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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 19.11.2018

Eyup! It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life for me, yeah, It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life for me, And I'm feeling good

Its also a new blog post! Can you tell I'm running out of intros to this blog? Shall we begin? ITS ANNIVERSARY WEEK! Lets start with a recap and then a chapter on Monday...

Twitch.tv followers - 797

YouTube Subscribers - 100


Welcome to Monday! First of all, we started with some nostalgia, missing the thrills ans spills of EGX. Mainly as he found the wristbands from the event. There's always next year 😎

(After Party hype! Those were the days!)

As we approached our stream anniversary, it was time to recap. We found a website which could track our total time on each game... What would be at the top? Fallout 4? Forza Horizon 3? Two Point?

Nope... Good Old Theme Hospital! I had no idea I streamed it so much...!

(The OG Stream Game!)

JoeR247 had a delivery today, more T-Shirts, shock horror!

This one though was a special one! It came from RedBubble! Designed by friend of the channel, GGAAHHHHH! The awesome minimal Gus logo of his! It's super cute!

(Streamer merch is best merch!)


*Party popper goes off*

HOORAY! 1 YEAR AS A TWITCH STREAMER SURVIVED! That wasn't too difficult was it? We should celebrate! Anniversary stream? Lets do it!

(Back in 2017, where this whole mess began...)

20:00. We went live. Time to watch JoeR247 watch JoeR247 in some weird vain display...

We started off, ready to watch Volume 1 of 7 of the highlight videos, but you guys had other ideas... Shoutout to OdiBatterz, LolaSunnyButter, Barnesii, SelekVaren and BekahBear101 for saving their alerts for this special stream, and continuing their allegiance to JoeR247 Empires!

OdiBatterz with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


LolaSunnyButter with the Sub Dab Hype <3


Barnesii with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Selekvaren with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


BekahBear101 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


JoeR247 put out all the stops for this stream, including some fancy overlays! As demonstrated with the new cam frame... Fit perfectly

Nice hat


JoeR247 puts it best here, describing the footage on screen as Evidence. The lawyers won't be happy...



Remember the fancy poster we have in view of the cam screen? Member I read it out in a funny voice that one time? Time for some inception to hurt your heads...

Eat Sleep Game Repeat x2


Did we mention we had our very first Q&A on this stream? Any reason for Joe to talk about himself I guess... And time to state the obvious...

Tell us something we don't already know...


There we go anyway. Streamaversary and Q&A Survived. Channel didn't get banned. I call that a success! Heres to the next year!


Welcome to what is now officially, year two of JoeR247. You'v heard the saying S.S.D.D right? Same Shit, Different Day? Consider this S.S.D.Y

We had alot of admin to do. Remember we now have new stickers? Well, it was time to get some sent out to recent sub! I best write some letters and get some Stamps!

(Poor postman has some post to deliver. #BlameJoe)

We got a present from Best Mod. All Hail MrsJoeR257 for her amazing card and gift! #Spoilt

(Drunk stream when?...)


Ello Thursday, Whats going on today? Let me tell you, we started off with a reason to celebrate! We had reached 800 followers on Twitch! I know I keep saying it, but Wow, I never expected to hit 10 back when I started so its truly remarkable!

(Inb4 the time you come to read this, its dropped to under 800...)

JoeR247 decided to have a poll for that nights stream, but using a different method. We went to Instagram and made a poll!

Forza VS Far Cry 5! Who would win?...

(Hunting and Killing in Hope County it is! Nobody like Forza anymore?...)

(Time to kill the guys! And not be killed by Turkey's again...)

20:00, we rejoined the adventures of JoeR247 in Hope County! Ready to kill the guys!

Before we could get into full swing however, TheAngryBritAlex smashed the Sub button so hard theres nothing left of it! Time for a DAB!

TheAngryBritAlex with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


It was time to hit the road and find some more missions to get rid of those pesky Seeds. It was also time to hit the lake. With my truck. Trucks and lakes dont mix well it seems.

Driving skillz


Oh look, it Alkuran. It DAB time! Sub Hype!

Alkuran with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We eventually made it, in one piece, to the misson. We found the Sniper lady. Time to take on wave after wave of enemies. How hard could it be???

Turns out very. Time to die alot. This was painful. Until I found a secret weapon to use on the Fire guys. Remote Explosives are great!



Oh look kids, the man child on the Internet is Dabbing again! #BlameEmentalo for smashing the Sub Button once again! :D

Ementalo with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We stumbled upon a farm and found a Tractor. For some reason, chat insisted I got in it. I wonder why... Oh I see... Thats a good vehicle to have...

I've got a new vehicle...


We then found a guy who seemed distracted. I know how to get his attention... Police brutality FTW!

How to get attention 101


That pretty much summed up the stream, and the day! Next stop, Friday!


We got Stickers! JoeR247 also found his 3DS and Pokemon game. Time to catch the guys! Sadly off stream as no caputre card... Those Stickers though guys...

(Best DS. Dont @ me)

Remember last week, we teased that Joe was in the editing booth? Want to see what he cooked up? Only Volume 8 of the so called best bits! Want to see it? Click the image below!



Welcome to Saturday, not much to report. We went outside. I took this photo. Let's leave it at that...


Sunday Hype! Sunday usually means Speed, AND TODAY WAS NO DIFFERENT!


We hit the road and went Live! We had a new secret weapon up our sleeve fro this stream as JoeR247 had been tinkering in the garage off stream...

We had a new Stream theme song wrote for us in the chat. What do you think? Catchy, and accurate. Thats the sign of a good Jingle...

New song


JoeR247 likes his Ford Transit. Can you tell?...



Remember the Secret weapon mentioned earlier? Meet the Vauxhall VX220... We found a victim to use on on too. Until they realised they were no match for it!... #RageQuit!

And then there was one


Surely you know by now, it's not a racing game stream unless Joe flips his car... Intentionally or otherwise. WELL... This time it was intentional, and Style points for dayzzzzzz



With that, we wrapped up the stream, and the week!

Shall we check the scores on the doors?

Twitch.tv followers - 797 > 804

YouTube Subscribers - 100 > 100

Ooft, that 804 is sexy. Next step? 1000? I'll do you a deal. If we get to 1000, I'll do a horror game.

Don't say I don't spoil you.

Anyway, Go do something productive now, Until next week, I've been JoeR247 and its been a fun year. Here's to the next one!




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