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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 29.10.2018

Eyup guys and gals! Welcome to a brand new week and brand new Week In Review blog from me, JoeR247! You totally meant to click on and read this right? You totally didn't get click baited into this link did you?

Of course not! You're hear to read all about the wonderful world of JoeR247 Empires!

Well... Lets crack on and get to the "Good" stuff

As always though, scores on the doors, just to keep track...

Twitch.tv followers - 777

YouTube Subscribers - 102

The "being in triple digits thing" still amazes me... :D


Welcome to Monday, a fine place to start any series of 7 days!

Remember House Starks words? Winter Is Coming.

Turns out its true. Winter came today. I don't like the cold. Can we undo? Go back to Summer? I didn't have to waste 5 minutes a day back then de-icing the car!

(The world famous JoeR247 mobile, as seen in Forza)

Monday was a non stream day, it was too cold and Joe was feeling under the weather with a sore throat. Not ideal for a very wordy hobby. Instead, the JoeR247 household reverted back to being 9 years old and ate Turkey Dinosaurs and Potato Smiley faces.

(No wonder people always say I'm 12...)

Kids meal eaten, we lurked on some friends streams and called it a night.


Happy Tuesday! Day 2 in our week in review and not alot happened... I tell a lie! JoeR247 went Live!

Remember last week we played alot of Two Point Hospital, on the Public Hospital, Duckworth Upon Blige?

Guess where we ended up again today...

(Time to cure the guys! But for free... Why tho?)

Back to Duckworth, we had got our 1 Star last stream, so time to head back and claim our 2nd Reward and congratulations. This time, it wouldnt be so easy.

Cure 100 patients, get a Rep and Staff morale to 75%


Rep is easy enough, but Staff Morale is a new one for me. I am known to be a cheapskate when it comes to staff pay rises, and especially on the level where money aint easy to come by.

Thankfully, Two Point Studio's Gary Carr was on hand with some words of Wisdom.

We decided to upgrade the staff facilities at the hospital, smash down some more Staff rooms and make the rooms abit more prestiguous.

And then I remembered. Public Hospital. I then spotted the bank balance was about £25k. And it was nearly the next pay day. Could this be the end of the series, as we go bust?

Thankfully not! We did a public challenge just in time. I then tightened the purse strings...

This hospital also had a new feature, Epidemics. These aint too fun. Big fat fail from me as what started out as 4 infected, quickly rose to about 20. I had 15 vaccines.

You do the maths on that.

Blood sweat and tears later, we dragged the morale and rep up to 75%! Got a less than impressive letter from the Health Minister and then got our 3 star requirements.

90% Morale and Rep. At this point I tapped out, and we moved on! This time, to the sunny region of the County! This time, we had to Cool the guys, not Heat the guys... Air Con is a wonderful thing. Apart from when the local Volcano erupts and breaks all of them. This was gonna be tricky... But that was time and we wrapped up the stream and day!


Welcome to Wednesday. Looking back, there was only one thing of note. JoeR247 ate an Orange.

(Still one of my 5 fruit and veg a day right?)


Its is now day 4 of this week. Its going well so far right? JoeR247 stumbled upon the below screen. For some reason or other, I was signed out of Twitch in my browser (Chrome Master race btw) and saw Twitch trying to tempt me to sign up to Twitch... Not sure Twitch can deliver on these promises...

(Other Fans?...)

We are big fans of physical Sub Perks at JoeR247 Empires. We offer stickers, however TheStitchyBaker offers something even better!

(YAAAAS QUEEN! Amazing Sub Perk from an Amazing Creative Streamer! Check her out!)

Friend of the Stream WobblyRedMan23 had been streaming the Fallout 76 BETA and I had to test it to see if it was going to be as weird/bad/pointless as I expected. So off to CDKeys I went. £1.50 later, we had a code for BETA access! Time to create a thumbnail image :D My favourite part of the job!

(War, War actually changed this time...)

Back to the present though, It was time to do a Stream! Time to race I think!

(Time to Drive the guys!)

Back to Britain in Forza Horizon 4! This time, feat. Maelchon! Time to have someone new to carry me in the game!

First of all though, My VIP perks finally paid off! Time for some easy cars and money! Super Wheelspins hype!

Wheelspin hype!


Oh... Nevermind then...

We did the racing, mainly Co-op, I didn't want to get humiliated and some Team Adventures. We didnt win much, but its taking part that counts anyway right?

Then, we heard the God Like alert... Maelchon demanded his 7th Dab. Sub hype! 7 months... Christ. I best be good value for money it seems...

Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Back to the racing, it was Forzathon time! The famous jumping off a hill 18 times in a row. Thankfully, I noticed a cheeky exploit. Then scored a rude number of points. I'm such a child...



Ok, time was running out on the stream, it was time for some Playground games. We set off to play Tig but in cars. Then the game decided I was too good so put an end to my fun. Time to glitch JoeR247 into a place he can't recover from...

Joe on his roof... again...


Eurgh. I think that was a sign to wrap it up. So we did! Day complete!


Welcome to Friday. Anyone a fan of Chicken? Of course you are. Look at the awesome burger Joe got from Nandos!

(Please give me a famous Black Card Nandos. I promoted your stuff for you)

Apart from that. Nothing really happened on this day... Moving swiftly on!


Welcome to Saturday! The lovely people at SEGA had a nice surprise for me! I got a code for Football Manager 2019! A series I am a massive fan of, but never really streamed. Until now!

Time to create a custom club! Today JoeR247 put the word out he was looking for fellow friends to sign up to have themselves appear in a custom team! Welcome to #WeAreHIVE FC

Coming to a stream near you soon!

(Time to manage the guys I guess!)

Saturday was a stream day. But before that, we needed some stream fuel. Queue the trip to McDonalds Drive through! 20 nuggets anyone?

(I swear I should be 20 Stone in weight by now...)

Right, the time we had been waiting for, 21:00. The time the Fallout 76 BETA began. Time to see how much of a flaming pile of garbage it was... We got in the game, and immediately found that Global open Mic was set. Wow. Disable that straight away before some 12 year old (other than me) decides to scream racial slurs down their headset...

(Urm. So yeah. Lets see how this goes...)

We left the Vault, having set our profile picture, and having another shamless plug of the JoeR247 mug.

Cup o' Joe


Time to start count of the amount of 420 XX 69 Gamertags. Sadly, the only gamertags we found by this stage were Maelchon, GGAAHHHHH and WobblyRedman. Thats right, this was a co-stream feat friends of the channel! What could go wrong...

Best Gamertags


Who clipped this? Nobody show WeAreHIVE me killing bees with a machete. Deal?



So we had squaded up at long last, done bits of the tutorial and started to get a feel for the game. Turns out it was quiet fun, it glitchy, I'm looking at you, Milk river...

Anyway, time to prove that we are all immature "Lads". Rob/GGAAHHHHH decided to take a nap. Cue the Teabagging...

Everyone loves a teabag


A bit later on, we had ventured futher afield, explorer the Airport, killed what seemed like 1000 Scorched, the only enemy that seemed to be in this game. I needed to BRB, so I found a camp and rested my characters head. Time to the "Lads" to mess about... cheers guys XD

Best teammates


Nearly 4 hours of BETA under our belts, JoeR247 was real sleepy. Maybe he shouldnt have eaten so many nuggets. Anyway, the BETA windows was drawing to a close, so we wrapped up the stream and left the wasteland behind. Would we return. Not sure. Maybe if the game performance improved, the world had more enemy variety and quanity and was around £20, I'd look to pick it up. But for me, it seems to lifeless... For now...


Welcome to the final chapter of our week together! It's been fun right? I'll pretend you said yes...

IRL non stream day today, but we still found things to talk about. Mainly the "Rigged Slots"

Only seem to be rigged if your name is BekahBear101 at the moment. I have no idea how she did it either. I'll be keeping my eye on her and trying to coax her into a mistimed !Slots All

(Why arn't I on my own leader board... :eyes: )

Anyone feeling Christmassy yet?...

(You should be now...)

So there we go. Thats the week. Nice and steady week with some good fun! Guys its Novemeber now! Its going to be my Stream Anniversary this month! Ideas for how to celebrate in the comments please!

Lets have a final recap on the stats

Twitch.tv followers - 777 > 775

YouTube Subscribers - 102 > 101

Oh bugger. Its not meant to go down... Oops XD

Oh well, Still better than the 10 I ever expected to get! Onto next week!

Right, thats enough for one week! Come back next week! It will be ok, I promise




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