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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 17.09.2018

EYUP! Welcome to a new week in JoeR247 Empires! Interesting week this one... IT'S EGX WEEK!

Shall we crack on?

If you are new to this, fear not, its not horrible, it's somewhat interesting... (I like to think anyway)

Scores on the doors on Twitch and YouTube?...

Twitch.tv followers - 731

YouTube Subscribers - 102

So, as promised, here is the last 7 days since I last spoke to you, in a nice digestible day by day format. Probably featuring ZombieDeath999 at some point too (I know you're reading this Zombie :eyes:


We're going to the ZOO! Chester Zoo to be precise! IRL day today, no streams unfortunately, BUT ZOO HYPE! What are the odds I'll be streaming Zoo Tycoon soon due to this? Probably high...

Anyway, I found something curious at a McDonalds this morning. They do a Breakfast bagel which I do recommend, however... There's an interesting option you can do. Let me know when you spot it...

(YOU CAN HAVE A BAGEL WITH NO BAGEL.... WTF! Next time I'm trying this for real...)

Anyway, less about my healthy breakfast (Of course I added the hash brown into the breakfast sandwhich before you ask) and onto the Zoo!

Loads of photos taken on the posh JoeR247 camera, but still not dared to look at them, I bet they are all rubbish. We'll see eventually.

One interesting beast we saw at the zoo is shown in a brilliant photo below... They called it a Streamasaurus. Magnificient creature.

(Imagine how David Attenborough would narrate this scene...)

Anyway, that's the Zoo. At least the best bits. I am the best bit. Deal with it.

And yes, I want to play Zoo Tycoon now...

P.S That Dab was for you Zombae


Welcome to Tuesday! After the IRL fun and games of yesterday, it was time to get back to business!

Speaking of business, how was the Fantasy Football business going in the #WeAreHIVE league? Safe to say... NOT WELL AT ALL!

(I was 1st once. Once I tell ya! Time to retire?)

Onto slightly better news, the last stream we did, we got an interesting achievement from Twitch... RAIDING PARTY!

(Just call me a Fallout Raider, then shoot me, as that's all Fallout Raiders are good for...)

Turns out sharing the Twitch love is a good thing after all! Wonder if there are anymore tiers to this achievement...

Ok, so you should well know by now my love for Qwertee.com by now right??? Well it happened again...

What have I bought now? You'll have to wait and see!

(One more until I get a free one ey? Would be rude not to take the up on their offer...)

Anyway, fun and games over, time for the serious stuff. We did a stream... A stream of Two Point Hospital! HYPE!

20:00, the countdown hit 00:00 and Joe Started to talk into the microphone...

So we got the 3 stars on Smogley, time for the fun levels. This may get tricky now... Next stop, Meltdown! I hear rumours of strange DNA fixing requirements... This can't end well...

Always the egomaniac, you can trust Joe to find anything relating to him. In this case, there's a building he found interesting. Probably as it looks like his favourite letter, if having a favourite letter is a real thing...

https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedFancyChimpanzeeSmoocherZ Looks like a J!

Right, this next clip, don't do what it says. I am not liable to being sued if you recreate what you hear. Just saying. KEEP ALL CUTLERY AWAY FROM ELECTRICITY. Listen to Dr Joe will you?

https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateAbrasiveOrangeBigBrother No knifes in toasters please

Now so far in Two Point County, we've had very few fails. This was about to change. In a big way... Not just once. But twice.

I really should be facing prosecution after these next too clips. Or at least get a stern telling off...

https://clips.twitch.tv/LuckyPleasantTruffleFreakinStinkin FIREEEEEEEEEEEE

https://clips.twitch.tv/WimpyAgileKiwiCopyThis It went bang

Enough failure now, Lets have some good times! Turns out the key to to good times is to make JoeR247 Dab on the internet...

Cue the "GODLIKE"!

https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousHilariousFlyTheThing Blinkydog00yt1 with the Tier 2 Sub Dab Hype!

https://clips.twitch.tv/CrowdedEntertainingShieldUncleNox Blinkydog00yt1 with the Tier 3 Sub Dab Hype!

Erm. Blinkydog00yt1 current Stream MVP right now... Much love for the Tier 2... and Tier 3 <3

I best make some good content to make sure I'm value for money...

Mind blown at this point. Time to call it a night. Much love everyone as always. Next time, We wont cause as much chaos for our poor customers... I mean Patients!




JoeR247 spent all day watching the download bar fill up. The end.

Not really. It was about 60gb. Overnight download FTW!

(It's so pretty! All those Addons!)

To kill time, Joe played some more of the Demo off stream. This happened.

Imagine having to explain this to the local Village Council...


Welcome to Thursday. That's it. No idea what happened. Nothing on the social media to report on. No stream. I think I got my hair cut. Cool Story Bro. Try again Friday...


Welcome to Friday! Lets hope theres something to report here... Looks at notes

Ooooh there is!

JoeR247 saw a challenge on Twitter! Post a photo of yourself now, 3 years ago and 7 years ago... So at 12 year old, 9 year old, and then 5 year old just for reference...

Here it is... Told you I don't age...

(No, I wont show you where the fountain of youth is...)

So after posting that, Imagine my surprise when browsing the Twitch app later that night, only to see my face full screen on ZacheyyD's stream...

He was only making me into a Meme...! Something about Rigged Slots...

(Such meme, many laugh, top fun)

That's friday wrapped up, EGX day coming up next!


2 hour drive to Birmingham UK, £12 to park the car. This best be worth it...

Oh boy, it was worth it! Here's some highlights!

(Me and Mr Fallout! Dat shirt too...)

(Wristband hype!)

(Sadly not a fancy press pass... Maybe next year...!)

(I buy the best merch. This time, a very descriptive t-shirt...)

(The awesome montage from #WeAreHIVE!)

(What a square!)

(I totally improved Har1an's Overwatch hat)

Overall, EGX was awesome. Loads of Indy games played, bit of VR, meeting the awesome people from #WeAreHIVE finally and some game's industry people!

Definitely going more than the 1 day next year! Guarantee it!


Ok, Sunday, end of the week! Strange week this one. Not many streams, IRL getting in the way too much. But fear not, We snuck in a stream today. We got back from Birmingham around 5pm, which meant time to prep. WE WENT LIVE!

20:00 - The final Forza Horizon 3 stream. Time to wrap it up with a neat little bow ready for Forza Horizon 4.

(Oooft, feels bad man retiring this...)

So, I looked back at the first ever stream of Forza Horizon, back in January. I saw the first car I picked. It was time to go back to that car. We hoped in the BMW M4 and started the stream.

Time to hit the road one last time.

Eventually, we went online, and tried to end on a high, getting that online win ratio up! So we found an online adventure, in C Class. You know what that means, Bring on the Clio!

Oh look, I won! Urm, have all the good players moved on to FH4?

https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyCrunchyHorseDBstyle We have a winner!

We then headed off to the next event finally, however, some slick driving moves later, Joe's ego got abit into overdrive. What "guns"

https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulDeafGoldfishStrawBeary Dem gunz

Anyway, this game is Rigged. It can tell I'm giving it up to the hot new model. Therefore it's decided to cheat me. Watch the clip. I go over the checkpoint...

https://clips.twitch.tv/CloudyStupidRuffYouDontSay RIGGED

So the time was coming to an end, and I had 4 million credits burning a hole in my pocket. Time to waste it all. Cue the Mclaren P1. There was only one way to see this game off. A final blast on the Goliath event. Anyway during the setup, not ashamed to say things got abit emotional. Sad times to be ending such an awesome game.

Speaking of the Goliath, Bloody Wobblyredman's drivatar appeared. Guess what he was driving... A god dam Aston Martin with a Spoiler on it! How many times do I have to tell him how bad that is???

https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughBreakableBottleOpieOP #BlameWobbly

So that was the end of Forza Horizon 3. Very emotional to end it. Felt like it was a big game for the channel and a big part of the growth of it and JoeR247 overall. It will be missed, but I'm now super hyped for Horizon 4 next friday!

Stream done. Uninstall.exe Forza Horizon 3


Week over, super busy, super fun, super productive! How was the stats?

Twitch.tv followers - 731 > 737

YouTube Subscribers - 102 > 103

Nice stats! Can't complain at that! Anyway, next week is another big one. Forza Horizon 4 week! 12 hour launch day stream! Lets go! Best start advertising it...

Anyway, TTYL! x



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