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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 04.06.2018

Greetings! JoeR247 here! Once again! New week, new Week in Review blog post!

If you are new to this blog... where have you been! Only joking! New and old are all welcome here!

Let me give you a rundown of what we do here. Basically, I go through the past 7 days, telling you all the behind the scenes gossip on the shenanigans that we get up to at JoeR247 Empires. Shall we begin?


Monday, was a very quiet day streaming wise... We had the Sunday stream to recover from so it was a day of rest at JoeR247... Shall we skip ahead to Tuesday?...


Tuesday I am please to announce that JoeR247 went live! Tonight's game of choice? Something long overdue on the channel... Pokemon Soul Silver of course!

(Gotta catch em all once again!)

Clock struck 20:00 and we went live! We had just got to Ecruteak city but needed to do some grinding first in order to be ready for the next Gym Leader, Morty and his Ghost type Pokemon.

So off we went grinding in the wild. Sadly, the viewers seemed to prefer it when JoeR247 wasn't visible and decided to give the public what they wanted

https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticOutstandingAsteriskThunBeast Chair Strim Hype

It wasn't much longer after that, JoeR247 was made to Dab once again on the internet thanks to Hypr_Peakz and his sub to the twitch channel!

https://clips.twitch.tv/InventiveFrailLampBlargNaut Hypr_Peaks with the Sub Dab Hype!

Fans of popular Pokemon memes will appreciate this. Good old Youngster Joey and his Rattata...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousInspiringOwlM4xHeh Top % of Rattata

Oh the joys haha...

Joe had important information for the gamblers of the JoeR247 channel !slots...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SuaveFuriousSandwichUWot When the fun stops, Stop

Grinding done. We are ready to go take on Morty. Wish us luck... Oh wait, never mind. EZ

https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearPlumpPlumageKeepo RIP Gym Leader 4

4 badges down, 4 to go. Told you we had got past the hardest part of the game with Whitney out of the way.

We then saw something amazing. We had an evolution! We had become such good friends with OdiBatterz the Golbat he only went and turned into a Crobat! Only trouble being I forgot to update the GIF current lineup overlay... Got there in the end haha


Admin skills not on fleek

So with that, the stream ended. Next stop, Olivine city and the next target on the hitlist of gym leaders!

Anything else happen of note tuesday? Oh yeah! I got another chance to show off the amazing JoeR247 Stickers, and what people had done with them! Feast your eyes!

(God dam I have awesome sub perks, amirite?)

So that was Tuesday. Join me in the next paragraph where we shall discuss Wednesday!


JoeR247 spent this day playing some Borderlands 2 off stream. Maybe it will come to the channel one day. We shall see! Anyway, I said I was playing it... I actually spent about an hour entering codes for Golden Keys to unlock the special ingame chests. Anyway, I may have gone a little over the top with the codes for keys...

(247... had to be that number right? Safe to say I will have a lot of overpowered gear for a long time!)

As this was a non stream day, there's not alot more to say. Rejoin me next paragraph for Thursday!


Welcome back! Its Thursday! Nearly the weekend! But less about that, and more talk about streaming!

JoeR247 did some actual streaming today! I know right? Who would have expected that!

The game of choice??? CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 1

How hard could it be...

(Lets rev up that death counter again...)

So off me, Captain Moustache, Gaz and the USMC took off to try and save the world from all the bad doodz.

Shall we see some highlights... or lowlights...?

So we started off with some educational material, for any future army recruits. Thin wood doors... don't use them to protect you from high powered assault rifles

https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailYummyPuddingKAPOW Doors do not equal good cover...

So education over... Next stop, go cause some weird stuff to happen to a bad guy...

https://clips.twitch.tv/MoldyMiniatureWaffleANELE Poor bad guy...

I'm sorry for what we did to you Mr bad guy. Although those guys had killed me enough times, so I think they deserved it...

Anyway, someone crashed a helicopter and it fell on my shoulders to rescue the pilot... Why do I always get the hard jobs?

https://clips.twitch.tv/WimpyProtectiveMangoCopyThis JoeR247 - Number 1 Rescue man.

Kinda cheated... but my teammates offered almost 0 cover... so whatever... I doubt they will last much longer anyway...

Speaking of surviving for much longer...

https://clips.twitch.tv/MushyOnerousCormorantOSfrog Come on NEST team...

Oh... Nevermind the heroic rescue...

Anyway, 1 main character dead, but it's time to go back in time an play as a wee baby Captain Mustache and play some All Ghillied Up

However... Remember JoeR247 has no gaming ability. And we are playing this on Hardened

https://clips.twitch.tv/RealUnusualDotterelLeeroyJenkins Rage Quit

Ooops... Urm... Next time I think we may have to drop the difficulty to Normal, if we ever want to see the end of this game.

So with that, we wrapped the stream up. We had gone the usual 2 hours so was a good time to end it before it got any worse...

So the death counter must be looking pretty bad right about now? Lets see...

(40 times... I think. I may have lost count at one stage...)

Moving on... Lets go to Friday...


So no stream today, we did that yesterday, so did anything of note happen Friday?

(Holiday/Vacation time! Delete as appropriate!)

The JoeR247 IRL job had the Out of Office message was set, telling people to go away as I had more important plans. Next stop, summer holiday! (Technically not until Tuesday but no more work for me)

Shall we move to a more interesting day? What about...


Saturday started off with JoeR247 asking an important question. Do you own a pair of cooler socks than him? I'm guessing not...

(Show me a cooler pair of socks. Do It You Won't)

As you already know by now, JoeR247 is a fan of Football/Soccer (Delete as appropriate), and that the FIFA World Cup 2018 is approaching.

Well a tradition in the JoeR247 household is to get one of these...

(WORLD CUP WALLCHART POSTER! Yes I am a child at heart...)

How long before England get eliminated and I lose interest in the poster?...

Enough sports talk, Time for some Stream talk! As you know at the weekend we like to play driving games. One in particular with viewers! That's right! Forza Horizon 3 was back on the channel!

8pm happened and the channel went live! Back in Hot Wheels world! :D

Any highlights? Turns out yes! Shall we start with the AI being unable to drive? Looks like I'm not the only one!

https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulBitterKangarooBleedPurple RIP AI

The joys of Hot Wheels means awesome stunts. Look what happened when JoeR247 tried one however...

https://clips.twitch.tv/RacyVastGalagoOpieOP Mad drift skills

Zagoy joined the stream and showed me a sneaky shortcut. But could I replicate the skill needed?

https://clips.twitch.tv/SwissPhilanthropicMeerkatJebaited Sneaky shortcuts

Only just... But its normal for me to only just achieve my goals it seems!

And with that, the stream ended. Another stream of Forza fun and games over.

Also with that, we ended Saturday! Sunday next?

We started Sunday getting the YouTube channel ready to go! JoeR247 will be offline for 7 days, so he was smart and saved up some videos to publish in his absence. He's dead good like that! So 21 videos all ready to go! Don't forget to go see the YouTube channel and catch up on anything you've missed!

(I apologise in advance for blowing up your YouTube subscription boxes :D )

JoeR247 spent the rest of Sunday grinding the Pokemon Soul Silver team up a few levels, all ready to go take on the next set of gym leaders! Save you all the monotony of doing the grinding on stream :D I really am good to you guys!

(BekahBear confirmed OP with most HP)

So that was the week. Not too shabby. Hope you enjoyed it, as next week JoeR247 is offline as previously mentioned. I will miss you all massively, and I hope you miss me all the same :'(

Sun sea and sand... It's not streaming though is it? Oh wait? Cocktails? YAY

Remember to keep an eye on the YouTube Channel, Make sure you're in the Discord Server! There will be the occasional stream re-run when I remember to and I'll still be pestering everyone on twitter, so it will be like I'm not even away!

(SAVE THE DATE 20.06.2018)

So thats the week. Shall we look at the stats?

Twitch.tv follower's - Start week : 544 End Week : 552

YouTube Subscriber's - Start Week : 57 End Week : 58

Jolly good progress!

Right, I'm off to go catch a flight to somewhere warm. Until next time




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