drive about in. It seems they chose well, as they gave me a new favourite. Or did I speak too soon?

https://clips.twitch.tv/SavageAttractiveBatteryMoreCowbell Nothing can stop JoeR247

The trouble with small cars, they get stuck in the small gaps it seems!

Back to the "Unbeatable" AI... I definitely think they are exaggerating as we kicked McSmoelf's Drivatar's butt!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyThoughtfulOxOptimizePrime Sorry McSmoelf!

Eventually, like death and taxes, the inevitable happened. Techno Trio turned up online. JoeR247 then lost every other race. I dont want to talk about it XD

3 hours later, we wrapped up the stream. My voice was going. I was shattered. How do the pro's do 24 hour streams, I do not know.

All in all very productive stream. The new headset worked a treat. Nice and comfy on the head. Mic seemed to work perfectly. All good stuff!

I think the next Forza stream may have to be Blizzard Mountain, assuming I can find a decent price for the DLC...

So with that, that's a wrap. W/C 28th June is over! A fun week. Only 2 streams (my bad) but 2 very good streams If I do say so myself.

Where does that leave us for the fans of stats? We started on 537 Twitch followers and 54 YouTube subscribers. Had it been a promising week? Had we heard the new EyUp Follow alert alot?

544 Twitch followers and 57 YouTube subscribers! A very good week. I am happy with that! Twitch and YouTube partner here I come! (Not...)

Right. Same time next week? Deal!

As always, feel free to comment on this blog, or DM me on any social media platform! :D



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