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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 30.07.2018

Eyup! Welcome to a new week!

It is I, JoeR247! Obviously...

Hope you are good and are ready to read 1500 words about me saying how good I am...

Of course you are! Why else would you be here?...

Anywho... Let us begin, with a recap of where we left of last week...

Twitch.tv followers - 643

YouTube Subscribers - 85

Watch this space, lets see where JoeR247 Empires ends up this week!

We shall begin, with a Monday!


So if you didn't already know by now, JoeR247 had rare early access to Two Point Hospital, the upcoming Hospital management game from Two Point Studios/SEGA! Well... Sad to say but this had a deadline on it of Wednesday. SO THE CLOCK WAS TICKING!

We had 2 Hospitals lef to 3 star, and only streams to do it in. Could we achieve glory at Flottering and Mitten?...

8pm happened. Let's see.

(Paging Dr JoeR247!)

So we about getting the 3 stars. We discovered that the Hygiene of the Hospital was causing us alot of grief and preventing us from being the best we could be. The Answer, MORE TOILETS! GOLDEN TOILETS!

https://clips.twitch.tv/EsteemedConfidentPresidentM4xHeh Excellent service at a JoeR247 Empires

In our Quest to achieve glory, we need to be winning the ingame awards. Did we win them all and get a clean sweep...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettySpunkyGarbageUncleNox Rigged!

No... It was RIGGED. So that's how that feels...

That was monday wrapped up in a neat little bow! Sadly we didnt finish the game yet, but we still had one more stream to get the Demo finished... Lets see if that happened. Come back next paragraph for some Tuesday!


Welcome to Tuesday!

Now Tuesday was a strange day. I had to post out a SUB Perk letter, but not just to any Subscriber. This one was going to MrsJoeR257.

(To be fair, I didn't actually post it. Why waste a stamp when shes in the same house as me)

I don't think she even read it... :(

Anyway, Admin work out of the way, last chance to finish Two Point Demo! So, roll on 8pm, and cue the music...!

(Oh, this again! :D )

Right, 3 Stars on Mitten. How hard can it be? Train and promote some staff, get a good cure to death ratio, do some research... Lets go!

It was all going well until I found a big plot hole in my stream.

Mocking the Mock Star, as they seemed to enjoy dressing up as something they arn't. While sat in Dr's Scrubs, with a stethoscope around my neck... Oh dear, oh dear...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulFitPistachioSoonerLater Good logic JoeR247

About 50 minutes into the stream. We did it. We got 3 Stars on Mitten! My status as best hospital administrator ever was confirmed! We trained the people, we cured the people, we researched all the things! Demo done! Now we have to wait for 30th August for the full game... That's going to be a painful wait...

Anyway, the night was young and I had finished my game. Urm... LEGO anyone?

(And now for something completely different!)

The scrubs came off, we put some normal clothing on, and switch to the full screen camera, played some smooth jazz, and played with some plastic bricks to try and make things which resemble famous film character designs!

It turns out this is really fun! It's hard to fail at LEGO compared to video games. I should have been a IRL streamer from the beginning!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothSmoggySpaghettiPermaSmug How my career should have gone

I took this rare opportunity to do a JoeR247 Desk tour! Just to show off my weird collectibles and LEGO really, nothing more... Anyway, my not so secret Webcam modification was revealed, with hilarious results!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulHappyMochaTheThing JoeR247 Desk tour

Darth Vader was coming along nicely... Minimal hiccups along the way, only the arm went on backwards, but it was looking good... So good I may have started playing around with them and did a slight Star Wars V spoiler. Its 30 years old by now so I think I got away with it...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeZanyConsoleVoHiYo Small Star Wars Spoilers

We finished the Vader, made the Stormtrooper and had a bloody good time. Only took 1 hour and 15 minutes, which at my age is pretty good!

However, we still had some time to fill, and nothing to fill it with... We had been too good at Two Point Hospital and LEGO.

We needed a backup game to play...


Ah, that good old backup game, Forza Horizon 3! Time to race! So we got online, and was joined by Viewer AlphaVasta, who kindly offered to teach me how to tune my cars to make them awesome. Naturally, I pulled out the Ford GT 2017 and tuned it up! It felt pretty awesome to drive, until we took it to the Drag strip... I mean Airport!

It felt good to drive, but even better to Fly! It was fast... :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/AdventurousShortGrasshopperDAESuppy It's a bird! It's a plane!

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, JoeR247 was made to DAB! This time by the awesome iiOJ94xx! Much love to him for the sub and supporting JoeR247 Empires production of video content! Not 5/10 minutes later, Alpha_Noce made JoeR247 Dab! #DoubleDab! Much love to Alpha_Noce for the support!

https://clips.twitch.tv/VivaciousBlatantJaySwiftRage iiOJ94xx with the Sub Dab Hype!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SolidJollyWallabyYouDontSay Alpha_Noce with the Sub Dab Hype!

So we played and raced some more. Mainly me losing but you prefer it when I lose I feel, until the timer on the days super long stream had ended. It was about 4/5 hours of streaming, we had finished the Two Point Hospital preview build, dabbled in some IRL/Creative streaming and smashed some Forza racing. All in all an amazing stream.

There may also have been the introduction of the Twitch Affiliate Subscriber badges, but more on them tomorrow!


Wednesday, JoeR247 Empires build a Football team. Not a real one. A Fantasy Football one! (Soccer if you insist...)

Wanna see the winning team?

(Team of future JoeR247 Empires legends right here!)

What is all this in aid of I hear you ask? Well the awesome people at #WeAreHIVE have setup a fantasy football league for this years English Premier League, and JoeR247 is going to win it! There's not much time left, but you can sign up and find details about it by checking the #WeAreHIVE discord or Twitter!

I expect 1,000,000 points by the end of the season!

Another thing of note from the tuesday stream, we hit a special number of Twitch channel followers!

(666! The Number of the Beast!)

Some people may say this is a cursed number, but I say bring it on!

Remember Twitch promised affiliates Sub badges by July? Well they got them in... just! JoeR247 now had awesome sub badges to offer his loyal member of the Empire!

(Here they are in all their glory! Little 247 hearts! 1-3 month subscribers get the beige one, 3-6 get the blue, 6-12 get the red, and... if this ever happens, +1 year people get the pink!)

Can't wait to see them hopefully filling up the Twitch chat!

That about sums up Wednesday, we had stream Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, so it felt right to give you a break from the 247 Empires for one night.


21:30. We went live! But not at Twitch.tv/JoeR247, but actualy on TheGeek's Channel!

That's right, I was featured on his "Streamer Of The Week" show after being nominated by the wonderful CKiiDD!

You can watch the full interview on my YouTube if you missed it! Find Part 1 of 4 by clicking this link!

So I spent around 2 hours been interviewed by Mr TheGeek and his viewers on all things JoeR247, surprisingly my favorite subject...! It was a fun show to do and would recommend anyone to give it a go! I got a cool badge too for my efforts!

That about summed up Thursday too... Go check the videos and see all the fun!


Friday, was a non stream day. JoeR247 was worn out! It had been a full on week. 3 long streams in a row, then a guest appearance on The Geek's stream. Time for a break. JoeR247 took an IRL day.

There was some awesome news via Twitch however. We got a Twitch achievement.

(Well hot dam! I may be cut out for this streaming business after all! Or maybe it was the advance preview of Two Point Hospital bringing people in for that game... I'll go with the latter...)

That's all folks for Friday. Let's have a Saturday now...


Saturday something retro happened, JoeR247 went back to Boston!


Long overdue, and fed up of LolaSunnyButter pestering (Not really if she's reading this <3 ) we finally reinstalled Fallout 4 and went live, carrying on the Survival Mode playthrough!

So we had a quest to head back up north to Preston Garvy and rake in that sweet XP, so of we went! As standard though, we found Super Mutants. Super Mutant Suiciders in particular... Thankfully, I had the Sniper and Molotov's at the ready. Time for a pretty explosion!

https://clips.twitch.tv/DepressedGleamingSlothEleGiggle That'll do pig

Back at base before we set off properly, we had some food to cook. I tempt fate in the below clip. Can we get a level up cooking in a Action RPG game...?

https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingProductiveScorpionTooSpicy Falllout 4 = Cooking Mama?

Protip, never give JoeR247 OP laser weapons. He tend's to get a bit excitable with them, as this poor fleeing Mirelurk found out...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SleepyBravePonyDoubleRainbow Not sinister at all!

However, the Mirelurk King didn't seem to enjoy me toying with his friends. Press F to pay respect to JoeR247 please.

https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorImpossibleJuiceSpicyBoy F's in chat please

Okay, I'm not dying anymore. Decided. Moving on. People say I am young looking. Time to play up to the trope...

https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedFrigidMangoRalpherZ The day is young, and so am I

Speaking of not dying, I carried on doing this, by being OP AF. Power Armour and my super modded 10mm Pistol, oh and some fire made light work of this so called "Ambush". Never make Joe angry when he's got a molotov in his hand...

https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulRepleteSandpiperStinkyCheese Burn baby burn!

So people tend to come in and ask how they earn JoeR247 points. As I explained this, Barnesii demonstrated a sure fire method of getting points, perfectly on cue, almost as if I scripted it... Oh, I also had to Dab for him... Sub rules and all... Much love for the sub Barnesii! <3

https://clips.twitch.tv/AnimatedPlacidPuffinCopyThis Barnesii With the Sub Dab Hype!

As you may know, I love the Grenade throwing arc perk. Well watch me demonstrate it like a pro in the below clip. ITS SO OVERPOWERED I LOVE IT

https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticHonestOryxOneHand Grenade arc FTW

Eventually, we got to old Preston, cashed in the rewards and glory, but some of the viewers wanted to race the almight JoeR247 Empires leader. Well, I wasn't going to refuse their challenge, was I?

We wrapped up Fallout for the time being and moved onto some Forza Horizon 3!

Sadly for JazzCranston, that meant playing some Capture the Flag against me. I don't know why, but I feel he strongly dislikes me when we play this mode... XD

https://clips.twitch.tv/NastySmokyHerdTwitchRaid STEAL!

Some of the viewers wanted to drag race. I made them regret their choice of racing style in the below clip. My car > their cars...

https://clips.twitch.tv/DependableBrainyHerbsAMPTropPunch DRAAAAAAAAAAG!

As the stream drew to a close, we took it off road in the constuction site. Blaxk0001 in the Evo, me in the Mercedes wagon. Who would win? Ready for a close finish? Check this clip...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PlayfulEntertainingAlfalfaRiPepperonis TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!

Boom! That was that. A very long, yet productive Saturday daytime stream. Awesome fun and special thanks to all who took part!

I needed a nap afterwards... Come back Sunday for more JoeR247 things and stuffs...


Sunday JoeR247 went outside, and found a shop which had an item with a slogan on it which he didn't understand... Anyone get it? If so, do tell me...

(Answers on a postcard please, what's so funny about it?)

Fun and games aside however, I had promised fellow streamer Barnesii that I would stream some Forza with him for the past 3 weeks. Well, the planets and stars aligned, we were both ready to go, so at 8pm, we both went live down under, starting off with some Blizzard Mountain!

While we got the session warmed up and shook off the rust, MrsJoeR257 seemed to have found the Cheer function on Twitch. Cue the donation spam from her... My own wife, spending her money, to then give to me, after Twitch takes their cut... Explain that logic :D


Wife Bitties!

Anyway, we did some races, I was the best, but then Barnesii seemed to be having some game issues on BM, so we moved over the good old Hot Wheels! Prepare for clips of me flipping my car and falling off the track!

Speaking of flying off the track, the below clip features Turfy questioning my ability to drive IRL. Thankfully, I safe my wreckless driving for ingame...

https://clips.twitch.tv/DistinctExpensiveMacaroniBlargNaut Still got all my limbs

We got some viewers into the game later on. Safe to say, they wasn't the cleanest of drivers... As demonstrated by Barnesii in the below clip. I've not laughed this hard in such a long time

https://clips.twitch.tv/RacyProtectiveJellyfishPJSugar RIP Barnesii

MrsJoeR257 had been quiet for a while... until this point... This time, she had discovered the Cheer Text to speech option. Reckon she had anything nice to say about me?

https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusCoweringHawkTooSpicy Mrs Joe is the best?

And this... This is domestic abuse right? Paid-for domestic abuse?

https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulEnticingStarBatChest Bloody Mrs Joe

We got a massive Raid from Maelchon later on towards the end of the stream, and not only did he drag more innocent people towards the JoeR247 Empires, he also made them suffer the infamous JoeR247 Sub Dab! Much love the little Maelchon <3

https://clips.twitch.tv/SavagePlainTubersDAESuppy Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype!

Pretty much nothing of note for the rest of the stream... I guess we will wrap up the week there!

So, recap on the stats as always!

Time for a before and after!

Twitch.tv followers - 643 > 671

YouTube Subscribers - 85 > 91

Eyup! How's those for numbers! Loving all the support from everyone, old Empire members and new! To be fair, most of the recent hype is all Two Point Hospital related, so I expect things to quieten down next week!

So that's the week in JoeR247 Empires. Only 3/4 days late to publishing, but we'll keep that our little secret!

Until next week, Keep up the great work everyone!

Love from



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