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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 02.07.2018

Eyup! Welcome to the beginning of a whole new week! Shall we do another Week in Review? GO ON THEN, seen as though you are here! It's going to be a strange week this one...

Why? I'm going to SEGA in London! More on that later!

I'm going to be a tease and make you read the rest of the week first. Who knows, it could still be fun!

As always, recap on the state of play from last week,

Twitch Followers - 580

YouTube Subscribers - 62

Smashing! Lets see where we end up shall we?


Monday is a good place to start I feel. What did JoeR247 Empires get up to on monday?...

Urm, not alot... Not the most exciting start to the week I know... Oh hang on... wait. I found something!

It's bloody warm in the UK right now. JoeR247 decided it was time for some preventative maintenance on the JoeR247 PC. Bring on the Compressed Air! Few blasts later and a nice cleaned out PC, ready to stream happily with no fear of overheating! (Famous last words..)

(She's so pretty. Even at bath time...)

Also, if you have been following this behind the scenes blog recently, you will know about the FIFA World Cup which JoeR247 is trying to win some money from.

You will have probably seen the 8 teams he got in the Sweepstake competition. How is it going you may ask?...

(I don't want to talk about it... Dam you Mexico!)

That about sums up monday. Carry on reading to find out what happens next!


Tuesday should have been a stream day. But IRL got in the way. Why? Because IT'S COMING HOME!

(Bloody football getting in the way of my streaming! Stop being good England!)

England won a game on penalties. Hell is currently freezing over. Up Next, Sweden. IKEA is getting boycotted if England Lose...

The fine people at Qwertee had delivered me another Tee. Want to see it?

(How appropriate that this turned up the week I'm going to visit SEGA... Almost like I planned it or something...)

Free Haribo is always a plus aswell! It would appear that I now have a referral code on Qwertee which is open for you to use!

I'll drop the link here! https://www.qwertee.com/r/a393c5d3a8

Again, no stream today either. Early night was needed for JoeR247, as tomorrow, we were leaving Yorkshire, and going to that there London town.


10:45am. Coach boarded. Want to see my view for the next 47 hours (5.5 really but it felt that long)

(Shout out to National Express for having nice comfy coaches with USB charging ports! I couldn't have got through Iron Man 2 and Thor without them!)

(Welcome to the M1 motorway. This is as exciting as it gets. At least it was sunny for a change)

Several hours later, or 2 and a bit Marvel films, we made it to the land of Tube stations, expensive pints of beer and Red Buses! London! Next stop. Find my hotel... Then SEGA!

(I bet you can't find a more London looking photo than this. Do it, u won't)

One London Underground trip later, we found what we came for.

(The place of JoeR247's childhood dreams...)

The event wasn't until the next day, but we had to go in for a closer look. And maybe a cheeky selfie...

(Potential good entry for Qwertee's #MeInMyQwertee competition...)

After all the fun and games of wandering around London, we headed for the hotel and got some shut eye for the next day.

THURSDAY (SEGA / Two Point Hospital day!)

The big day. Expensive Hotel breakfast eaten. (It was very nice, but not £14.95 nice :D ) Hotel checked out. It was time to head to the magical land they call SEGA Europe.

We turned up. We signed in. We went to the 5th floor. The lift opened. Giant Sonic mural on the wall.

I knew this was the place for me. If you could see my face at this moment, You would have seen the worlds biggest smile.

The SEGA reception is everything you would expect. Sonic everything. Old consoles everywhere on display. Old games, figures, portraits, you name it. It's all under embargo at this point so I will be brief. SEGA is incredible.

Myself and the other content creators got ushered into a room filled with fancy PC's and screens. This was it. The time I had been waiting for since January 16th when the game was announced. We got given a intro to the game by the dev's and then it was playtime.

(Look it's me! In SEGA! Playing Two Point Hospital! Told you it was real!)

All the gameplay was recorded. All 3 amazing hours of it. Expect it to appear on the YouTube channel in the near future. Safe to say, I love the game. It's going to become a main series on the channel.

During the day, not only did the lovely people at Two Point Studios feed us, they also let us be locked in a room with them, a phone with voice recording enabled, and ask them whatever we wanted to know! I took some of my own questions, and some of my viewer questions and got to interview the Lead Designer and Lead animator! Eyes on the Youtube channel for that to be published soon!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I had a coach to catch if I wanted to return to Yorkshire, so I had to depart. I had to stop and get one thing though. A photo with a childhood hero...

(The big man... I mean Hedgehog himself. Oh and me!)

I then made the sad journey back to the coach. I pray this isn't the only time I get to visit an amazing set of game developers and publishers in my lifetime. If it is to be the case and I never visit another, I picked an awesome one this time.

Update RE films watched on the coach. Captain America this time.

(JoeR247 may have got stuck in some horrible traffic, but the day and this sunset made up for it.)

Fast forward to 11pm. JoeR247 made it home. The postman had a surprise in store too. What had JoeR247 put his logo on now...

(You're probably screaming at your screen "WHY?" My response "Why not!")

This ends the SEGA / Two Point Hospital day. :(


So the JoeR247 Empires on Tour was over. Back to normal business now. I'm sure I'm long overdue a stream...

During Friday, I got an interesting notification on my phone... I'd like to share with you what I saw...


I bloody love Qwertee! :D

Anyway, I'm a video game streamer. I should probably stream some video games...

So stream some video games I shall!

(Lets go tear up the streets in the seemingly OP Mclaren Mercedes SLR once again!)

So not much left in Need for Speed Carbon! Would we finish it tonight? We shall see!

We started the stream with a stock Mercedes SLR, and decided to fix that straight away. However, we had Lola SunnyButter in charge of the paint job...


Pimp My Ride

To be fair, it was pretty dam sexy even in the pink.

It turned out we really didn't have that much to do in the end. 3/4 races to go. Then rematch the old crew bosses before the big bad Darius (I have no memory of who he is, that's how lackluster the story to this game is)

Anyway, here's me winning and being the best driver ever


RIP Darius

There we go. Game Over. I win. Very underwhelming game after Most Wanted. Disappointing sequel confirmed. I best find me a PC copy of Need for Speed Underground 2...

However... This was only 1 hour into the stream. I had another hour to fill.


Lets race.

Or... Lets perform some stunts... Badly...


Mad skills at the timber mill

I meant both of those...

Guess what. JoeR247 had to dab again on the internet... This time we get to blame Wobblyredman23 <3


Wobblyredman23 with the sub dab hype

And with that, we ended the stream, having not won many races, but its taking part that counts!


Saturday was an IRL day, spent watching more England confirming that IT'S COMING HOME against the Swedes. We also spent more time in the editing suite, preparing the Two Point Hospital footage to go when the embargo was lifted.

Not only that, We got sent some awesome photos. More JoeR247 stickers out in the big bad world...

(JoeR247 sticker confirmed to make anything look better!)

And that, was Saturday. Short and sweet.


The last day of the week! Lets make it a good one ey?

We started off with a visit to the CEX website. What were we searching for?...

(Time for a good Need for Speed Game!)

Looking forward to get it on stream now after the disappointment of Need for Speed Carbon...

So, after that, we were due another stream! Roll on 4pm. Hit the lights, hit the stream button. Lets do this!

(Sunday means Speed. Forza is back on the menu!)

We started off again in good old Blizzard Mountain, ticking off more of the King of the Mountain events.

Sadly, it isn't always that easy...


That's not the finish line...

If you own a dog, look away now. As I cause yet more property destuction...


Mind the doghouse

There are some things you never expect to say on stream. Praising Jesus for a host is never one of them...


Praise Jesus

It wouldn't be a JoeR247 lately without a Sub Dab. This was no different... Loving all the support guys! <3


ZethusMG with the Sub Dab Hype!

Now it wouldn't be a JoeR247 stream without insane stunts would it? How about bouncing of the roof of another car, doing a barrel roll, then 2/3 backflips? We got those...


Backflip(s) hype

So we started streaming Forza in Jnauary, obviously never expecting to reach the top rank of 1,000 before the release of Forza Horizon 4, but we did reach a very special milestone which I very proud of... Can you guess what it was?


Just 247 things

JoeR247 hadn't dabbed in a while. CKiiDD quickly fixed this.


CKiiDD with the Sub Dab Hype!

Much love CKiiDD for your continued support!

As you may know, the UK is in abit of a heatwave... The JoeR247 desk fan had died. It was very warm. The heat and all the England "It's coming home" memes may have got to my head a little bit...



After that, we decided to head to Hot Wheels island to try and cool off, but I think the game and my PC had given up! See for yourself. The exact moment the game says "Nah mate, you're going to glitch through the floor..."


You ok game?...

Anyway, we persevered onwards, taking on the Online Adventure with randoms on Hot Wheels. As you know. Hot Wheels is dangerous. Don't try this at home kids.


This track is a health and safety nightmare...

After that, we called it a night. Long before JoeR247 melted into a puddle of hot streamer goo live on camera. All in all, an excellent stream!

The stream may have been over, but that wasn't the end of the impressive feats at JoeR247 Empires.

We reached 5k channel views! In only 7 months! Not too shabby!

(Next stop, 50k!)

Sunday JoeR247 also finalised, and teased the upcoming Two Point Hospital trip video. Very excited to see this go live and let everyone hear my first ever JoeR247 Invesitgates interview with the Two Point Studio's developers, along with some JoeR247 gameplay!

It's all chopped up, prepped, seasoned and baked, ready to go live on the special date! So make sure your bookmark/subscribe/make your homepage the JoeR247 YouTube channel in preparation!

(Look! I made a snazzy thumbnail with Mr S. Hedgehog in!)

One final thing relating to YouTube! Not sure what or how this happened, but this week, Subscribers shot up to 66! And the watch time peaked at a record high with 1265 minutes watched in the past 28 days!

FYI, the most I'd seen this hit before was around 700! So very impressive numbers!

(I'm coming for you 100k subs plaque!)

So there we go guys! Another week done! Very exciting and busy week! Sadly lacking in streaming, but lots of fun IRL things done. Did I mention I went to SEGA?

So, recap.

Twitch.tv followers 580 > 589

YouTube Subscribers 62 > 66

Great week! Lets have another shall we? Deal

See you next week



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