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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 09.07.2018

Hello internet people! Welcome to JoeR247 Empires Week in Review 09.07.2018! (Totally not actually being wrote on 17.07.2018... But we will close over that and test my memory banks! )

Anywho, lets do this... I'll tell you about my week though the eyes of streamer! And in return, you'll tell your friends, and they they will tell their friends, and so on and so on until JoeR247 Empires is the New World Order.

I may have already said too much.

Anyway... lets crack on.

We finished last week with these numbers...

Twitch Followers : 589

YouTube Subs : 66

What will this week bring... Let's see shall we!


We started the week traditionally, with a Monday! Now this was a good Monday for fans of mid 2000-2010 Racing games... Why? Well the nice post man or woman dropped a parcel off at JoeR247 HQ. What was in it?

(Only the Joint best Need For Speed game according to a Poll of employees at JoeR247 Empires. Ok... Just me...)

Eyes on the channel for when that goes live!

Before we could install the game, we decided to Spring clean (It's summer I know but whatever) and reinstall Windows fresh! Lets hope I made sure to back everything up...

(RIP all those BSOD's)

Anyway that's all for monday... Windows reinstalled and seems to be playing nicely. Just got to wait a few days for Steam to finish downloading everything!


Another non stream day I'm afraid. Sorryyyyyy

I have good reason. Let me explain.

First however, I got the coloring crayons out again and decided to see what the JoeR247 logo would look like in another font...

This time? GTA's Pricedown font!

(Looks good, but its not as good as the original...)

Tuesday saw the people at Microsoft run a live stream demo of the upcoming Forza Horizon 4! Joe saw, Joe liked, Joe saw the ingame Dab animation, Joe preordered...

(I know we're not supposed to preorder games anymore, but they DABBBED! Plus Ultimate edition gets the game early so yeah...)

So the JoeR247 pc was back up and running, We had Need for Speed Underground 2 installed, all we needed was thumbnail image.

(Oh look! that will do just nicely!)

Yes Vauxhall Corsa only run. Yes I am mad. Deal with it. A Corsa was my first ever IRL car. This will be a fitting tribute

Ok so tuesday was a dark day in the FIFA World Cup. It was no longer Coming home. Press F to pay respects to England. They did an amazing job so we cannot fault them. Euro 2020 is ours!

That's Tuesday. Come back for some Wednesday will ya


Wednesday! Stream day! Hooray! What will it be this time? I bet it's the new Need for Speed... Read on to find out for sure!

JoeR247 spent this morning trying to find out exactly when he started the JoeR247 Empires, so we had to scroll back, through 7000 odd tweets (Most of the GIFS fyi...) to find the very first one...

And here it is...

(Hashtag spam even back in the olden days of 20/11/2017)

Stream-versary Party date confirmed!

JoeR247 also did a tease of a project he and friends had been working on. Want to see it?

(#HIVE? What could that mean...)

Coming soon... When? I ain't telling ;)

Anyway, enough Cryptic nonsense... We did a stream! The game....?

(Get you NOS and Neons ready baby! Its time to go underground!)

So 8pm, We booted up the 2004 classic Need for Speed Underground 2, and prayed it worked!

As I mentioned the other day, Vauxhall Corsa run. Lets do this!

I say that, but technically, you have drive Rachel's 350z for the tutorial... but we will ignore that. :D

Speaking of her 350z... She will regret giving me the keys to it when she sees this...


Still barrel rolling back in 2004

Barrel rolls out of the way, it was time to get the beast, the Corsa! The car which I will dominate the night with!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SavoryManlyLouseMrDestructoid CORSA POWER

So we took the Corsa and headed out onto the streets. I even got to demonstrate how OP it was! Just see how awesome I am/it is!

https://clips.twitch.tv/NastyAlluringSoymilkJKanStyle Corsa even wins in reverse

Also, is it even a JoeR247 stream without some WobblyRedman23 love? Sure that's not the first time I've said that on this blog either...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ShortAntediluvianJamUnSane Wibble Wobble

So Subs = JoeR247 dabbing on camera. Well it happened again. And again. Courtesy of the always amazing BekahBear101 and the evidently excellent Turfy! Time for a double clip!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ElegantHeadstrongWoodcockFreakinStinkin BekahBear101 with the Sub Dab Hype!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BovineSparklyArmadilloArsonNoSexy Turfy with the Sub Dab Hype!

As we won races, money, hearts and minds, we started to play with the look of the Corsa. Safe to say, we got it looking pretty damn special...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringSpineyStrawberryCoolStoryBro Car P0rn!

Nearly done now, I promise... :D

People need to learn to not shit talk after I cause their car to flip over. They need to learn that they probably need to go to the emergency room...

https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidScrumptiousCobblerRlyTho My baaaaaaad

Last but not least. I was minding my own business, tearing up the StreetX race in the Corsa (Which needs a name BTW... Suggestions in comments) we got hosted! And I shit my pants - Not really...

https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousCulturedManateeVoteNay Brown trousers time

Watching that clip makes me cringe ha. You can see the moment I flinch haha!

With that, we ended the stream. Very fun game. Much better than Carbon. Let's not speak about Carbon again...


Checks notes. "It's blank boss..." Oh...


More teasing. This time... with a Time!

(Expect alot of Bee puns...)

Friday JoeR247 Empires received an item in the post from fellow streamer and friend of the channel WobblyRedman23

What could it be! Find out soon when I sort it all out :D

(Wibble Wobble)

Ok, enough teasing. You all already know by now anyway.

7pm friday, myself, BekahBear101 and CKiiDD unveiled #WeAreHIVE after 2 months work.

(I warned you there would BEE puns!)

New community designed by and for geeks/nerds/streamers and content creators! Interested? Click here for more details and we would love to welcome you to the swarm!

Opening night was extremely successful for us as we didn't expect to get more than 10 people, but so far we have nearly 100 amazing members of the Swarm!

So that was Friday anyway :D Come back for some weekend!


IRL stuff happened. Not much of it stream related.

To make up for itm have a snazzy photo of me from the Saturday...

(Hawaiian theme party. Best I could come up with...)

So that was the week! Totally didn't write all this up in a big rush on the 17th pretending it was live...

Shall we recap the stats?

Twitch.tv followers - 594

YouTube Subscribers - 66

So very close to the big 600! Can we crack it next week? We shall see!

Speaking of next week, I'll see you then! Thanks for sticking around for this weeks rushed blog! I promise the next will be better!

(P.S I found this blog supports GIF's! This cant end well!)




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