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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 01.10.2018

Eyup! Welcome to the week! Just as promised, here is the new week! Don't say I don't deliver on my promises :D

So, what do we know, we did our 12 hour stream last Friday! We had the weekend to sleep it off and ready to crack on fresh to a brand new week!

Right, where do we stand in the internet world this week, and where will we end up? Only one way to find out! Lets go!

Twitch.tv followers - 746

YouTube Subscribers - 103

Enough waffling, onto the week!


So welcome to Monday, quiet day really... Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.

One funny thing was noted today however... On the VOD from the Sunday stream, we had an interesting thumbnail... Only me in the JoeR247 Deal with it Glasses...

(What a plum...)

In other news, we got an interesting Twitch Achievement after streaming 19 hours of Forza in 3 days...

(I'm so sorry internet...)

That's right, 500 hours of JoeR247 on the big bad internet... Again, I'm very sorry 😎 Almost 21 days of JoeR247 shouting at his computer or crashing is car...


Tuesday was up next! Turns out JoeR247 likes painting cars. Sometimes they even look pretty. Who knew that a BMW suited a JoeR247 logo so well? Shall we make it so IRL? Maybe one day...

(Dear BMW Representative, contact me, we can work a deal out for this design.)

Speaking of cars, it was time to stream again... JoeR247 is really into a particular racing game right now... Can you guess which one he streamed today?

(UK boy racer online once again...)

So the Live button was smashed and we set out on our Horizon Life. Goliathan Gaming joined the Convoy as we setup some "Worlds Fastest Rentals". What happened next may surprise you. Cue the Van...

Dat Van https://clips.twitch.tv/AlluringDaintyWoodcockCoolStoryBob

After messing about with some Worlds Fastest Rentals, we decided to go online and do some Team Adventure! This meant some of the Freeroam Rush which I still don't know if I like or not. Mainly due to the fact there's no real rules to it, as I shall now demonstrate...

Shortcut! https://clips.twitch.tv/FairSingleHabaneroOneHand

We ended up in a lobby full of bad drivers, the kind who like to ram, use your car for brakes and make you miss checkpoints. Thankfully this time. I got some sweet revenge...

Stole 2nd! https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringAgitatedMuleTebowing

The stream drew to an end, we had raced our way into level 65 and things were looking good for JoeR247 Empires in Forza Land


Welcome to a brand new day! This one is Wednesday Flavored!

Whats this? 2 streams in 2 days? Whats going on here?

(Twice in 2 days. Something must be wrong...)

No your eye's arent playing tricks on you... JoeR247 streamed 2 days in a row... Only due to IRL getting in the way on the Thursday so we shuffled the schedule abit...


Whats so special about that I hear you ask? Well... This was a preview of an upcoming update to the game which a handful of people got access to...

So JoeR247, spill the beans. Whats the Update?

WE CAN RENAME STAFF AND PATIENTS IN THE GAME! That long requested feature!

We need a special bot command for this. Introducing...


Right, 20:00. Hit the Live button...

So, the first victim.... I mean user of the !name command was MrsJoeR257. She asked to be a Nurse. I gladly accepted her request. Best not accidentally fire her had I?...

MrsJoeR257! https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringTacitChickpeaDogFace

Anyway, turns out she was not horrible at her job and got a promotion somehow... This meant we had to open contact negotiations, and Like terrorists, JoeR247 does not negotiate too kindly. Just kidding, I gave her all the money. I want to live....

Pay rise time... https://clips.twitch.tv/AntsySmoothCiderCharlieBitMe

Turns out SelekVaren is a fan of Two Point Hospital character renaming, or JoeR247... I'm not certain on which, but I am certain that he made JoeR247 do the Dab on the internet by smashing the sub button!

SelekVaren with the Sub Dab Hype! <3 https://clips.twitch.tv/OpenLitigiousTortoiseItsBoshyTime

So we had loads of people renamed so far, EmmaHallows, WobblyRedMan, and now the famous Bear herself, BekahBear101! Turns out she wanted to be a Male Doctor. Her wish was my command. Sorry about the pay rise Bekah...

Dr BekahBear101 https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousJazzyBeeGivePLZ

Eventually, we had someone brave enough to become a patient in a JoeR247 Empires Healthcare facility. Meet Ementalo. He had some trouble with his Monobrow... He spent about $10,000 in the hospital. Did he leave JoeR247 Empires happy?

RIP Ementalo https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultGeniusBubbleteaCharlieBitMe

Nope. 😂


Thursday now! Nearly time for the weekend! As discussed before, IRL happened so no stream today!

However, there was still time for Admin work! We had some Sub Perk stickers to send to recent subs! So, of to the post office for some stamps!

(Genuine Royal Mail stamps!)

We did manage to get some gaming in, JoeR247 went back on Forza late at night and do some painting! This time, the world famous Subaru 22b in the "famous" colours of JoeR247Empires

(I managed to keep some of the original blue...)

Apart from that though, fairly quiet day! Friday next. This should be a good one I feel


Welcome to Friday! Time to get spooky, or spoopy as people now seem to say... Its October so time to jump on the Halloween logo bandwagon

Time to put the JoeR247 logo on a pumpkin. That'll do right?

(I spent way too much time on this 😂)

So Friday, JoeR247 had something special in mind. Joe had been working on getting some keys for some Indie games from developers using the Keymailer website!

So 8pm. Time to go Indie gaming! We had 4 awesome games on offer. Meet...





Let's go! Roughly 45 minutes on each! Let's see what we like best!

(Fancy promo image is fancy)

So up first... Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor! Lets build some drones and save the universe...

Things were going well, until we got to the tutorial. Make a Drone which can move forwards. How hard can it be. Just don't press that Self Destruct button....


SUICIDE! https://clips.twitch.tv/KindCallousDoveHeyGuys

So, we had now proved our talents! Lets get fancy... Never know, NASA could be calling me up soon to help them get to the Moon or something. Oh wait...

Blame NASA https://clips.twitch.tv/SleepyOpenMeerkatUWot

In good news however, I was now trusted with weaponry. Personally I would trust me with a spoon, but the game had other ideas...

In even better news, Maelchon made the man on the video do the Dab. DAB HYPE!

Maelchon with the Sub Dab HYPE! <3 https://clips.twitch.tv/FunFrigidWitchOSsloth

Right, tutorials passed with flying colours. Time to go destroy some stuff with my neat little drone! How hard could it be?

RIP DRONE https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentBloodyPuddingDuDudu

Okay... So my drone was abit meh. Thankfully there's steam workshop integration.

Lets see what the mind of the Internet has in mind for a drone...

Oh wow.

Isn't even my final form


Spooky Skeleton destroyed sadly, it was time for the next game! Introducing Synthetik! The Rogue-Lite game.

Turns out this game features very satisfying guns... Especially the shotgun!

SHOTTY! https://clips.twitch.tv/JollySparklingKiwiMikeHogu

Things then got abit intense... Maybe I should stick to crashing cars 😎

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh https://clips.twitch.tv/HeartlessClumsyTofuKeyboardCat

Ok, new game time again, I had been punny during the intermission while I changed games. Tell me I'm clever please...

MEOW-RIO KART https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringChillyHumanItsBoshyTime

So whilst learning how to drive in Cat Mario Kart, JoeR247 was mad to Dab! This time again by AingelSharc! <3

AingelSharc with the Sub Dab HYPE! https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryApatheticJayPartyTime

Controls mastered, we set off on a demolition event! Crashing cars is my specialty. Sadly this didn't end well for Lily... "Rammed her up the backside"

Poor Lily https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulBillowingDonutSuperVinlin

Next game, Beat Hazard 2! Bullet hell which responds to your desktop audio... I may live to regret this, but we are switching Song Request on... INB4 Baby Shark...

Anyway, Rule Britannia came on... How on earth would the game react to some classical?

Turns out... Very well...

RULE BRITANNIA https://clips.twitch.tv/EagerEphemeralSandwichSMOrc

I spoke too soon... Whoever requested Baby Shark is now my mortal enemy. I'm guessing it was ZombieDeath...

Turns out, its a great song for this game...

Baby Shark https://clips.twitch.tv/ModernBelovedElkPanicVis

So with that, we wrapped up. The plan was 45 mins per game. I may have accidentally done 90 minutes on Beat Hazard. Oh well, good fun was had by all :D


It's the weekend! The lesser known Rebecca Black song. SATURDAY!

Did we do anything exciting or streaming related today?


But I got chicken! 🐔

(Winner winner chicken dinner)

And meet the newest car in the JoeR247 fleet! These designs are getting fancy now! Also featuring the WeAreHIVE logo 👀

Saturday over. Go away. I'll talk to you Sunday. 😉


Welcome to Sunday! As its well know by now, Sunday means speed. Forza time.

Before streaming however.. We had to join in with the fun and games on the #WeAreHIVE Discord. Everyone seemed to be making bright Pink cars. I needed to put my slant on this...


Right, enough painting, let's race! Autumn season is live! Let's go kick up some fallen leaves!

(Time to drive the guys!)

So, we had a craving for more Super Wheelspins and the cross country championship had them to offer! Lets go race! We got our Police themed Ranger Rover out and hit the track!

First race ticked off! Always vain, JoeR247 finished too soon. If only he lasted 3 seconds longer! 2:47 race time would have been perfect!

3 seconds longer


More racing to do, not enough time. But BekahBear101 demanded more dabs. Time for a gifted sub to TechnoTrio! DAB HYPE

TechnoTrio with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Oh look, it happened again. This time MrsJoeR257 smashed the Sub button yet again! DAB x 2

MrsJoeR257 with the Sub Dab Hype <3


Dab x 3, This time for Mr WibbleWobble himself! <3

WobblyRedMan23 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


There was some racing in all this, don't worry :D I think I was in a Forzathon during this next clip. Featuring Dab x 4... STOP BEING SO NICE TO ME PEOPLE <3

Alkuran this time! Much love to you all!

Alkuran with the Sub Dab Hype <3


Ok, all dabbed out. I needed food! Time to wrap up an amazing stream!

Remember JoeR247's use of Keymailer? Turns out he's still at it. He got a new game which excited him a little bit. Meet New Star Manager. Coming to a channel near you very soon. JoeR247 may even have to dust of a suit for the occasion...

(Time to coach the guys!)

Anyway, in that note, week done and dusted. Awesome week! Been a pleasure creating content for you all! Hope you all enjoyed! Same again next week? Sure I think I'm free all week...

Right, time to do the stats as per

Twitch.tv followers - 746 > 752

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 102

Twitch is looking awesome, but YouTube.... Oh dear 😂 Good thing its not my main focus or we'd be in trouble...

Right enough from me! TTYL xoxox



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