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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 27.08.2018

Eyup! Welcome to week commencing the 27th of August! Doesn't time fly when you are having and Ok'ish time? Sure does!

Anyhoo, your probably here about the Week in Review/Behind the scenes blog you were promised on the social media post you saw from some idiot called JoeR247. Well... you're in luck! Let's do exactly that, broken up into a day by day format! We'll start with Monday, seems good to me...

Before that however, how are we doing stats wise?

Twitch.tv followers - 700

YouTube Subscribers - 96

Very nice! There was me thinking I'd never get 10 people to follow or sub to me! Shall we see about getting the YouTube into 3 digits though...?


So we begin with a Monday as promised! We had just had another week in the Fantasy fooball #WeAreHIVE league, and it's safe to say this week was a good one... JoeR247 Empires looking real nice at the top of the leaderboard!

(Git gud other guys :P )

Our goal now, survive in 1st place until May when the football season ends...

So this week is a special week. Two Point Hospital is coming out on Thursday! Dam straight I'm becoming a Two Point exclusive streamer from this point. Sorry Forza fans... You'll get your turn when Horizon 4 comes out :D

Anyway, to get in the mood for more Two Point, we had to stream the next best available thing...

Theme Hospital! Remember that? The game I stream at terrible quality back in November 2017? Well, time to redo it, but better this time!

(Back to the roots of the channel :D )

Anyway, 8pm happened and we went live in CorSixTH (The mod for Theme Hospital which supports large resolutions)

We started off well for about 1 minute, until Ementalo made me do the Sub Dab! I hadn't even done any game yet...!

https://clips.twitch.tv/HandsomeYummyMonitorAMPEnergy Ementalo with the SUB DAB HYPE!

So, we set off, onto Level 1, and as the tutorial was telling me what I already know, we got the brand new Raid alert going off! With new music! And new gif! Wanna see it? I got u fam

https://clips.twitch.tv/VibrantDarlingCurlewVoteYea NEW RAID ALERT HYPE

Once again, I did a bad. I accidentally called the visitors to the hospital "Customers" again...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CreativePlayfulPorcupineSoonerLater Patient, not customer....

Eventually, we smashed the pitiful requirements of level one, and got to do it all again on the lovely Level two!

Anyway, particular highlight of this level, zooming in on a guy who is using the toilet... and making sure they wash their hands!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyBombasticFinchHeyGuys Proper Hygiene standards

Right, the infamous Invisibility illness. I hate this. It always fails for me. I decided to put the decision of cure or send home. BlackBird said try cure.

It failed. #BlameBlackBird

https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidSuaveTurnipImGlitch Blame BlackBird

So during the stream, whilst on Level 3, Maelchon debated my credentials as a Trained medical professional...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SwissImpossibleDugongDoritosChip Not a real Doctor...

With that, we closed the stream. I still have the skills in Hospital Administration which got me where I am today... :D How about we do some more Theme Hospital on Wednesday, final prep for Two Point? Deal? OK Deal!


Oh hey, welcome to what happened on Tuesday. Turns out Tuesday was an amazing day, but we'll get onto that later...

People who subscribe to the Twitch.tv channel, regardless of $5, $10 or $25 tier, all get sent sub perk stickers and a thank you letter.

Now people love to then show off what they have done with these stickers, and I though it was time I made an awesome collage of them to show the world!

(More people foolishly ruining their own property with my silly logo :D )

Now the real reason why Tuesday was awesome... I recieved a lovely email from the amazing Community Manager at Two Point Studios, with a nice little Key for a game. Two Point Hospital no less!

I had a full 100% complete working copy of the game! No embargo on streaming it. Just press play and I was good to go!

So what did we do next?...

We took a screenshot and made a promo image for the Wednesday stream... I would have loved to stream it there and then, but IRL commitments always come first at JoeR247 Empires.

(Excellent use of the Famous "Red Arrow" in the promo image)

So that was Tuesday in a nutshell. Come back Wednesday, were we will have our last ever Preview stream of Two Point Hospital before it gets unlocked to the world!


What happened today? Oh yeah... TWO POINT HOSPITAL FINAL VERSION STREAM!

8pm, we went live, and set up JoeR247 Empires Healthcare Division in Two Point County, ready to cure the sick and needy. I'm good like that you see.

(Swanky promo image. Get used to seeing it, as it's gonna be around for a while...)

This stream was great! Sadly, I was having too much fun to make notes of things to clip for you, but I got these...

Remember the ingame radio, It's very Punny! Something something Swindle...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdDifficultLapwingLitty That sounds like a Swindle!

We got a new reason to Dab! ItzNotoriousGav smashed the Sub button... Que the Dab!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ManlyAntsyCourgettePhilosoraptor ItzNotoriousGav with the SUB DAB HYPE

We went for a 1 star then move on approach, mainly so we could unlock loads of items and earn KuDosh which we could then invest for later on.

Anyway, that was the stream. Our final one before the world got access to it. Trust me world, you are in for a treat.


Thursday, was the best day ever at JoeR247 Empires. I may have peaked as a Streamer and had my best moment I'll ever have. Let me explain in one word.


First of all, they released an amazing game. Second of all, the included little old me, JoeR247 in the launch day event. I was asked to stream the game from 10pm and be Hosted on the SEGA official Twitch Channel.

Yes. Little 700 odd follower JoeR247. On SEGA. (I'm scared...)

(Look. It's me, on the far right, at 10pm. Following on from Partnered streamers... No Pressure Joe...)

So... 9pm, JoeR247 went live. I decided to go live at 9pm instead of 10pm, just to make sure we had no tech issues and were fully warmed up come the moment were SEGA dropped the awesome Host our way. We crossed our fingers and went live.

(Its Hospital Time. This time it's serious...)

We started the stream, with two options waiting for us. Mitten, or Tumble. As always, we are a democracy at JoeR24, the fine viewers got the final say!

https://clips.twitch.tv/NiceAmusedRingNotLikeThis Mitton or Tumble....?

So of to Tumble we went, and with it, we got the Fracture ward! Turns out though, some of the items are slight tongue twisters...

https://clips.twitch.tv/AwkwardTallOrcaRedCoat The Plaster what now?

Most important stream of my career on twitch, what was missing, THE DAB! CKiiDD soon fixed that however...

https://clips.twitch.tv/EnthusiasticBlightedSalsifyPunchTrees CKiiDD with the SUB DAB HYPE!

Right... This is the fun bit... We hit 10pm. And the pants shitting part happened. The official SEGA twitch channel hit us up with a 301 viewer Host. Time to be on best behaviour...!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TawdryPeacefulKathyLitty SEGA HOSTS JOER247!

Pressure is on now, best be good at game...

Speaking of being good, We were 1 cure away from getting the 1 star award! Could we do it and look all impressive for SEGA?

https://clips.twitch.tv/CarefulColdbloodedWrenchDancingBanana 1 MORE CURE!

Remember the new Tip alert I promised last week? BekahBear101 wanted to see it, so smashed the tip button. HOW AWESOME IS IT!

https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintAntsyGerbilYee Bekah with the new Tip alert hype!

Bekah then decided to review the alert gif, but by doing another tip...

The review... Isn't good. Oh well, I got paid ;) £2.47 to be precise!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousAntsyMallardAMPEnergyCherry Tip Alert abuse!

BekahBear101 did it a 3rd time. This time, with some useful advice. I shall keep her tip in mind.

https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedyElegantChipmunkPhilosoraptor GIT GUD?

So we were being all PG and family friendly, just so we didn't upset SEGA or Sonic... anyway, the game was working against me, in the shape of Flatulent Nurses...

https://clips.twitch.tv/PiercingAgitatedGiraffeCharlieBitMe Farting Nurse

You know we were going for a PG stream with SEGA here... Well Turfy made it hard :P

https://clips.twitch.tv/DistinctHonorableMarrowEleGiggle Turfy with another pain in his Groin

Everyone loves a good pun, especially the accidental puns right? Toilet puns inbound...

https://clips.twitch.tv/ScrumptiousInterestingSpiderPeteZarollTie A "Crap" load of toilets

You know when you are being hosted by SEGA, its not vain to take screenshots is it? No? Glad you agree with me...

https://clips.twitch.tv/DrabChillyPorpoiseAsianGlow JoeR247 is vain confirmed.

So about 4 hours after we went live (2 hours more than expected...) Joe decided to call time on the stream and SEGA host. An experience I would never forget. This deserved a big thank you to @TheAlbionGirl for sorting and inviting me along for the ride since the games announcement back in January.

All in all. Best day ever at JoeR247 Empires. Thanks for being there.


Friday we woke up and went to work as if nothing ever happened. It was until about 10am before the penny dropped. My face and Channel was hosted Live on the official SEGA Twitch channel. I had to look at the screenshot again to believe it happened. Gotta say, I like how it looks.

(Peaked as a streamer. Confirmed)

Rest of the day was spent doing IRL things and abit of offline play of Two Point and tidying things up which got missed in the chaos of the stream!


Saturday was an IRL day, and quite an interesting one too! It was a day spent in the City of Nottingham, meeting up with fellow streamers! @LolaSunnyButter and @TwistyShape at ALT Gaming Lounge for Lola's birthday celebrations!

This meant we had to leave Yorkshire, but I was promised Nuka Cola Cocktails and awesome burgers. Before we set off, I need coffee, so the awesome Pac-Man mug came out, and I had my camera just sat there. Time to get arty...

(Other mugs are available. Such as the wonderful JoeR247 Mug...)

The rest of the day was awesome. Little collage below of the food and drink which was consumed. I also got to play some VR on the HTC VIVE. All I can say is I love the VR Game Beat Sabre and if anyone wants to buy me a HTC VIVE and the game let me know, I'll happily take one...

(All the stuff Doctors tell you to avoid in one picture...)

Anyway, that was a great day and meeting other streamers has got me very excited for EGX at the end of September.

Remember last weeks blog, we showed off the replacement alert gifs? Well, late on Saturday night, JoeR247 recreated the Bitty/Cheer alerts!

Wanna see em?

1-49 bits

50-99 bits

100 bits

100+ bits


Anyway, that's Saturday. Lets try a Sunday next


This weekend was spent over indugling in awesome food. Today's food source? Bella Italia. It was a nice day so we went for a walk, but then got hungry.

Hungry Joe likes italain food.

Hungry Joe got Italian food.

(Not a fruit or veg in sight... :D )

After the awesome food, I needed to burn some calories, am I pretty sure Streaming burns Calories. I hope so anyway otherwise am gon git fat...

So 18:30. JoeR247 Smashed the Live button! Bet you can't guess what game it was...

(Shock horror, its TPH again! Can you tell I enjoy it?...)

This time, it was time to 3 star Mitten and Tumble. Could we fix the messes we had made so far?... Lets see!

Before we could even begin, ZombieDeath999 had a protip for all the viewers of the channel, via a bitty message!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulEphemeralHarePartyTime Subliminal Advertising

While sorting Mitten out, we decided to build a fluid analysis machine. All I'm gonna say, don't think too much into the colours on the door...

https://clips.twitch.tv/MildBelovedPigTebowing "Fluid Analysis"

Remember MrsJoeR257 was gifted a sub last month, well it ran out, and she wanted to keep the Sub badge in chat (and who can blame her?)

Well, she spent $4.99 to resub and force me to Dab... Thanks Mrs Joe! <3 I had to explain I only keep $2.49 of that, so she lost out on that deal!

https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticInterestingBubbleteaM4xHeh MrsJoeR257 with the Sub Dab Hype!

#Double Dab! aingelsharc smashed the Sub button for the first ever time! Bring on the dab! Much love to aingelsharc!

https://clips.twitch.tv/SmokyHardTrayBudStar aingelsharc with the Sub Dab Hype!

#TRIPLE DAB! YaGirlCherry appeared! YaGirlCherry also smashed the Sub button! This time it was a 2 month resub! <3

Bring on the Dab!

https://clips.twitch.tv/HeadstrongGoodTrayDancingBaby YaGirlCherry with the Sub Dab Hype!

So I was asked how I was and how the stream was going. Turns out, well, but a tad warm... Thankfully, MrsJoeR257, being best IRL mod, was on hand to help! Shoutout Mrs Joe!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TransparentObservantTomatoCclamChamp MrsJoeR257 being Top Mod

We were approaching the end of the stream! We also got a fancy letter from Tarquin Foxbridge. Plenty of long words in it which didn't help. But it had an important message. I am better than Mother nature!

https://clips.twitch.tv/RockyDistinctPepperDancingBaby Mother Nature who?

On that note, we wrapped up the stream, and the week! How has it been stats wise? Did we get the 100 Subs on YouTube?

Twitch.tv followers - 700 > 714

YouTube Subscribers - 96 > 98

Sadly not! But 14 new Twitch followers is amazing! <3

So great work stats wise, how about in my opinion?

This has been the best week yet as a streamer. I feel goosebumps when I think back about it. The whole experience working with Two Point Studios and SEGA ever since January has been unbelievable. I was never worthy of being allowed inside the loop, invited to SEGA Europe HQ in London and being able to interview the amazing Dev's along with streaming the game before the rest of the world.

Seeing the Official SEGA channel appear on my alert saying SEGA is now hosting is an unbelievable feeling. The game studio you spent your childhood and youth loving, to acknowledge your efforts messing about on the internet is a crazy thing. I genuinely feel that I may not manage anything better in my online adventure, and am perfectly happy with that. As Peaks go, its an amazing peak to reach.

I'd like to thank everyone who has joined me in the past 9 months on this journey for supporting me, spending time with me, encouraging me. I couldn't have done it without you. I'd have probably given up after about 3 streams and not had any of this experience or made any of the amazing friendships I have today.

Special mention to the person behind the scenes who had been the biggest supporter of all, Mrs JoeR257. The one who encouraged me in the first place to give it a go. Who has never got annoyed or cross about my weird spending on JoeR247 branded stickers, t shirts, mugs, bottle openers etc, or annoyed that every evening I disappear into my man corner and shout at my computer microphone to people all around the world

She's also recently become Top Mod on the channel. Which is a nice bonus too I guess :D

Anyway, nice messages done, lets end the week! Same time next week? Deal!




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