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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 08.10.2018

Eyup! JoeR247 typing in your eyes! Welcome to Week 2 of October, in a series I like to call, Behind-the-scenes-of-Yorkshires-best-streamer-and-content-creator!

I need a snappier title... ANYWAY! Shall I tell you all that happened in the past 7 days in monotonus detail, including things you didn't even want to know or care about? Deal! Lets begin with Monday... and a recap of where we left of the last 7 days!

Twitch.tv followers - 752

YouTube Subscribers - 102


Euuuurgh, Monday. This was a long day. I needed refueling. To the shop!

(I can still taste the sugar even now...)

Monday was a standard IRL day of work and no play. No stream sadly. We did get an interesting parcel in the post though. Did I mention I had been on Qwertee again? Seems to be a weekly occurrence now doesn't it..

(BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA! I need a Country Roads version now...)

So me. Look forward to that appearing on a stream near you!


Tuesday happened next, as it so often does. Guess what! JoeR247 did the internet thing! This time, on the game which was teased last week! NEW STAR MANAGER! Best go get myself suited and booted for the touchline if I aspire to be the next Jose Mourinho...

(Kick the ball! Shoot the guys! Thats how football works right?)

If you remember, back in January, JoeR247 streamed his all time favourite game series, Football Manager, but it wasn't really exciting enough for Twitch. This one was different however. You actually control the player on the pitch, so theres an aspect of skill to this game! How hard could it be? At 20:00, JoeR247 found out. In his best suit too. Twitch coloured tie too 😜

It was time for the tutorial, which JoeR247 had done before, in the 5 minute test of the game which actually was 2 hours long the other day... So this should be dead simple!


What a shot!


Oh dear. Oh well, must be even easier striking a dead ball from the penalty spot 12 yards right?

Wrong. JoeR247 is English. The English cannot take penalities remember?



Ok, crossing tutorial now... Simples right? Just kick the ball to the guy who kicks in in the goal. Theres a reason I never became a pro footballer you know...



Ok Tutorial done, time for the real game. Time to update the team name and kits. JoeR247 United and Purple kits! Happy days! Time for a real game. Lets see if my tutorial skills transfer to the main game...

Oh snap!

Ronaldo, eat your heart out


Turns out JoeR247 is quiet good at this game when its not the tutorial! Que the Football hooligan chants when he gets abit carried away after scoring!

Who are ya?


But that was all we had time for. We survived the relegation dog fight and lived to fight another season as JoeR247 United!

Shall we see more of NSM? Time will tell!


Urm, nothing happened. FeelsBadMan...


Oh hey! Welcome to Thursday! Stuff actually happens here! We were long overdue a stream of Two Point Hospital, and an interesting tweet appeared on my timeline... It was time to go back to Hospital and play the non BETA version of the renaming staff patch!

(Time to rename everyone JoeR247, Why not?)

So, 20:00 we went live!

(Time to cure the guys! oh wait...)

Urm, I broke it...

I had been on the BETA build last time, and switching back to the normal build broke the game... We tried live 4/5 times to get it to work, but it wasn't playing ball. Oops. Oh well, time for quick thinking, time to go to the backup game! Forza Horizon 4!

(The lovely people at Two Point Studios have since got me back in the Hospital and working again, with no loss of Save game. Shout out to them for helping so quickly! <3 )

(So, impromptu Forza Stream! There are worse things in the world I guess...)

So at 20:15, we restarted and hit the roads of the UK! Time to flip my car, instead of kill some patients!

Things were going well, it was the Winter Season in the game now and it was abit cold and miserable, until Hypnotech03 smashed the Sub button and made JoeR247 warm up with some Dab exercise!

Hypnotech03 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Joe then got confused, the season said Winter, but the game was clearly representing a British summer, with the snow, haze and rain. 3/10 - Very disapointing

Lovely summers day


We got a lobby together and did some stupid racing. Classic muscle cars, in winter and snow, on the beaches of Bamburgh Castle. This couldn't end well. It didn't end well.

Skill to pay the bills


We did some more racing the guys, and then the viewers went abit mad. I think the sub button must promise things it cannot deliver, as Maddogwoz and Greg1756 must have been tricked into clicking it! New double subs hype!

Maddogwoz with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Greg1756 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Another stream in the bag! Slight technical issue glossed over! Good time!


Welcome to Friday! Today we did exactly the same as we did on Wednesday! I'll save you the time spent scrolling up, JoeR247 has nothing to report regarding Wednesday. Move along sir/madame

Don't look at the steam history for this night... I played an ungodly amount of NSM this evening....


JoeR247 got a Twitch payout. I know right, people were generous (or thought giving him money would make him stop) enough to support his weird internet hobby enough to warrant Twitch paying him.

Now JoeR247 could have been silly and spent it all on Rum, but he had better ideas. RE-INVEST IT INTO THE STREAM!

Remember those Elgato Stream Decks he's always banging on about, and how cool it would be to see his logo on the LCD buttons?...




(Oh Christ, that's amazing...)

He finally did it, the madman... It was time to make the buttons do something useful instead of being a vain light up show...

Oh god...

(That's so much worse...) (P.S Why do you have so many logos Joe?)

Anyway, eventually JoeR247 made the buttons actually useful which was good timing, it was time to stream! Time to take the new toy and see what it could do in a stream of the now working (Thanks to Two Point Studios) Two Point Hospital! Back to the main Let's Play save and rename some staff!

(Time to cure the guys! For real this time!)

20:00, we headed back to Melt Downs to try fix the mess of the Hospital JoeR247 built last time. Could it be fixed? Let's see.

We got the regulars in, gave them all massive pay rises and set them to cure the guys! Apart from Doctor Becca. We arn't legally allowed to talk about Doctor Becca.

And then this happened.

Dat 10k bitties tho WestScottishWarrior


Thank you so much WestScottishWarrior for managing to shut up JoeR247 for at least a minute! <3

ZombieDeath was a fine Doctor in the hospital, or so Zombie thought in the chat. We had to double check the accuracy of his statement. Oh wait, he just killed a guy. Nevermind.



Guys, you need to stop being so awesome. Time to make JoeR247 do a double Dab! Courtsey of Fireblade9920 and Turfy.

Shoutout to Turfy for the 10 months, THE OG SUBSCRIBER!

Fireblade9920 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Turfy with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We ran out of time, and JoeR247 need a lie down after that...


Welcome to a rainy Sunday. JoeR247 did some IRL Stuff and decided to make a game out of it! Let's play "Where in the world is JoeR247!"

(Need to make the clues abit harder next time Joe...)


(Pretty cool right? Spent ages making the JoeR247 style icons too...)

Right, JoeR247 fancied going live again and making the most out of the new Stream Deck, but didn't know what to play, so was time for a poll! The first Poll in a long time too! Twitter had 4 options to choose from, want to see what won?

You guys love the Forza! RIP Driver San Francisco though...

(Brum brum time! You get it by know surely!)

Usual time, usual place, Sunday means Speed and all that jazz, it was time to race! Or at least look at my pretty cars which had my logo slapped all over them. Or in this case, ZombieDeaths big ass truck with the WeAreHIVE logo on it! Car/Truck porn right here guys...

Dat paint though


As always, we had a lobby going with viewers, doing the off road racing - my speciality these days ;) when the lovley Bekahbear101 had to remind me yet again she forgot to cancel her sub to the channel, via the Text to Speech during her resub to the channel. She'll fix it one of these days :P

BekahBear101 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


I do some weird stuff on stream. Like unlock the Jazz hands emote in game via a wheel spin, then replicate it.

Jazz Hands!


Oh look, a ramp. You already know where this is going...

Ramp hype!


It's been awhile since we got Wibble Wobbled. Time for ZannyFace to fix that, with some kind words hidden in the middle of the TTS! <3

Joe is the best


Remember the stream deck? From the last paragraph? He's me showing it off again... Typical Joe...

Dat streamdeck


With that, we wrapped up the stream. Fun was had by me. Hopefully by the viewers too. I can hope and pray!

Oh, that's also the end of the week too! I'm sure you'll be happy to hear, this blog is nearly done!

Safe to say, this has been an amazing week. My passion for Streaming and Content creating has never burned brighter and I have you viewers all to thank for it. I love hanging out with you on stream, or twitter, or discord or wherever and hope to entertain you as much as possible!

Anyway, lets call time on this and let you go do something productive. Also always, recap time!

Twitch.tv followers - 752 > 758

YouTube Subscribers - 102 > 102

Nice steady week! At least it didn't go down this time! 😁

Right, TTYL! Have a great week and I'll see you next time! Unless this series gets cancelled...



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