JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 18.06.2018

June 25, 2018

(My current view, somewhere over Ireland, GB I believe...)


Dear Internet blog reader! As I write this, it is 10pm on Tuesday on a flight (taking a break from the puzzle book and music to talk to you lovely people) from the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura, returning to the UK.


The last 7 days have been spent in the sunshine, eating and drinking way too much, all while trying to bronze my pale English skin. You can find alot of the images on my Twitter and Instagram should you be so curious!


Sadly, I'm still pale... And abit fatter than before, But I'm on my way back and ready to go live once again! Remember when I used to stream?...


 (All in all, not a bad week...)


Back on the finest Yorkshire soil now, shall we get back to business? Lets!...



So... On that note... WEDNESDAY!


Wednesday, JoeR247 was finally reunited with his lovely computer. It had been a hard separation but nothing could keep them apart!


(Just had to relearn how to type and hold a mouse now... Funny what you forget in 7 days...)


As JoeR247 had just spent a week in the sun, it was about time to cool down. Whats the best way to do that you ask? By giving Microsoft money! For Snow related DLC that is!


(JoeR247 finally caved in and bought the Blizzard Mountain DLC!)


Can you guess what happened next?


(New DLC installed? Check. Thumbnail created? Check Fancy going live picture created? Check! Lets race!)


The clock hit 16:30 (Weird time I know but I had the day off work! Might aswell make the most of it!) and we went live!


We set off towards Blizzard Mountain, ready to rock and roll in the snow, however, it wouldnt be a JoeR247 stream would it without me flipping my car in a way its not supposed to be flipped right? Welcome tricks


After the fun and games of actually getting to the fast travel marker, we found we had and interesting form of transport... to get us to the aforementioned Blizzard Mountain... Strapped to the bottom of a Helicopter...


Did they drop me off gentle? Did they heck! Another happy landing


So here we are, in the snow. How hard can it be... turns out. Very. Especially when you bring Ice into the equation.


Once again, JoeR247 was made to Dab on stream. The culprit? The one and only Turfy <3 TURFY WITH THE SUB DAB HYPE


Silly dabbing over, back to the racing. Or trying to race... You know you've hit an all time low when your rally spec Mitsubishi Evo X car is beaten in blizzard conditions by a Lamborghini. I dont want to talk about it... How did I lose!!!!!!!!!!


After that, we did some multiplayer, just to make sure I cannot be beaten by the dodgy AI. However, in the end, I was beaten by myself... and my continued lack of ability of keeping the car the right way up... That didn't go to plan...



On that note, I didn't really advertise myself as a very good Forza driver did I. Best I wrap up... I'll blame it on being new DLC and it taking some getting used to...


So that was Wednesday. Pretty productive day if you ask me!




Thursday JoeR247 ditched his traditional Yorkshire attitude to being tight with money and spent some of it with the fine people at! As you may know by now, they produce alot of the Tee's which you see JoeR247 streaming in. They had a new one on offer and JoeR247 couldn't resist...


(New Tee, coming to a stream near you! Very excited for this one. This message was not paid for by Qwertee... As much as I'd like them to sponsor me with free Tee's...)


Speaking of watching this space, JoeR247 has arranged himself to be in the grand old city of London... Whatever for? Can't say much for now but it's something very exciting! Watch this space indeed!



(What could it be....)


Also on thursday, we also hit an interesting milestone on the YouTube channel! 60 subscribers! Very pleased with that! The road to 100k is looking achievable now


(Ok... maybe not quiet 100k anytime soon...)


That's about everything RE: Thursday... Come back soon for some Friday!


As promised... here is FRIDAY!


Friday was a quiet day... apart from 8pm when JoeR247 went live!


What game? Oh... you know, only more Forza Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain!


(Expect to see alot of this in the coming weeks...!)


So, 8pm, we went live! Back to Blizzard Mountain with the goal of becoming "King of The Mountain!


It didn't take long before JoeR247 was dabbing on camera again, this time thanks to the amazing Ementalo <3 Ementalo with the Sub Dab Hype!


Not much longer after that... IT HAPPENED AGAIN! This time the wonderful Hypnotech03! All the dabs today! Hypnotech03 with the Sub Dab Hype!


Hypnotech03 was a fellow Forza fan and wanted to join in, but didn't own Blizzard Mountain. I couldn't say no to him now could I?


Back to the main game and time for some multiplayer action! Would JoeR247 actually win a race on stream?


Not like this it would seem. JoeR247 definitely meant this donut. You don't win hearts and minds by racing properly. You need some style! Some Pizzazz! Totally intentional Donut


Seen as thought the track racing wasn't going quiet too well, we decided to change it up to something more JoeR247 friendly! Playground games!


Anyway, JoeR247 decided that the best way not to get caught in a game of infection, would be to make it impossible to tag me. What better way to do this than by going airborne? 


Sadly... The plan didn't involve any random trees... Luckily, got away with that one... but not for long. We lost the event... Catch me!


How about some capture the flag? JoeR247 is generally decent at these. Will he score any awesome points? Slam dunk!


Yes. Sadly no double points for Style.


Ok... So I'm not the best at racing. I'm not the best at playground games. Maybe dirt racing is more my thing? I AM A DRIVING GOD!


Would appear so. Or maybe not. Maybe I should stick to Fallout 4 Haha! Moral of the story - Never speak too soon...


Wouldn't be a JoeR247 stream without a weird flip or roll would it? Well today is no different (I swear I write this statement learnt every week...)


Well this was no different... A proper barrel roll!


And that was that. Another great stream in the bag! Roll on Forza Horizon 4! Bet your bottom dollar that's going to be on the channel non stop when its out!


Up next, Saturday!


Urm... checks notes... There's nothing in here boss...  Urm... Try again Sunday?




As you may know, there's a FIFA World Cup going on. Turns out my country (England) were playing today! Also turned out I own one of their football shirts! From 2010 no less! Please to report it still fitted me! I dared to dream, and wore it for the game! Did I end up jinxing the team? 


The 6-1 win suggests otherwise. Maybe it was a good luck charm. We shall see next game!


 (Shameless selfie of an English Football Hooligan)


After the football, JoeR247 was in a great mood! In the mood to stream you could say! Guess what happened next!


(3rd stream in a row of Forza... Think I'm addicted!)


So we went live! Back to Blizzard Mountain. Time to end up my car roof at least 56,359 times.


Towards the beginning of the stream, we had to issue a warning. Just to be on the safe side. Can't have anyone trying to sue JoeR247Empires for copying the stunts which are displayed. Disclaimer


Now that we had finished cocking about, it was time to race. So the game suggested we set the difficulty to "Unbeatable". How hard could it be?...


Well, it appeared to be difficult. But JoeR247 had a secret weapon. A Police siren on the car! (I'm pretty sure that choice and use of the horn has no effect on the driving of the AI, but you never know...)


Saying that, not a bad way to win... It's the JoeR247Empires Police!


Right. I'm going to sum up the next 4 clips up in one word. FAIL Epic stunt jump failed. Epic Stunt jump failed V2 Epic stunt jump failed V3 Proper cocked that one up now...


Yeah... We still haven't completed that even in the Mini. Probably never will. I am at peace with that fact.


So, scrap that Bucket List event. Lets try another. Oh. Bowler EXR? What sort of challenge do they have for us?


Oh... Play Carmageddon (google it if you're too young to remember it) with 20 poor innocent Snowmen... Urm. Ok... If I have to. Snowman Genocide


I'm so sorry virtual children who built these virtual snowmen in a game


So. Enough murdering of frozen water men and women. Back to the track. Something nice and simple. Or was it? RIP CKiiDD


I lost... annoying yes. But I trashed CKiiDD's Drivatar so I'm happy.


Towards the end of the stream, I was made to Dab on the internet again. This time by the one and only BekahBear101! (Even if she didn't mean too... (She later confirmed it was a joke. Good thing shes my friend...)) BekahBear101 With the Sub Dab Hype!


Excuse the poor Dab, I was in the lead at the time in a crucial race... 


So we ended the stream on a high. We had won 3 off road races in a row! Winning at all is an impressive feat so 3 was a miracle!  Especially now that BekahBear, famous at JoeR247 for being a jinx on JoeR247's gaming abilities was present.


There was something special about the final race however. I'll let you see if you can see what it was in the below clip! 247! The magic number


So stream over. Another fantastic stream. Forza Blizzard Mountain is a very underated DLC. Very glad I picked it up and streamed it before Forza Horizon 4 comes out.


Just one last thing... Look at this screenshot I managed to get while messing about in the Photo mode of Forza. I only stopped to look at the Portal 2 design of the car on the right. Glad I stopped now. I will have to make use of the photo mode alot more and try get more amazing shots like this!


(Very pretty this game...) My car is the best FYI. The blue one)


So that was Sunday... And the week. Only a short one in hindsight. Very racing game heavy.


All very productive non the less! Looks like I still know how do do all this online internet stuff after all... Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing from your point of view...


Anyway. Down to the stats. Just for fun, I don't look into them that religiously FYI :)


So we started the week like this


Twitch Followers - 555

YouTube Subs - 59


How did we end up?


Twitch Followers - 574

YouTube Subs - 62


Amazing week for fans of numbers! If your new to the JoeR247 experience, Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! 


So I'll stop talking now. It's been 1922 words according to the little counter in the bottom. 1932 now! 


It's been a pleasure explaining all this crap to you! Hope you enjoyed this insight into my adventures online! 


I'll speak to you again next week! 





P.S Make sure you share and comment on this blog! Ask me anything! DOITUWONT


P.P.S 1976 words now...


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