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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 06.08.2018

Eyup all! How are we all this fine *insert which ever day I actually publish this on this week...*?

What's that? Awesome now you're hear? Aww too kind! Thanks for coming to see all the gossip and behind the scenes at JoeR247 Empires!

Shall we begin? Lets!

First and foremost, where did we leave off last week? Well according to the stats below...

Twitch.tv followers - 671

YouTube Subscribers - 91

Nice numbers. Where will they end up at 00:00 Monday the 13th of August? Lets see


Monday, as always, is the start of the week! (I've lost count how many times I've used that saying now...)

Anyway... Monday was a quiet start to the week, not much to report as we had streamed the Sunday so the schedule dictated a non stream day... Boo my schedule!

However, we had some interesting stats on the YouTube channel which I had to share/boast about!

(Oh how times change... That and having exclusive access to 2018's Sickest game...)

So... the green section... that was before we started streaming and uploading Two Point Hospital, which we were one of the select few channels to get hold of... The red numbers are after...

Holy cow...

Also, inb4 the numbers quickly return to pre TPH levels...

So that was Monday! Told you it was quiet!


Urrrm. Another non stream day... Don't hate the player, hate the game


(It's totally fine though, I did win...)

Urm, I guess something stream related happened? Oh, we finally started to see the Sub badges in action! Look how awesome they are!

(I want the pink one...)

Right, tacos and bowling done. I'm tired. Lets reconvene Wednesday?


Oh hello! Welcome to Wednesday. You'll be impressed to know that this is a stream day!

Game of choice? I think we are overdue some N20 and neon lights...

(JoeR247 going underground, fo sho)

Back behind the wheel of the Vauxhall Corsa. Back for more Drifting, Dragging and crashing... What happened? Lets look back, via the medium of Twitch Clips!

So we set off, doing some instant head to head against the AI drivers in the free roam. However Joe found a fun method. Cause them to crash ASAP!

https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyAcceptableLeopardSoBayed T-Bone Takedown!

Enough AI drivers bullied and made to crash. Time to let them crash on their own! This time in a drag race! Dead nice of them to self destruct and let me win!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TangentialBrainyAlpacaYee Nice driving

Eventually, we won enough the races and the game decided we are worthy of more upgrades! This time, tier 2 engine! Lets see how good the performance upgrade is...! I bet it will be awesome!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TangentialWittyBearCoolCat MAX POWER

After the "big" improvements, it was time to race some more! However, the AI decided they wanted to challenge me. Time to bring the bullying tactics out again!

https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestArbitraryWatermelonOSkomodo Don't F with Joe

We wrapped up the stream with some URL races, again, not the most exciting of races, long and not the most challenging races, but we had something to liven the mood... JoeR247 was made to DAB on the internet! This time by the always wonderful GGAAHHHHH

https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantVibrantBubbleteaTF2John GGAAHHHHH with the SUB DAB HYPE

Much love to Mr GGAAHHHHH and the rest of the stream <3

That about sums up Wednesday! LETS DO A THURSDAY NEXT!


Welcome to Thursday! Lets see what it brings!

Not alot to say about today, apart from the below photo... Coming soon is all we can say!

(The video editor is back online again. Prep for a montage coming on the YouTube channel ASAP!)

Time for a Friday I feel now...


Welcome to Friday! The 2nd best day of the Week! After Saturday, but everyone seems to be more Team Friday. You still have to work on a Friday guys!

Anyway, turns out that we were due a new game on the channel, so we went to a Strawpoll!

Interesting results. Turns out JoeR247 was convinced by one of the answers. This lead to action

Welcome to the latest Lets Play at JoeR247 Empires! Driver: San Francisco

(As JoeR247 Empires Thumbnails go,this is a good'un. I mean its just the Plays logo at the same angle as the game name, but I love it)

Anyway, 20:00 happened, and we went live with the new game!

So we joined Tanner and his mate hunting down big bad guy Jericho... (Has anyone who is named Jericho not been a bad guy?)

Turns out we have a special power, we can teleport into people it seems! This can't end well...

First attempt at teleportation, I may have killed alot of innocent people. We need a kill count on this game I feel

https://clips.twitch.tv/FunBlazingSardinePunchTrees I may have caused you to die...

We found a minigame which we could play when not chasing evil bad guys, being the bad guy myself! Me in a Aston DB5, vs 10 or so Police cars. How hard could it be? I feel that I may have been too over confident on this one however...

https://clips.twitch.tv/EnticingDullPangolinOneHand I got this

More side quests... We'll get the bad guy eventually, I promise... This time, we get to be a dick driver (Nothing new) to a mean driving instructor. How can we do this effectively?

https://clips.twitch.tv/TangibleDeafPoxDoritosChip Is he not scared?

Another side mission, this time I found myself in basically a giant ramp. A CAR TRANSPORTER! Turns out it makes a effective weapon against the bad guys too! Watch them fly!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyFamousSnailKappa Flying cops!

I promise at this point, we had done an actual story mission, but here you find me, yet again, doing some side missions. This time, get the in game heart monitor racing. Easily done when you are JoeR247 ;)

https://clips.twitch.tv/BeautifulAffluentBillTakeNRG JoeR247 gets hearts racing!

After that, we kinda wrapped the stream up! It was a fun adventure in Frisco, one which we shall return to sooner rather than later!

With that, we wrapped up Friday! I think there's gonna be a IRL day coming up on Saturday...



As you can see, JoeR247 went to the local Shopping centre. There was chicken, there was fries, there was gravy.

It was a good day.

(KFC if you read this, send me free chicken and I will keep plugging you. Thanks in advance)

Not only did we have Chicken, we also had some more Tee's to add to the growing JoeR247 t-shirt collection. This time more Sonic! It's almost like the visit to SEGA Europe had some effect on me...

(Primark, if you are also reading this, pls send more cool shirts for Joe to plug for you... Also GOTTA GO FAST!)

So, food and clothing purchased. Anything else worth mentioning? Nah. Not really fam. Sunday may be cool though. Lets go see what Sunday did for the Empire!


STREAM DAY! I got a good feeling about this one...

16:00, we went live, Sunday means Speed at JoeR247, so there was only one game for the job.

(Time to head down under, and tear up the streets JoeR247 style!)

So we set off, starting on some Hot wheels with viewers. The usual falling of the track and missing jumps, etc etc, you know the drill. However JoeR247 did a big cheat. And got away with it...

https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveBitterFriesNerfRedBlaster HAX

Bet I can't pull that one off again!

Anyway, LittleNachos was in the lobby and suggested a challenge. Buy a car for 60k and then spend 30k on upgrades. So of we set, I bought a very reasonable BMW M1, put a fancy paint job on it and did the upgrades. It was then time to show off my purchase

Here we are lined up, as most german car drivers do. Too close together :D

https://clips.twitch.tv/UnsightlyCreativeDragonRitzMitz Typical Germans

It was about and hour and half into the stream, when things got abit crazy. We were having a ball driving around with viewers, I was losing most of the races as usual to TechnoTrio, the Wibble Wobble text to speech was in full flow, and we got a massive raid from fellow streamer MrDemented85... I'm not one for watching the viewer count but I'm told the channel hit 44 viewers, and seemed to level out around 30. Me crashing my car in Forza seemed popular...

You could tell it was going well, as I had forgotten my own name. "Welcome to JoeR257 Empires... Oh wait..."

https://clips.twitch.tv/WildKindLaptopAMPEnergyCherry JoeR who?


Same Clip, Here I am getting way too excited about coming in 2nd place.

https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousHungryRabbitOpieOP Slightly competitive...

The rest of the stream was a blur. A Crazy blur. (Just assume I was amazing and won every race?)

Crazy love to you all for joining me, racing with me, lurking on me if you were about!

Well hot damn. How did that happen... MIND = BLOWN

You may think stream over, that's it for the day. Actually, not this time!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was in the editing studio once more...

Well, at 17:00, I revealed the latest masterpiece...

JoeR247 Highlights montage mega 420 no scopes clip video v5.0!

I'm super kind, I linked it above, and also embedded it below! Now you have no excuse for not watching all 20 odd minutes of JoeR247 "Best Bits"

I'll know if you did, I can check the analytics ;)

Turns out I can churn these crap videos out dead easy now, Only took 4 practise attempts...

Watch it, enjoy, leave a comment, share it with your Auntie via Facebook and all that jazz.

So there we go. That's actually all of Sunday covered... And the week!

Before we end, lets recap the stats now that the week is done...

Twitch.tv followers - 671 > 688

YouTube Subscribers - 91 > 94

Holy cow, what a week! Not too shabby if I say so myself! I can almost taste the 100 YouTube Subs already! :D

Anyway, go away. If run out of amazing tales of the Empire to tell you now. But please come back next week. Probably hopefully actually on the Monday when this is supposed to be published, and not 6 days late again...




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