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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 03.09.2018

EYUP! It's September! Where has this year gone? Not too long until Christmas now guys! Best start writing your lists to Santa!

Anyway, less about the year rapidly ending and us all wasting our lives away on the internet, More about the past 7 days at JoeR247 Empires! So Last week saw the launch of the Two Point Hospital game, and how JoeR247 took part in the launch day stream with SEGA, Was this the peak of the Stream or will we go from strength to strength and be Twitch Partner by October? (Probably not...)

Right, boring intro done, lets crack on! First, a recap of the stats this week!

Twitch.tv followers - 714

YouTube Subscribers - 98

I need new goals, 800/100? Let's do it!


Ahoy there! Welcome to Monday! Mondays are usually quiet, and this one was no exception!

However, we did have some awesome news RE the #WeAreHIVE Fantasy Football league!

We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1! We're Number 1!

JoeR247 Empires, where it belongs! For now... Until we eventually bottle it and crack and end up dead last...!

(Get good other guys...!)

Urm, thats it for Monday, Try again tomorrow?


Oh hey! "EYUP!" Welcome to Tuesday! We did a stream today would you believe? Would you also believe we played yet more Two Point Hospital? Of course, you would, it's only the best game right now!

Anyway, 20:00 happened and we went live, This time, aiming for 3 lovely stars on Flemington! How hard could it be?

(Paging Dr Joe! Again!)

We had barely scratched the initial layout of the hospital before JoeR247 was made to Dab on camera again... This time, the amazing KiriGames smashing the Sub button!

https://clips.twitch.tv/DeadObliqueHareBibleThump KiriGames with the Sub Dab Hype!

We were joined once again by TPGary, one of the games founders who was on hand with the Pro'est of Protip's! Thanks to his help, could we finally get the No Deaths award?

https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveYawningGrasshopperKeepo Finally get the No Deaths award?

Too bloody right we did! I'd like to thank Sensei Gary for all his help!

So this was another brand new hospital to me, and had a never before seen condition. Animal Magnetism... Want to see how absurd and hilarious it is? And my reation?...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BlueTsundereWeaselFrankerZ Animal Magnetism!

So this stream, was just a typical stream. No fancy event or anything. Just me on at the usual time. So imagine my Surprise when the SEGA Twitch account dropped by with another awesome Host! I say SEGA, I think it was @CraigBeingCraig let loose on the account...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BlindingRepleteDaikonRalpherZ SEGA Host Hype!


I could get used to this...

It was definitely Craig, the amount of time he spoke about the marketing room, and how many beanbags are needed in it...

Anyway, We got an interesting stream Alert. SEGA followed JoeR247! Noticed the reaction from SEGA when I asked if they are allowed to follow channels...

https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusExquisiteSoybeanCmonBruh SEGA FOLLOW HYPE!

(That's one follow I never expected to see!... Screenshotted for eternity)

Anyway, things got abit crazy in chat, Lots of fun while I struggled for money on Flemington - which is a really hard level fyi... - And TPGary and SEGA (Craig) had clearly had too many Shandie's. Things got weird 😂

https://clips.twitch.tv/DiligentObedientCheetahPogChamp Calm down SEGA!

Anyway, our timeslot came to an end, and we had to wrap up the stream. Another day, another JoeR247 on the SEGA page. Streaming is fun guys



Film was decent too.


WHO'S HYPE FOR EGX? ITS SO CLOSE! JoeR247 will be there on the Saturday, playing all the games, meeting all the streamers, talking to all the developers! GET HYPE!

(The hype is real!)

Oh look, 20:00 happened and JoeR247 pressed Start Streaming. More Two Point Aswell! I do spoil you guys!

(I make some sexy promo images...)

So, carrying on were we left off last stream, in good old Flemington, we aimed for more and more stars!

Before we got anywhere though, we had to replay an alert which happened off stream! The wonderful BekahBear101 forgot to cancel her sub again, so her continued support of JoeR247 Empires marched on yet another month! The JoeR247 did the Dab thing again.

https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearFantasticTruffleStrawBeary BekahBear101 with the Sub Dab Hype!

Insert OdiBatterz. Insert a beautiful compliment about JoeR247. We got ourselves a good clip for the next montage video right here...

https://clips.twitch.tv/InquisitiveYawningNeanderthalHumbleLife Odi with the beautiful words

As if one Sub per stream wasn't enough, WobblyRedMan23 pledged his continued support to the channel yet again! I'm starting to thing people like seeing JoeR247 Dab or something...

https://clips.twitch.tv/WildCrazyMonkeyTriHard WobblyRedMan23 with the Sub Dab Hype!

Urm. This is the awkward part now... It's actually the 13th as I write this. Not the 6th. I have no idea what else happened that stream. Lets quickly move on to Friday 👀


OMG Who's hyped for Forza Horizon 4? Turns out JoeR247 is! He's already making thumbnail images! 🙄

Joe likes a good thumbnail if you couldn't tell.

(Considering we had so many parts of Forza Horizon 3, it makes sense to have more than one for Horizon 4. That and I like making them 😎)

Anyway, that's all for Friday. Try Saturday, Actually, that's another non stream day, I got a party to go to. Best skipping straight to Sunday probably...


(Naughty Card games, blue and purple drinks, too much Pizza, beer pong, Baby Shark songs Put the Horn on the Unicorn. One poorly head the next day)


Ok, stream stuff. We got some of those today.

First of all, question for you. Is pizza best on they day, or the next day as leftovers? Twitter said Fresh. I'll let you decide though in the comments...

(74% say Fresh is the way to go... All Pizza is good pizza in my eyes though <3)

Sunday usually means Speed at JoeR247, well today it means... Surgery! (Only Hospital related S I could think off on the spot...)

20:00. Stream starts...

(Hospital time with JoeR247. Brace yourselves)

JoeR247 didn't wear the traditional Scrubs for this stream, they were still in the wash. Thankfully, due to WobblyRedMan23, we had an awesome new shirt to wear instead.

https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyFrailTomatoStinkyCheese That EYUP T-Shirt though!

EYUP tee's not available in any good retailers.

So there we were, trying to get the lovely stars at last on the Flemington Hospital, when we were made to Dab. Barnesii to blame this time :P

https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousHardBadgerANELE Barnesii with the Sub Dab Hype!

If one Dab wasnt enough, Barnesii forced another. I know your asing, but how, he just subbed once? He only went and gifted a sub to ZombieDeath999! Time for Dab x2!

https://clips.twitch.tv/VictoriousPlayfulTrayJonCarnage ZombieDeath999 with the Sub Dab Hype!

People complained about the lovely EYUP top. I offered to remove it, but they insisted it stayed. No idea why...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SplendidPlainWallet4Head Keep the top on!

Anywho, Turns out we got the $5,000,000 hospital value at long last! Time to finally leave Flemington and head to the City! Next stop! Smogley! Time to Operate!

So you know I win all the awards in this game, everytime... Apart from the cursed No Deaths? Well... Urm...

https://clips.twitch.tv/BrightStylishHorseradishSquadGoals All the awards... Oh wait...

Nevermind.... Moving swiftly on... We got to the good bit! The Operating Theater was open for business! Lets see how gruesome it is...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TallHandsomeOkapiPeoplesChamp Interesting Surgery...

Pretty sure they aren't supposed to be in there...

Moving swiftly on. DAB TIME! DOUBLE DAB TIME! People need to stop paying me for this. It will only make it worse... Maelchone and ggaahhhhh with the awesome resubs! <3 Want to see an idiot dab on camera again? Click the links...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LightResilientMeerkatAMPEnergyCherry Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype!

https://clips.twitch.tv/TriangularHedonisticSalsifyStrawBeary ggaahhhhh with the Sub Dab Hype!

Turns out sending all the janitors at once to train is good idea long term, but terrible short term. Oh well, we only consider the long term here, so all is fine and dandy!

https://clips.twitch.tv/AnimatedSparklyClintmullinsAsianGlow Standard practice at JoeR247 Empires

With that though, we had to wrap up yet another amazing stream in Two Point County! That's Sunday also completed too, and another week in the bag!

Shall we see where that has left us stats wise?

Twitch.tv followers - 714 > 727

YouTube Subscribers - 98 > 98

Awesome week on Twitch, nothing to report on YouTube! We'll get that 100 subs if it kills us!

Anyway, go away now, come back next week, I'm sure I'll have more tales to tell by then!




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