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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 25.06.2018

Eyup! Welcome Week in Review reader! Welcome to the last week in June! Where has this year gone?

7 months ago this week, JoeR247 first hit the Start Streaming button on OBS. Now we are here. Has JoeR247 improved during this period? Maybe...

Anywho! You are probably here to see what goes on behind the scenes at JoeR247 Empires! That... or you clicked on the link by mistake and have no idea what you're currently reading! Either way, you're here now. Stick around. It could be fun...!

Just to recap as tradition, we started the week with 574 Twitch.tv followers and 62 YouTube Subscribers!


The week started here. Monday! What happened in the world of JoeR247 Empires? Lets see!

Monday JoeR247 got to update his FIFA World Cup Wallchart. I never thought I'd be entering the number 6 on it. Let alone for England :D

(It's coming home!)

As we had come back of an amazing Sunday stream of Forza, there wasn't one tonight. But we had seen some interesting numbers on the Twitch dashboard! We are along away from where we started it seems!

(5,000 views, or 600 Followers. Which would come first?)

So that was monday. Not alot to report!


Tuesday was a stream day! Hooray! JoeR247 doing what he does best!

But before that... we had some Admin to do! Sub perk letters to post out to the lovely subs of the JoeR247 Empire! Letters printed and stickers posted! Australia and Norway this time! JoeR247 is international!

(JoeR247 has the best stationary!)

Paperwork out of the way, fast forward to 8pm and when JoeR247 hit the Live button! What game would it be...

(Time to save the world! Assuming we can get MacMillan into that dam helicopter this time...)

Now if you recall last time, we were playing on Hardened difficulty as we are a bad-ass. But we ended the last stream of COD MW1 on a rage quit and took a long break from it...

But here we are! Ready to complete it once and for all so we can move onto MW2 in the series!

We started however, with a massive fail. This time not in game... Mrs JoeR247 had left her bag in frame of the camera... this needed to be fixed.

To do this, I was lazy and just unplugged the headset and kept it on my head. This was fine, until I came back... and had to reconnect it. Que a good minute of silence...

https://clips.twitch.tv/WildPrettiestPrariedogPupper Send help...

Anywho, back to the game, shoot the bad guy. Sniper rifle. Easy right?

Wrong. The game expects you to be an expert at wind and the coriolis effect... Safe to say I aint experts at those.

https://clips.twitch.tv/PricklyBitterHerringSoonerLater Potato Aim

We finally got the shot! Shot him in the head but his arm fell off for some reason. Anyway, we had more than one reason to celebrate

OdiBatterz smashed the Sub button forcing JoeR247 to Dab! Something that one arm bad guy cant do anymore thanks to me!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdEsteemedParrotFreakinStinkin OdiBatterz with the SUB DAB HYPE

Anyone who's familiar with the Intro to COD MW1, will recognise the famous line I try and impersonate... badly

https://clips.twitch.tv/DirtyPatientChinchillaPoooound 50 fousand people used to live ere

Right. So we are on the mission after All Ghillied up, and trying to escape. Last time we failed and failed hard.

So we took the cowards way out and dropped the difficulty down to the normal. We can't fail now right?

https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyCallousDolphinYee Finally did it!

YAY! We can continue the game now!

Moving on! The game decided it was a good idea to give JoeR247 a Javelin rocket launcher. Give you 1 guess as to what happened next.

https://clips.twitch.tv/TameProtectiveRaccoonMingLee Friendly Fire will not be tolerated

We stopped blowing up our own guys, and got to the last level. Could me, Gaz and Captain Moustache stop the bad dudes?

https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyAbnegateSeahorseTheThing You are very welcome World

Tick! JoeR247 is your hero! But you already knew that! But with that... COD MW1 is complete! Onto MW2 for more amazing FPS nostalgia!

With that, we conclude tuesday!


So wednesday is a non stream day, but work behind the scenes never ends. JoeR247 spent a long time working on the channel overlays. Mainly moving them onto the Stream Elements Overlay system. Meaning that my PC doesnt have to do anything with them and just reference the browser source!

Hopefully this can reduce the strain on the PC, even if its just a small amount. Anyway, have a comparison image! January 2018 vs June 2018!

(How times change! Basically I've got bigger, as has my ego)

That's it for Wednesday Nothing major to report really! Come back for Thursday!


Welcome to Thursday! Eyes peeled, I sense a montage video coming...

How coincidental! Looks like JoeR247 is cooking one up as he types this! Prepare for fails, wins, JoeR247 and even more JoeR247! Coming to a YouTube channel near you!

(JoeR247 back in the editing booth! What could go wrong?...)

Also on Thursday... something interesting got revealed... See below!


JoeR247 has been invited to SEGA UK HQ to play an advanced version of Two Point Hospital next week! Recording gameplay and interviewing some of the developers!

Got any questions you think would interesting to ask? Pop them in the comments!

Only downside, coach to London looks to be 5/6 hours each way... RIP ME

Moving onto to something less exciting... Thursday turned out to be a non stream night :(

The reason? England were playing in the FIFA World Cup! Against Belgium! Was it a good match?!?

No... should have streamed. Lesson learned...

(Taken early into the game when there was still hope...)

There we go... Thursday over!

Come back for some Friday action!


Guess what! Friday was a stream night! Hooray!

What will be on the JoeR247 this evening? Only the long overdue Need for Speed Carbon!

(Remember this???)

8pm happened. The stream happened.

Would the game go all weird and ignore my controller inputs? Will we end up playing Forza 20 minutes into the stream? Lets find out...

First thing first, time to get rid of Angie and her crew. We pulled the Mazda RX7 out of the garage and took her on. First race. Easy. Second race at the canyon...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringCalmVampireGrammarKing RIP Angie

E-Z. Next...

Angie dealt with. Time to take on the next guy. Don't ask me what his name was as I cant remember. The story is abit lackluster in this compared to Most Wanted

Anyway, we won another race in the brand new Mercedes Mclaren SLR (Which is bloody OP btw!) and ended up in a police chase! Would it be thrilling and worthy of appearing on World's Wildest Police Chases? (That show was amazing, just saying)

https://clips.twitch.tv/SplendidBlazingMomBudBlast Easiest Police chase ever?


More races ticked off. The car kept getting better and better as we unlocked more performance parts! The races got easier and easier. Well... Until Nikki, the so called "Helper" decided the best thing to do would be to get in front of me then apply the handbrake...

https://clips.twitch.tv/FriendlyDistinctStrawberryCharlietheUnicorn Nikki being super helpful...

Regardless, we won anyway. Another race ticked off! Keep lining them up and I'll knock them down until we see the game over screen!

Towards the end of the stream, we got pranked :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/AffluentBlitheGarbageMrDestructoid Urm.... I fell for that one

Welcome to the channel IceWallowCome00011. (Don't read that out loud...)

I applauded their ingenuity which I imagine most people wouldn't.

That's the stream. We have an OP car and not many races left to complete. I best hunt down a PC copy of Need for Speed: Underground 2...

As you may know, we are also in the middle of a heatwave in the UK. This means you have to have all the windows open so you don't turn into a sweaty watery mess as Air conditioning isn't really a thing.

This leads to the below problem...


On that note, Friday is complete. Return soon for some Saturday action!


One image and one image alone can sum up this day.

(IRL with expensive drinks which look pretty but don't always taste all that)


SUNDAY! The last week in this week in review blog! Don't be too sad! There will be another one next week! And loads of historic ones you can catch up on!

Anyway, back to Sunday! 2pm we went live! As you may know, Sunday's are usually Forza streams... and today was no different!

(Can you tell its Sunday?)

So, how did it go down?... Lets see!

We kicked off in Blizzard Mountain, trying to get the King of the Mountain award! We completed some events, some races and some stunt jumps.

Eventually, friend of the channel Maelchon turned up. JoeR247 was then made to Dab :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/KathishAmazonianPigeonPeanutButterJellyTime Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype!

Then fellow streamer JazzCranston turned up and wanted to take part in some multiplayer action so how could I refuse?

Back to the main game for some online adventuring. Me, Jazz and some more channel viewers vs the world. I think I came 2nd once...

JoeR247 had to Dab twice in one stream... All thanks to the lovely WestScottishWarrior

https://clips.twitch.tv/PlausibleSolidMushroomDerp WestScottishWarrior with the Sub Dab Hype!

During the stream, Hypr_Peakz popped in to chat and told me he just tweeted a picture and I should take a look. I did.

https://clips.twitch.tv/StrongGloriousDiamondEleGiggle Hypr_Peakz best chair and headset

Love it! Live announcement on stream of what he did with his Sub Perk stickers! Safe to say that those stickers improve any item by at least 3,000%

JoeR247 then dabbed. For a 3rd time. In one stream session. All thanks to the wonderful ZethusMG!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BlitheUgliestOpossumNomNom ZethusMG with the Sub Dab Hype <3!

I've never Dabbed so much in my life. Appreciate all the support!

With that, we ended the stream! Level 237 in game now! Can we get to 247 before Forza Horizon 4 comes out?... We shall see! I think it's guaranteed with the quantity and quality of my Forza gameplay ;)

Straight after the stream, we cooked some meat on the grill. As you may know, at any opportunity in the UK for sunshine, we will get the BBQ out and today was no exception! Beef, pork and chicken were consumed in huge quantities. Please note it wasn't me cooking. I ain't to be trusted with deadly potential food poisoning

(I've made myself hungry writing this section up now... Way to go me...)

It was Sunday evening when a new video popped up on the JoeR247 YouTube channel. What could it be?

(Cheeky use of the GTA font this time)

Right! That new montage video I was hinting at earlier in the week!

Seem's I'm getting pretty efficient at producing these montages now! I've even mastered audio fades! Go me!

Anyway, go feel free to click on the above link to check out the latest and greatest highlight reel from JoeR247!

And with that! We wrap up another week in the life of JoeR247!

Shall we have a look at the numbers?

Twitch.tv follower 574 >580

YouTube Subs 62 > 62

Another good week at the Empires! Join me next week where I can talk about more JoeR247 things! I know you can't wait!



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