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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 12.11.2018

Eyup! Welcome one and all! Tis another week in the wonderful world of JoeR247 Empires!

Come take a seat while I enthrall you with tales of grand victories in the big bad internet world!

Or just will I bore you with pictures of my face and logo.

Right, on with the show... or blog...

Lets recap the state of play before we get going though!

Twitch.tv followers - 782

YouTube Subscribers - 100

We want 800! Lets go!


Welcome to Monday! Beginning of the week! Also, the day JoeR247 noticed that the channel view count reached a certain milestone...

(Old as time meme Gif says it all really)

In other news, we had more Sub perks turn up! Remember we mentioned new stickers recently? THEY'RE HERE!


Actual good high quality durable stickers! Made of a glossy plastic so they wont rub away! All new subs get 2 of them on first sub, and existing subs will get them on their 3rd month Resub to the Twitch Channel!

All in all, productive day! Time to sticker all the things in the house again! Anyone seen the Ketchup bottle?...


STREAM DAY! Guess what we played today? JoeR247 knew as early as dinner time! It was time for more Hunting and Killing in Hope County in more Far Cry 5!

(Time to get eaten by more cougars...)

20:00, we went live!

We set off, looking for more loot in a preppers stash, only to find abit of a puzzle involving a grappling hook. How hard could it be?...



Ow. However, Turfy was on hand to cheer us all up. 11 month resub hype! <3 Will we see the first ever 12 month sub badge? đź‘€

Turfy with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Enough messing around with grappling hooks, time to go shoot the guys! Oh wait, I am weak to cars it seems... Pro tip, hit me with a car to cause massive damage...

Mown down...


Eventually, we found a plane. This couldn't end well could it? Let alone flying with a mouse and keyboard?... Well it didn't end well for that civilian...

Another Happy Landing


We liberated another base and had a nice simple quest of freeing the people from their "prisons"

Turns out one was in fact, a bear. Safe to say, didn't end too well... That's a reoccurring theme thus far :D



Some main story seemed to happen next, we had to rescue whats his face from the baddies. No problem, I'll chuck a molotov in to clear the baddies out. Oh, he was sat in the line of fire tied up... Ooops

My baaaaaad


Enough chaos caused, time to wrap up the stream before we kill any more innocents I think...


Hump day. The middle of the work week (assuming your the sort who works monday to friday, other wise, its just wednesday...)

JoeR247 got the funky camera out to show off the new stickers in action. Want to see the best xbox controller in the world? Feast your eyes!

(10/10, would control with)

However that wasn't the only piece of awesome that we got today. Nope! We got some fancy post from SEGA!

(Snazzy AF Two Point Hospital shirts! 3 of them! And a very special top secret Developer shirt too! SEGA do like to spoil me...)

Remember I keep going on about being on Twitch for nearly a whole year? Well, time to plan a celebration (If this is something that is worth celebrating...)

Introducing... JoeR247 Watches JoeR247! (Yes I am that vain, deal with it!)

Time to sit and watch all 7 montage/highlight/best-of compilation videos in a row with a Q&A!

(How hard could it be? To watch myself for 2/3 hours?)

We shall see next week...


Back to the Twitch channel today, we're going back to Hospital!

(Time to sort that old Sweaty Palms problem I've been having...)

We rejoined the hospital of Sweaty Palms, ready to cure the guys again! Turns out though, we had a big problem with Dr Maelchon. Turns out we'd been paying him $50k a year. No wonder we was losing so much money! Sad to say, we sacked him. (Not sad really :P)

We then built the Premature Mummification room, and while we decorated it, we accidentally build a shrine... to a Doge painting...

Doggo Shrine


You can tell this hospital is in a warm climate area... How so? People are clearly too warm for clothing... Is this against TOS?...

Excuse me, where are your clothes?...


Oh look, Joe cocked up again. Another room went bang. Isn't he meant to be good at this game?...



We ran out of time as we always do sadly, still missing that elusive 1st star on the hospital. We will return. This game will be completed one of these days!


Welcome to friday. Only one thing to report today. JoeR247 got more t-shirts. Just like any day really... XD

(My favourite saying, and a spider. Not affiliated with Disney or Marvel in any way...)


Welcome to Saturday! 10:00am, we went live!

(Yes, 10am. You read that right. Early shift at the hospital today!)

We started by heading off to Duckworth. Time to get that dam 3rd star. We did some work off stream to grind up to 200 cures, 90% Staff morale and Rep. Only had to finish it on stream. 30 or so mins in, we got the 3rd star, then ran away to a money making hospital. Just like the now Dr Maelchon-less Sweaty Palms!

Urm, We streamed for nearly 3 more hours, got the 1st and 2nd stars and then found our stumbling block on Star 3. Get the Hospital value to $5m!

We ended the stream (I was starving...) on a hospital value of $3.4m and with some work to do...

JoeR247 then ate some Large Chicken Wings.

Life was good.


Sunday, JoeR247 dropped a little teaser on the socials...

(Bet you can't guess what it will be...)

That about wraps up the week too... Short but sweet. How did we do numbers wise?...

Twitch.tv followers - 782 > 797

YouTube Subscribers - 100 > 100

Soooooo close to that 800 goal! Oh well, we always have next week!

Right, Go do something productive, oh and don't forget to come back next week!



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