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JoeR247 Interviews... crossterminal

1. What is the story behind your channel name?

The simple answer is that it is the merging of two characters I rped as in Matrix Online. (Cro5s, Terminal)

The longer story is that the community and rp development in Matrix Online impacted my life so much that the names serve as a reminder of what the gaming community could (should) be: Engaging, supportive, FUN and definitely creative!

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

Luckily enough, I was raised by a mom who loved video games in the early 80s! Particularly, Ms PacMan and Galaxian. She brought home an Atari one day and that was it for me!

On weekends I would spend time with friends at Chuck E Cheese or corner stores playing anything from Street Fighter to Galaga. Lining up quarters to secure your place for the next game was common. 

I was definitely a Mario kid and remember having burn in ruin a TV after I'd left Super Mario on while I was at school.

Remember having no save files guys?? Having to start a whole level over from the very beginning?? Those were the days  of true patience.

Happy to say my passion for gaming never waned as I got older and my Mom always supported my love for it. (Thanks Mom!) She brought home my first PC when I was 17 and I fell in love with RTS titles (Might and Magic, Age of Wonders) as well as Doom and Wolfenstein. 

I'll play just about anything and everything. My joy these days really comes from playing co-op or shooter games with groups of friends. 

3. What/Who inspired you to start creating content on the internet?

Twitch and YouTube feature so many helpful content creators. I really only started watching certain people to get better at Call of Duty or when I needed to learn new specs for raiding in World of Warcraft.

When PS4 added streaming capability, I started doing play throughs for friends who didn't have time or money to keep up their passion for gaming. They got to watch and keep up to date on new games being released. It allowed them to decide what games they wanted to buy with limited funds. And it was a chance for us to share the experience and really connect.

Streaming on Twitch regularly didn't even occur to me till I started watching Hazard, Vana, Runwyld, Bloodyfaster and Wish!

They're all amazing broadcasters with varied backgrounds in gaming and super inviting communities. Plus, a few of them run RP channels and my background in RP is what drew me to them. 

4. When did you start creating content on the internet?

I've been streaming from PS4 Live for over 2 years but I've upgraded my set up since all that. It'll be 5 months with a steady schedule on Twitch this December. 

5. How did you find the first few weeks/months of content creation? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

The reality of streaming is definitely different for every one of us.

My first few weeks of streaming were tense and I was constantly nervous about attempting to engage new people. It was hard juggling socializing with concentrating on the game. 

Luckily, I joined a couple of communities and they happened to be filled with helpful, super friendly streamers. WeAreHive and TheBNN!

After that I learned to take the time to care for my channel and community. 

While content is important, it's far more useful to spend time chatting with your viewers. The more you know and remember allows you to create an inviting environment for your regulars. It becomes a home for them. 

Treating everyone like a friend and getting to know them has completely changed my channel's vibe. It's helped to relax me and I don't dread having to interact with new viewers.

I've still had go live while mic is muted moments!! But it's not a nerve wracking moment now. 

6. How did you grow your channel? How did you network?

As I mentioned, I joined two wonderful communities. I take days during the week to go to other streams, support people I really enjoyed watching. I made friends and actually had conversations on Twitter posts and in streams. 

I cannot stress the importance of building relationships. IRL limits my time during the week. I do what I can to get out there and help other people. It does weed out the genuine folks from those looking for easy number boosts.

I also found myself tiring out at 4 or 5 days streaming during the week. Streaming is really a long haul hobby. Quality over quantity. 

It was better for me mentally and physically to shorten my stream times. My energy completely changed and I was able to bring better content to my community.

I also stopped focusing on the numbers. The less I stressed about growth the more fun I had when I was live. People don't realize this isn't an over night success story for most of us. If you're committed to growth, then build a strong foundation. 

7. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Every time my regular viewers meet someone new, engage them and welcome them openly....l'm super proud. 

8. How did you find the technical side of content creation? Setting up your channel, etc?

Holy moly. Bit of challenge if you're broke. As I said before, I started on PS4 Live and bought gear piecemeal over time. It took a year to get my PC upgraded and buy streaming equipment. (mic, camera etc) 

My background in IT helped a ton but I always feel bad for those less technically inclined when they want to start streaming from pc. 

So much information, almost too much at times.

I used TheFrugalStreamers YouTube channel and NikiTheLiger.com for most of my information. After that I played around with OBS and Slobs.

It's all a mad experiment!! 

9. What do you enjoy most about your content creation hobby/career?

Simply the interaction with other people. Not to go too deeply into my background but I have social anxiety and panic attacks. It's not easy for me to be completely comfortable around people.

This has been an amazing experience. I've made so many new friends who share my love of gaming and other nerdy stuff.

Plus side is more people to play with now!! 

10. What don't you enjoy so much about your content creation hobby/career?

Lack of time due to IRL job to really work on content and spend time streaming.

I do try to stick to a regular schedule but so often work has me shattered and I can't go live. Thankfully people are truly understanding and supportive. 

11. What are you short term and long term goals for your channel/s?

Looking forward to continuing to grow the channel. I'd like to revamp it within the next couple of months.

There are quite a few projects I have planned the would bring more interactive streams with my community.

Honestly, all of us say we'd love to be full-time but the reality is there are thousands of new streamers out there. I'm happy to just keep building upwards and maintain a tight knit community. 

12. What advice would you give anyone looking to get into content creation?

Figure out what makes you happiest when you're live. If you're enjoying yourself then your viewers will have a good time too.

Playing a game for views will only work for so long. If you're not passionate about it and engaging beyond... "Hey, how ya doing guys?"

People won't stick around.

Try not to rush and push for numbers. There are folks out here with amazingly successful channels and it took them years to get it right. 

Don't look to build Rome in a day eh? 

13. Finally, what other content creators do you enjoy watching and recommend people check out?

Beyond those I mentioned earlier... This is rough because I love so many of you folks:

oxporkchopxo Professorweird1 Kyberhearts Cynichrisc Unicornhair Deadheaddraven JoeR247 WestScottishWarrior  Ggaahhhhh ZacheyyD TwistyShape Katieee120 Dafemalephenom

It's easier to point and say go check out #WeAreHIVE #TeamBNN for some spectacular streams! Also, I recommend all sorts of awesome streamers on my Twitter feed daily! 

crossterminal is an adequate gamer with an obnoxious laugh and quite often cusses like a sailor. If you enjoy your game play (action, fps) drenched in sarcasm and sodium, she might be the streamer for you!

Hurl yourself willingly into the simulation: www.twitch.tv/crossterminal www.twitter.com/crossterminal

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