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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 10.09.2018

EYUP! Welcome to the past 7 days! Or Week commencing 10.09.2018 if you are reading this in the future for some strange reason. Hi Joe, I know you will be reading this back at some point in the future. How's life as a Twitch and YouTube Partner treating you? Gold plated Ferrari too I hope...

I got off topic. Lets start again! Welcome to the behind the scenes blog for yet another week in the JoeR247 Empires! Shall we see what happened?

Before we get into the meat of the week, lets stop for a moment and see where are are before the fun and games.

Twitch.tv followers - 727

YouTube Subscribers - 98

800/100, Let's go!


EYUP! Welcome to Monday! Look at this. It's a tee shirt. It says EYUP on it thanks to WobblyRedMan23 and his awesome shirt transfer printing abilities.

If I ever don't wear it on stream, feel free to punch me.

(You'll never see a cooler logo on a piece of clothing)

If you recall last week, ZombieDeath999 subbed to the channel! This means he's now the lucky recipient of an envelope as shown below! Not just any envelope though, an envelope containing the best Sub Perk this side of the pond! JoeR247 sticks en route to that person in the United States of America as I type this!

(American flag image added in post, not actually on the envelope. That would be silly)

Speaking of Post/Mail (whatever you call it where you are from) we got some amazing post today at JoeR247 Empires.


(The #GetJoeR247ATwoPointShirt campaign paid off!)

Not gonna lie, I look pretty good in it too 😘


Welcome to Tuesday! New day, new opportunities!

We started with an interesting alert on my phone.

The YouTube Studio app had something cool to tell me...

(OH SNAP! We finally did it! MOM GET THE CAMERA!)

100 people official tricked into hitting the Sub button on YouTube! Told you we are gonna get that 100k Sub badge! Now to lose them all!

Tuesday had another announcement in store for us all too. Forza Horizon 4 is out on the Friday 28th of September! Thats not far away at all! JoeR247 request a day of holiday from the IRL job. This holiday was approved.

This can only mean one thing.

(Fancy looking promo if you ask me.)

That's right! Time for the longest JoeR247 stream ever! We're going all in and milking the Ultimate Edition version and early access of the game and doing 12 hours on Forza on the 28th starting at 12pm BST! Will we last the full 12 hours. I bloody hope so...

Anyway, that's a while away yet, plenty of stream between then and now. Speaking of, we did one today! Lets have a look at it!

20:00 - Stream goes Live!

So, back to Smogley, Surgery is the name of the game here, Time to earn some sweet sweet Scalpel money!

JoeR247 had another fancy shirt on today. The Two Point Studios shirt! Turfy seemed to like it...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkyConcernedPigeonLitFam Nice shirt

We build 1 Operating theatre, and another, and another, until we were nothing but surgeries! At least they pay well. Anyway we were well on our way to a 3 star hospital when we got an amazing stream alert... TURFY WITH THE RESUB! 9 MONTH ASWELL! Me and Turfy could have had a baby in that time period... Cue the DAB!

https://clips.twitch.tv/DeadCreativeButterNotLikeThis Turfy with the Sub Dab Hype!

The alerts didnt end there however, "WobblyRedMan23" or maybe TheStitchyBaker... You decide, smashed a 200 bitty cheer into the channel. Cue the Wibble wobbles x2,054,504, and a secret message hidden. Can you work it out?

https://clips.twitch.tv/ColorfulSolidBaconSquadGoals Stitchy is the best!

Anyway, loads of people cured, a "few" deaths, but still no 3 star on Smogley. For now... Next stream. Watch this space!


Welcome to Wednesday! Non stream day, but thats not the end of the world, there was some other cool things today! Let me show you!

You know I love a good Qwertee by now right? I may have picked up another one...

Fallout Fans and fans of the hit song, Country Roads by John Denver will approve!

I got a free back of haribo too :D

(Fallout 76 hype in comments please!)

JoeR247 had been playing with his Posh camera again... This time showing off the JoeR247 Mouse and Mousemat! You better believe we own an RGB mouse!

(RGB all the things!)

JoeR247 heard a rumour today. That there was to be a demo of Forza Horizon 4 that evening. JoeR247 made a wish that the rumour would be true. Did it come true?

(OH SNAP! 27.8GB of amazingness! This may take a while to download...)

JoeR247 went out for a meal to celebrate, all the while with the PC on at home doing the download. I may or may not have Teamviewer'd onto the PC on the mobile phone to check the download status while out....


Non stream day, Have a horrifying image of what JoeR247 did to a very nice innocent pizza

(I ain't even mad)


You know what we need here? Another Montage video of recent channel clips. Where could we get one of those? Hmm. Oh wait, I know just the guy!

(New montage hype! This one will be good I promise. I've had enough practice by now)

Right, enough funny business. We have a very important and hyped for stream to do... I'm talking about that Forza Horizon 4 demo!

IT FINALLY DOWNLOADED! LETS RACE! Wonder how long before I flip my car...?

20:00, we went live, into the beautiful British roads of Forza Horizon 4, in the Mclaren Senna. Guys. I flipped it. About 30 seconds in. Go me...

Amazing intro to the game, ruined. Cause I will never learn to keep all 4 wheels on the road.

https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularWanderingDootPeoplesChamp Welcome to Forza Horizon 4

Would it be a Forza game if it didnt have JoeR247 splattered all over it? Hell no. We started typing 247, but 257 came out by mistake. We soon fixed that!

https://clips.twitch.tv/HumbleClearAirGuitarMcaT Custom Plate

So we set of in the Ford Focus, and had a drive round exploring the roads of Britain, gushing over bus stops, double yellow lines and road works. But it reached a new level when I found a famous Red Phone Box...

https://clips.twitch.tv/KindTenaciousAntNinjaGrumpy RED PHONE BOXES!

I may be on a list now at MI:5 for crimes against the nation...

Anywho, English country side means one thing... Farm Animals! Time for Joe to spend hours chasing chickens.

https://clips.twitch.tv/ExquisiteOptimisticCucumberAMPTropPunch CHICKENS!

Eventually we stopped chasing chickens and played the dam game. Safe to say the demo is amazing and I can't wait for the launch and the 12 hour stream I've got planned of it!

Anyway, want to see a cool stunt?

https://clips.twitch.tv/SecretiveLitigiousHeronWholeWheat JUMPPPPPPPPPPPP

That was the stream, we finished the demo, fun times was had by all, especially me.

I leave you with an image you should get used to seeing. The Winner podium. With my awesome logo in the background. And my cheesy face.



Did someone say MrsJoeR257 Birthday weekend!?! Well look at this image and try tell me it aint...! Expect cake photos, and maybe even a cheeky birthday stream...

(I should be a full time professional designer with skills like this...)

Oh look! That cake I promised!

(No I ain't sharing either before you think of asking in the comments.)

So that was Saturday. What more did you expect :P


Welcome to Sunday, and the first ever JoeR247/MrsJoeR257 collab. You asked for it, so here we go. Mr and Mrs JoeR went live. 16:00 happened and the Live button was pressed.

Two Point Hospital, Mrs Joe style. She wasn't allowed on my save. I didn't want her making me look bad by being better at the game than me...

(Most ambitious cross over event of all time)

So we setup the stream, new widescreen cam to fit 2 faces in, bigger overlays, birthday banners and balloons setup. Headset microphone on the desk setup with a massive gain to make us audible and we set off. MrJoeR257 in the hotseat. How bad could it be

Well, literally no time into the stream, Mrs Joe was thrown into the deep end and got her first Subscriber! Time for a Mrs Joe Sub Dab!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyFamousSamosaBigBrother MrsJoeR257 Dabs for BekahBear101

So we got into the game, a brand new save on Two Point with Mrs Joe at the wheel... Lets see if shes a better Hospital Administrator than me... Anyway, Time to make Mrs Joe Dab again... This time courtesy of LolaSunnyButter!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ManlyWildCaribouPupper LolaSunnyButter with the Sub Dab Hype!

I may have then said something I would later regret. Sassy Mrs Joe with the look which could kill after too much toilet talk...

https://clips.twitch.tv/SmokyMoralApeRiPepperonis If looks could kill...

Did we mention it was Mrs Joe's birthday? Cue the birthday present from Lola!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyOpenDoveOMGScoots LOLA WITH THE TIP!

So MrsJoe's building technique came under question. Why so many Windows on the General Diagnosis room?

https://clips.twitch.tv/FineSucculentPonyAliens Training room?

Mrs Joe smashed Hospital one to 1 star and we moved on! She's getting the hang of this, Maybe she can replace me full time?

She seemed so popular, we even got to Dab for a 3rd time! This time thanks to the wonderful OdiBatterz!

https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulGloriousLaptopSmoocherZ OdiBatterz with the Sub Dab Hype!

Remember when Joe played this by himself, and took about 8 streams to get the No Deaths award? Do you think Mrs Joe could get it on her first try?


Mrs Joe with no deaths???

Right, scrap the channel. Rebrand to MrsJoeR257...

Another Hospital to 1 star... Mrs Joe was blasting through them like a pro! Next stop, to Flottering. Don't forget the toilets and janitors MrsJoe!


Slippery when wet...

Remember the JoeR247 Mug? Well Mrs Joe believes hers was better. You decide... But it's definetly mine...


Mug Off!

After the stream around 20:00, a new video popped up on the JoeR247 YouTube channel... Something about Version 6...

Oh wait, it's that latest Best Bits Highlights Montage compilation video we do!

Click the below image to watch it right now!

Or even better yet, watch it right here using this built in Video player! I thought of everything, no excuses for not seeing it in all its glory! The rest of the Blog can wait until after. Try see find your self in the Clips chat :D

But that folks, is that. Week over. Next week is a big event. It's EGX 2018! GET HYPE!

Shall we look back at the stats then as always?

Twitch.tv followers - 727 > 731

YouTube Subscribers - 98 > 102

I still cannot believe it! 102 subscribers on YouTube! #GoalsAchieved!

This was a good week :D Here's to the next one!




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