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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 24.09.2018

EYUP! It's a new set of 7 days! MONDAY through SUNDAY! I guess you are hear as you want to know what JoeR247 Empires got up to during them right? Well it could just be your lucky day! I'm going to do just that!

Don't say I don't spoil you :P

Big week this... FORZA HORIZON 4 is out on Friday for the Ultimate Edition buyers, such as me! #MoreMoneyThanSense

So, as mentioned before, it's about time Joe did an endurance stream. 12 hours sounds about right for a first time. Forza 12 hour stream this week? Deal!

Anyway, as always, let's have a look at the current state of play Twitch and YouTube wise...

Twitch.tv followers - 737

YouTube Subscribers - 103

Right, boring stuff out of the way, lets commence, with a Monday!


So we started off a new week, and JoeR247 was feeling a change. A change in emotes was due. The Tier 3 Twitch Emote DO IT U WONT was good, but we could having something more relevent to the channel in its place. So we binned it, and came up with a new Emote. All we had to do, was pray to the Twitch gods and hope it would get approved... Our single Tier 3 sub needed something to show for their money!

(RIP DIUW, But I have a feeling the new one is more catchy...)

So as promised, JoeR247 had a big stream to promote. The 12 hour launch day stream this coming Friday. Time to rev up the advertising (See what I did there?) and start the promo spam!

(12 hours... This cannot end well. 50p says I only make it to hour 9...)


REMEMBER EGX? Feels a long ass time ago now! Anyway, JoeR247 found some awesome photos on his phone, and it would be rude not to share them! Take a looksee!

(JoeR247 and a Hitman 2 duck. I've no idea either...)

(JoeR247 and another Hitwoman... I mean awesome Video game community manager from SEGA, @TheAlbionGirl)

Ahhhh, Is it EGX 2019 yet? No? Boo.

In prep for building Hype for the 12 hour stream, JoeR247 looked back at the final ever Forza Horizon 3 stream, and found the photo he took of his last ever race, and spammed it on the socials. Feels bad man in comments please. RIP FH3

(I take an awesome photo ;) )

The Twitch gods were kind to us! Goodbye DO IT U WONT, Hello to BLAME JOE! Yes I took the saying WobblyRedMan invented, put it in the #WeareHIVE colours and made it my Tier 3. Everyone seems to Blame Joe for everything so I may aswell make the most of it...


(Experts predict sales of Tier 3 subs will increase by at least 4% now)


Welcome to Wednesday! If your wondering where all the streams are this week, so am I... Sadly, IRL has been hectic this week and I want to save my energy for the 12 hour stream on friday. Instead of talking about streams, how about I show you some Official MrsJoeR257 merch I got?

She's now a part of the channel, she needs some goodies!

So, I tested the StreamLabs merch store, totally not as they were going to close it due to no sales and required 1 purchase to keep it live... :eyes:, and uploaded the MrsJoeR257 logo and slapped it on a mug and waited for shipping from the USA. Turns out, its pretty dam awesome quality! Very pleased with it!

And I went back to friend of the channel, @TheStitchyBaker and got her to make me another Cross Stitch! I now own 3. They are that good I can't stop getting them!

(MrsJoeR257 merch on fleek!)


Welcome to Thursday! I went on Reddit and found the r/Forza subreddit and made a polite request. Can you guess what it is?

(OH SNAP! MY LOGO ON AN ASTON MARTIN! Not a real one, nobody is that daft. Here it is in Forza Horizon 3, ready to be imported to Forza Horizon 4! MY LOGO ON ALL THE THINGS)

Turns out today was Fortnite Season 6. I found a meme which explains my feelings to this however and tweeted it...

(Exploitable Drake Meme is exploitable)

Right, early night I feel. Tomorrow may be a long day...


Oh its Friday. Where do I begin. How about at 12:00pm?

WE WENT LIVE! The little countdown timer on the bottom of the stream countdown the next 12 hours of the Forza Horizon 4 Launch day stream! Buckle up folks, gonna be a good one

(Oh this is a pretty sight to see at long last!)

Before we even began, it was DAB time! Ementalo got us off a flying start and smashed the Sub button once again! Much love to them for their continued support of the channel! <3

Ementalo with the Sub Dab Hype!


It was not long after that, it dawned on JoeR247 exactly what he had signed himself up for. 12 hours. 720 minutes. 43200 seconds. Place your bets now how far in before he starts to yawn...

12 hours what?


So we set off in game and had to do the intro again from the demo, not a bad thing, its an awesome little into section, when !sr national anthem appeared in the chat. Now as you may know, we don't use song request as I CBA with meme songs and I sure CBA with copyright strikes on VOD's or Youtube uploads, but I was more than happy to sing a little bit of God Save the Queen.

God the save the Queen


Oh look, its this bit again, remember this from the Demo. Where I cocked it up then? Can I do it this time?... No.

Thread the Needle?


Out on the beautiful open road once again, whats the first thing I do? Go play with sheep. God help me this is going to be a long stream haha.



Now if you remember a while back, In the Forza preview videos, they showed off the Dab and this made Joe Preorder the game. Well we went straight for it, only to find it was locked :(

Guess what the real goal of this 12 hour stream is now... #UNLOCKTHEDAB! (Just to annoy Zombie really)



Speaking of Dabbing, TedThe0ne smashed the Sub button using his Twitch prime! Much love to old Teddy! <3 Sub Dab time!

TedThe0ne with the Sub Dab Hype! https://clips.twitch.tv/AstuteSuspiciousPrariedogPermaSmug

So when you finish a race, you get taken to the "White space". Joe discovered if you slam on the handbrake and turn left at the right time, you slide into this place with your rear end stuck out and your custom license plate sticking out for the world to see. I like this...

Booty shot!


Right, Ready for the best clip ever? Just never drive blind into a tunnel. Thats all I'm going to say. Enjoy.

Got a train to catch


Trinity made me a special car. Want to see it? Urm. Here it is... Sadly, I already had an awesome paint job on my Zonda so I had to pass on this one...

JoeR247 is what now?


We had smashed the half way point by now and was on the home stretch to the finish line. We had taken our pit stops at well time intervals, and swapped our worn tires (T-shirts) for fresh ones... No yawning yet...

Then JoeR247 did something in poor taste. I found a beauty spot. And desecrated it with my poor dance moves...



OMG THIS GAME HAS THE PEEL P50, made famous by Top Gear when they drove it round the BBC TV head office. Shall we see how fast we can make it...? Or how silly it drives?

Dem wheels


Is Forza the 2018 GOTY?... Based on this one car... Maybe :D



So we had made it super stupid powerful. Only one thing to do. Take it to the drag strip. How did it do... Urm....

Peel P50 drag!


10 minutes left on the timer. Joe was almost there. His previous longest stream record in the bin. 11:50 mins down. Time for a good event to try finish off. Vulcan vs Vulcan. This didn't seem fair...

Vulcan time!


Event won. GG Me, Me and Turfy then got abit carried away with the Kappagen system. Whatever, this was a celebration. 5 mins to gooooo!



Time was very close to being up, we switch to the classical and Pachelbel's Canon was blasting out of the stereo. You know how Joe gets when classical is on, and starts to get delirious...

Joe and the Classical again


Techically, I missed it. I missed the 12 hour countdown reach 00:00. I was enjoying the game way too much. But there we go guys. 12 hours of Forza done. Proud moment for myself and the channel. Hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Forza will return.

12 hours in the bag!


We had one final pee break, I got a celebratory drink and we hit the road again. 40 minutes later, We went and raided WobblyRedMan23.

I was done for the day. I went to sleep feeling very proud of myself.


So after the late night stream, JoeR247 woke up surprisingly well, and yet craving more Forza Horizon 4! Nearly 13 hours in and still wanting more... Must be a good sign!

Anyway, today was an IRL day, off playing funky Minigolf in teh city of Leeds! With cocktails. Always a bonus! Oh did I mention I also bought some Deal with it glasses? Well now you know.

(Looking cool. At least I think so... I won the golf too fyi. #DaBest)

Turns out leeds isnt just good for Alcoholic Mini Golfers, There is also places for Gamers such as my good self. Meet @PressStartLeeds!

(Turns out I can still kinda play Guitar hero.... Kinda... And I still rock the FAMAS on COD MW2)

It was time to check the 12 hour stream stats. I best have done 12 hours now... And I dread to think what the average could be. The dangers of streaming at very different times to when your regulars are around is well documented...

(Oh snap, that's awesome! Almost 13 hours... Dayyum!)


Sunday, the curtain closer on the week. I'm itching to stream Forza again, lets do just that...!

First and foremost though, its was time for a competition, who had the best mug... We asked Twitter. Now I'm asking you. Who wore it best... Answers in the comments please!

(One on left is best, don't lie...)

Anyway, 15:30, we went live back on the roads of beautiful Britain. I'm not biased when I say that either... It's a dam pretty game

(I love these promo images and hope you do too. <3 )

So before we set off, I had to show off my awesome BMW M4. I had been in the paint shop you see since the last stream. I like it. What do you think?

Dat car though https://clips.twitch.tv/PlayfulLitigiousAniseYouDontSay

Awesome car out of the way, we got an online convey going with Blax001, the guy who always beat or carries me in online racing and set off to the #CheekyLambo's event! On the way though, it wasn't me performing the stunts for a change!

There he goes! https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidWiseCobraCharlietheUnicorn

Remember I got my logo made in game. Turns out I applied it to alot of things. Introducing my future car when I reach Twitch Partner!... In the year 2058

Quote me on it https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyTalentedGalagoCopyThis

Remember also I was desperate in the 12 hour stream to unlock the Dab emote... Well guess what also happened off stream... We bloody got it in a Wheelspin. So here it is ladies and gents. The moment you've all been waiting for. A JoeR247 in-game Dab. First time for everything right?

THE DAB! https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingBillowingCamelHeyGirl

Anyway, loads of online racing later, many failed attempts at #CheekyLambo's and plenty of wheelspins earned. Turns out in this next clip I may be psychic though...

Called it! https://clips.twitch.tv/NimbleLaconicAntPeoplesChamp

Remember those Deal with it glasses. Here is the official use of them. I'm guessing i'll never wear them again now.... Watch this space... LolaSunnyButter said I looked like a Plum in them. Is that a good thing or not?

DEAL WITH IT https://clips.twitch.tv/SquareGracefulTapirWTRuck

Oh snap! It's SilencerUK with the Sub outta nowhere! Much love to you SilencerUK! <3 Dab time! Not an ingame one this time...

SilencerUK with the Sub Dab Hype!


And with that, the timer ran dry. Turns out we may have streamed today for 6 hours... Thats 18 hours in 3 days.... Oops. Oh well, I had fun, deal with it :P

So to sum up the week, how did we fair after our 18 hours of footage on the internet?

Twitch.tv followers - 737 > 746

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 103

Ooof! Yas! Dat Twitch number is flying up! 800 by December, Lets go!

Anyway, bet your sick of me by now, go away. Come back next week for another installment of Behind the Scene at JoeR247 Empires! Or don't. I'm not your dad....




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