JoeR247 Interviews... PixelFlameGaming

November 1, 2018


1. What is the story behind your channel name?

Well it was my old YouTube channel name back in 2015.

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

I was a really competitive quake player and halo player. My favorite game of all time is Quake. 

3. What/Who inspired you to start creating content on the internet?

Myself really My dream is helping people in need so that is another reason I started.

4. When did you start creating content on the internet?

YouTube but then mainly twitch

5. How did you find the first few weeks/months of content creation? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

Pretty good I got 61 followers but cant get an average of 3 viewers so looking for people to make a stream community 

6. How did you grow your channel? How did you network?

Mostly twitch some twitter

7. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Getting hosted by someone who got me 15 followers

8. How did you find the technical side of content creation? Setting up your channel, etc?

Exploring and YouTube

9. What do you enjoy most about your content creation hobby/career?

Interacting with chat

10. What don't you enjoy so much about your content creation hobby/career? 

When people aren't in your channel you just get lonely

11. What are you short term and long term goals for your channel/s? 

Short Term- Affiliate Program

Long  Term- couple thousand viewers

12. What advice would you give anyone looking to get into content creation?

Just stream constantly and don't give up 

13. Finally, what other content creators do you enjoy watching and recommend people check out?



PixelFlameGaming find their stream at

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