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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 05.11.2018

Eyup! It's that time again, for better or for worse, JoeR247 is going to rant at you again about the past 7 days in JoeR247 Empires!

First and foremost, quick scores on the doors stats wise

Twitch.tv followers - 775

YouTube Subscribers - 101

Last week these went down. Lets try undo that...

Shall we begin?


Welcome to Monday! Today JoeR247 was IRL'ing, resting up for the next days streams.

We spent abit of today finalising the Football Manager 2019 stream! This meant creating the WeAreHIVE team! Did you make the cut? See the below image!

(World Champions this lot I tell yah!)

Set of winners right here! Or maybe not. We shall see when JoeR247 finally gets to becoming the Football Manager streamer he was born to be...

As it was an IRL day, JoeR247 spent it infront of the TV! It was getting closer and closer to the final season of Game Of Thrones. Time to recap! JoeR247 decided to rewatch the last 2 seasons of Game Of Thrones!

(You are now humming the theme tune to GoT)


Tuesday. Glorious day Tuesday. We started off this day like we spend many days, buying new Tee's from Qwertee. This time was slightly different however... As JoeR247 had completed his LoyalTEE card! This means a freebie! Wait and see what he's picked this time!

(Sponsor me Qwertee please :eyes:)

Tuesday was stream day! Time to finish this! Timed to become the #1 Racer in Need for Speed Underground 2! As long as it doesn't crash, or I don't crash...

(Time to hear Riders on the storm for one last time... :( )

20:00, we went live! Now, since last time, we had done some off stream grinding, mainly to try prevent the game crashing so much during the 1 vs 1 races, and this meant we had alot of special events to go do! Magazine covers, unique mods, you name it.

Speaking of awesome mods, Level 3 hydraulics anyone?... My car is now a ride....



Ok, time to tackle the magazine and DVD covers. Lets hope these are Safe for Work... And Twitch TOS freindly... Oh wait...

Slammed and what now?


Magazines and rude titles out of the way, time to tackle the big bad guy... Anyone remember what the plot to this game is? I forgot... Anyway, in order to do that, we had to finish some more lovely URL races, a downhill drift and yet more URL races, before the big boss turned up. I think Caleb was his name.

Anyway, final race of the game. 5 laps... This would be painful for it to crash on the last lap. JoeR247 had the bright idea of taking some shortcuts...

Best shortcuts


Hmm... Best stick to the road. 10 minutes later, we won! Game over, final cutscene, big hooray, then the game crashed... Typical.

Oh well, you all saw the victory cutscene. All is well! And that is another game finished on stream! GG me. I should have timed it for a speed run.


Its Hump day! Halfway through the week!

We started off with a before and after shot, of the Corsa which won us glory in Need for Speed Underground 2! Shes come a long way aint she.

(Admit it, you now want one #CarPorn)

JoeR247 Empires received some more post today.. From the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! USA!

That little Purple baby Gus goblin sticker thing of @GGAAHHHHH's Twitch channel sub perks! Time to add it to the collection of stickers decorating the JoeR247 PC! I need more Stickers from other content creators!

(PC looking awesome! Especially the JoeR247 logo, but I'm biased...)

Final piece of news from Wednesday, remember we ran a poll as I wanted more stickers making for the channel to give out as Sub Perks...? Well I got some ordered. These are gonna be good I feel.

(Watch this space for more Sticky action!)


Welcome to Thursday! JoeR247 fulfilled his goal in life to become a Football Manager streamer. But with a Twist.

Welcome to the birth of #WeAreHIVE FC!

(Football managment, how hard could it be?)

20:00, we kicked off! (See what I did there?)

Turns out we got puns at this channel, Hive/Busy little bee? Get it? Probably...



While we setup the team made up of friends and fellow content creators, we worked out how much of JoeR247's life had been invested in Football Manager thus far. Curious to see? Click the clip. Have a guess before you do though...

Had nothing better to do...


Ok, into the meat of the game, match day! Time to kick the balls!

JoeR247 scores! Oooft, MVP! This is EZ! (Granted it was against our academy kids but whatever! JoeR247 scored the guys!)

JoeR247 Scores!


Life was good, JoeR247 had his shooting boots on and then was made to DAB for MrsJoeR257's amusement. Sub Hype!

MrsJoeR257 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


The excitment of the Sub got JoeR247 abit giddy, and decided to test a new feature he'd been working on... Meet Big Joe...



What happenes when you offer a Dab for a sub? Turns out people smash the Sub button en-masse!

Time for Dabs for WobblyRedman and BlinkyDog00YT1

Wobblyredman with the Wibble Wobble Sub Dab Hype! <3


BlinkyDog00YT1 with the Sub Dab Hype <3


#DoubleDab! Note the epic Tier 2 from Blinky too

Football is a funny old game, you score, they score, you score, they score, your head is in your hands thinking all is lost, only for you to look back and find, HE WAS OFFSIDE! NO GOAL! VICTORY! Watch JoeR247 experience this roller coaster now...



Unfortunately, time ran out, our allotted time was up. Time to pack it up until next time. What we can do though, is check the results so far!

Unbeaten in the league! Epic! We shall return to WeAreHIVE FC soon!

(Promotion shall be ours!)


TGIF! This was meant to be a lazy off stream day. But Wobblyredman and Maelchon had other ideas. Peer pressure lead them into telling me to stream, Look what happened next...


(10pm unadvertised stream, what am I doing... :D )

So, at an unusual time, we downloaded the Season 6 update to MOS and went live, with song request good to go. Would ZombieDeath999 request Christmas songs? Let's see...

We started off doing the racing, had a good few entries including Alkokopla, who was playing their first ever Marbles on Stream. Safe to say, they have the worst luck. I didn't even know you could get stuck there...

Unlucky Alkokopla!


Oh look, Wobbly is in the lead, be shame if he got stuck in a hazard and JoeR247 stole the win right?

You right.

Rekt Wobbly


Turns out Marbles may be Pay to win. Wobbly used the ingame bitty cheer thing. Next thing you know, he's in the lead... I think we need more evidence :P

Wobblyredman with the Pay2Win


We eventually had races with 13 players, but JoeR247 wanted more. Time to use the charm tactics...

I don't bite... Hard


This particular level had an interesting name. Bet I can twist it into something mean about the channel. I win ;)

Welcome to Shattered Dreams


Urm.... Yeah...

Surely TOS?


It was super late by this point and Joer247 was a sleepy boi. Time to call it a night! Up next, Saturday!


Right, this was an actual Chill non stream day. Hair cut for the Mr then home. I wasn't moving anymore than needed. Time to catch up on more of the MCU. Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok adn then we are ready for Infinity War! Lets do this!

JoeR247 needed Twitters help. We had some new games lined up, but wasnt sure if people were ready for them yet. One way to find out. Cheeky Twitter poll! This time, featuring 2 mystery games.

I have no idea what caused you to vote for Mystery game 2 over 1, but good choice.

(All will be revealed soon...)


Right, final day of the week and this blog, lets make it a good one.


(I want a new case so bad. New 2080 would be nice too if anyone has one spare...)

Look what Mystery Game 2 was! Far Cry 5! Been looking forward to streaming this for a long time! Lets do it! 16:00, we went live!

(Promo image is fire)

Before we began though, SelekVaren, legend that he is, demanded 5 dabs from JoeR247 by smashing the Community Gift Sub! Time to dab... (Sadly, the GIF alerts wern't working this stream :( )

Selekvaren with the 5 gift subs!


Epic Dabs done, time to see what all the fuss about this game was for.

Oh, the bad guy. He's a creepy f**ker...

Oh hi!


We escaped the chopper, then had to be stealthy bois... With the ocassional murder...



In the daring escape, my partner wasnt the most considerate driver. Fans of the move Bambi, don't watch the below clip...

Poor Bambi


More stealth needed. It works well I feel :D Cheekydouble headshot. I AM OP!

Stealthy boi


Selek is a secret millionaire, or really likes watching me do the Dab! <3 to Selek for another 5 gift subs! <3

Selekvaren with the 5 gift subs x2!


Ok, we then discovered a new favourite weapon. Words cannot describ how awesome this is, so watch the clip

Cheeky spade


So we had dabbed 10 times so far. Trust GGAAHHHHH to appear and force the 11th <3 SUB HYPE!

GGAAHHHHH with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We progressed further in the game and got into the main part. Time to fully open world this thing! Also now featuring, the cutest Mans best friend ever! Squeal warning :D



Not long after finding the dog, we found a very sassy Turkey, Yes. I was attacked by a turkey. Thankfully, humans have evolved and devloped high powered weapons.

Turkey's haven't. Yet...

Wild Turkey!


Not long after the Turkey attack, we found a Silo we had to blow up. Easy right? Dynamite to the rescue.

Oh no. Not the Doggo! My bad, I may have exploded my dog. Soz doggo.

F for doggo


It was at this point though, we ran out of time. Pretty epic stream. Also shout out to @Blarla for teh epic raid, as I was on the BRB screen while I may or may not have been at the toilet... oops. XD

After that, we needed a big ass meal. CAVERY TIME.

(Oooft, Dat Yorkshire Pudding though)

So that's a wrap. Week over. Epic ass week! Next week has big shoes to fill, but I'm confident we can do it!

Before we part ways, lets have alook at the stats.

Twitch.tv followers - 775 > 782

YouTube Subscribers - 101 > 100

Yay Twitch, Boo YouTube. Thank the lord I'm not a primary YouTube content creator :D

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough! I shall let you escape. This time

Until next week, TTYL



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