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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 15.10.2018

EYUP! Good morning, noon or night to you! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! In this weeks installment, I'll tell you about all the goings on behind the scenes at JoeR247 Empires! Does that sound good to you or what? Glad you agree! Lets crack on! I smell a Monday!

Before we start though, lets look at the scores on the doors!

Twitch.tv followers - 758

YouTube Subscribers - 102

Right, time for a WEEK IN REVIEW!


Hola! Welcome to Monday. JoeR247 had a rare day off work! Time to go shopping... Bet you Joe comes home with some silly nerd toys... Maybe a Funko Pop...


Not quite a Funko, but its got an oversized head so its similar enough

Urm, nothing else of note... Lets try again tomorrow! Oh, Joe's prepped something interesting for Tuesday...


Welcome to Tuesday! It was time to do some actual work, Admin work! We had stickers to send to awesome new channel Subs! God knows where these stickers will end up stuck to... As long as nobody gets hurt...

(Best stickers. You know you want a set!)

Remember I said I had something special lined up... Here it is. Lets sit back, and let some marbles roll down a track thanks to gravity. #LazyStreamer

20:00 happened and time for some Marbles On Stream... Sorry not sorry

(0 effort stream, lets go.)

Right. Rules are... Get chat to type !play in chat when they want to join in. And then I control the camera using the mouse. Then RNG happens. How well could this go? Turns out... Very well

So, we had MrsJoeR247 marble set to go along with my marble. What happens next is either sweet, or depressing. Ride together, die together

Ride together, Died together


So, you get the gist of it now, time to see a million clips of me laughing at people falling off...

Starting with... BekahBear101!

Bye BekahBear101


Want to see JoeR247 get stupidly excited about some marbles crossing the line? Wait and see, you'll understand when you see it...

Photo Finish!


Ok, excitement over with, or was it? LolaSunnyButter had other ideas and wanted another Dab! SUB HYPE!

LolaSunnyButter with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


As this game is linked to Twitch, channel subs get a special marble in game to make them stand out. Well, Pirateute decided that everyone needed a Sub ball... 5 x Community Sub Gift inbound! WTF! This is new! Time to dab 5 times in a row! Clips arn't long enough for this!

Massive love to Pirate for the mass gift!



Remember other week and it was #BreakJoe. Someone didn't get memo that that was last week, not today. Time for a Tier 3. Courtsey of BekahBear101. She must really love Marbles... I need a Tier 3 sub perk...

BekahBear101 with the Tier 3 Sub Dab Hype! <3


Pirate did the big sub gift earlier. But still had the white plain ball. They did say if they won the next race, they would sub! Cue people saying this is Rigged...

Pirateute with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Many races later, many deaths or defeats for me, many awesome new subs and songs requested later, we had to wrap up! We may have gone over the schedule by 45 mins, but who's counting...

With that, lets move on to the next day!


Time for a Wednesday! No stream today, obviously, but JoeR247 had his creative juices flowing! Time for a bit of a rebrand!

Remember the old boring headers we had on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube? Time to jazz them up abit! Feast your eyes on the new and improved!

(Much bigger! Much better! Much Logos!)

Let me know what you think in the blog comments!


Anyone fancy hearing all about Thursday? You're just in luck, there's one due right now!

So, JoeR247 is in a nostalgic mood! Nostalgic for a game we haven't streamed in a while! Time for some Fallout 4! (Is it weird to be nostalgic for a game from 2015? I guess not that kind of nostalgia...)

So 20:00, JoeR247 set out to go kill some nasties in the CommonWealth of Boston!

(WAR! IT NEVER CHANGES. I think that the quote...)

We found ourselves from last time, many moons ago, in the Glowing Sea! Time to hunt some DeathClaws for LolaSunnyButter. Speaking of LolaSunnyButter, here she is, paying me to kill Deathclaws... This could be a very lucrative business...

Will kill Deathclaws for money


Anyway, we set off to finish the quest in Vault 81, something about finding a cure for some kid, blah blah blah, just give me the XP! Urm. Then chat made me bite my StreamDeck. I don't know why either....

A typical JoeR247 stream


Anyway, we sorted the kid out, met Curie and got Mole Rat Disease to boot! Good times...

So, nearly 2 days into the game, shall we go do some main quest? I guess we should, so we set of to find Mr Nick Valentine...

But... Joe got distracted on the way... again... Time to kill some more Super Mutants. Mutants who like to play hide and seek. During the game of Hide and Seek, CKiiDD wished to see a Dab, so a Dab he recieved! Sub Hype! <3

CKiiDD with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Ok, getting sidetracked done with, time to go rescue Nick! This should be EEZZ at my level...



Oh wait, its survival mode. I forgot that...

We blasted through the dungeon and found "Skinny" Malone... I managed to charm my way past him and escape without bloodshed... Or did we...? Urm, silenced weapons are OP

Shoot them in the back!


Nick Rescued, XP in the bag, some sexy new Legendary weapons collected. Good stream! Who needs Fallout 76...!


Eyup! TGIF! Joe had been shopping! What could it be? Feel free to guess in the comments... Something which may feature in future streams...

(It's not hard to guess, its on the box...)

Ok, member my clip obsession... Well it's for a good cause! JoeR247 was in the editing studio once again! (Technically still my same PC but ya know....)

Time for another montage! Volume 7... Who knew I was so clipable!

(Coming to a YouTube Channel near you!)

This best be good now after all the hype....


Remember Joe was nostalgic for some games from a long time ago, Some which hadn't been on the channel in a while? Time to fix that again. This time with some Need for Speed Underground 2...

20:00. We went live.

20:40 We ended the stream. The reason?...

(It broked)

2 blue screens, multiple game crashes. #BlameJoe

We did have some highlights though! TheStitchyBaker aka ZannyFace smashed the Sub button and made JoeR247 do the silly Dab thing again! <3

TheStitchyBaker with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


And we also had a Special event completed, we got to put the sexy Vauxhall Corsa on a magazine cover! Would this be a magazine cover where you can see the car though, or will we get covered up by a pixelated female...?

That cover though


Urm, so that was kind of a fail. Time to but my IT support hat on and work out what we did wrong...


Hello! Its Sunday now! First and foremost... Look at what Fireblade9920 did with his JoeR247 sub perk sticker. 10/10 for creativity!

(Challenge for everyone else, out do this sticker placement!)

Ok! Remember I broke everything yesterday? Well I think I fixed it. I was using OBS to capture some footage for an upcoming video... And I was recording at 1080p/60FPS... and I think I forgot to revert to 720p/30FPS for the stream. Seems the PC didn't like that. Hence all the crashes...

Shall we try again? Lets!

20:00 we went live, With our fingers crossed this time.

(2nd time lucky right?... I hope so, I was enjoying this series...)

It didnt crash! Ok it crashed once over 2 hours, but no BSOD, no rage quitting today!

Any highlights? You bet!

We had the always exciting URL races to do... And JoeR247 needed to win them or he would take himself out back and send him the way of old Yeller... (If you get this reference I'll be very happy!)

Time to get ugly. Time to drive like everyone online in Forza Horizon. Time to ram!



Speaking of boring URL races, they're so dull. Thankfully, GGAAHHHHH decided we needed a Dab! SUB HYPE!

GGAAHHHHH with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Ok, URL's out of the way, we needed a change of pace. Time for some Drag racing. Oh wait, Joe didn't seem to know the controls... 4 attempts later, we completed the race... Insert eye roll emoji here...

It was LittleNachos birthday today! Cue Fireblade9920 with his birthday present! An amazing Gifted Sub! This really is the week of the Gifted Sub! Sub dab for Nachos!

LittleNachos with the Gifted Sub Dab Hype! <3


Right, all the events on the map ticked off, apart from one. Another bloody URL. Did I mention these events are my only flaw in this game? Well. Lets get it over with and unlock the next chapter and area of the map!

Oh wait. The game doesn't like them either. How do I know this, the game glithed out, a big flare light to ask me end its suffering of URL races...

Nice Glitch


We unlocked the next area after that race. Then it crashed as we entered a performance shop to apply newly unlocked mods. Oh well. We had a good run! And our alotted time was up... Awesome stream.

With that aswell, we also ended the week. Very very productive week! Very fun! Played alsorts of games for a change too which is always a plus! Definitely want to play more of all 3 games we streamed this week!

How did we do stats wise I hear you not ask?

Twitch.tv followers - 758 > 768

YouTube Subscribers - 102 > 102

Ooft! Awesome numbers! 800 by Christmas? Lets go!

Anyway, thats enough from me for another week, I'll let you go so something productive :P

Same time next week? Yes sir/ma'am!




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