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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 03.12.2018

EYUP! ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS! 🎄🎅 Welcome to December! Hope we are all well and getting into the festive spirit!

Are we allowed to put the tree up yet and setup a Xmas themed Overlay...?

Whilst you answer that, I'll crack on and talk about the past 7 days in JoeR247 Empires! We'll start with a monday, just after we check the stats!

Twitch.tv followers - 805

YouTube Subscribers - 99


Tis Monday! Shall we do a Monday stream. We never seem to monday stream, until today! We hit the roads of Forza Horizon 4!

(Why don't I own a Senna in real life yet?...)

We went live and got behind the wheel. Did I mention we had a new JoeR247 Mug? I think I should remind you all..

Mug goals tho


While we got the feel for the controls again, we had some rust to shake off, JoeR247 "parked" his car. Well I say parked...

It stuck...


We carried on our adventure around the roads of Britain when something new happened. We got an annoymous Sub gift! Going to Voltx_7! Forced Sub Hype! Cool new feature Twitch added!

Voltx_7 with the Gifted Sub Dab Hype! <3


Guess what happened later. Joe Flipped a car. Shock horror. Tradition at this point right?

Obligatory flip


We eventually found some people to race with, and got put onto an epic custom route. Time to rage as I miss all the checkpoints. Anyway we got on to the topic of car horns. Turns out theres a JoeR247 horn, and by that, we mean not in a good way...

Annoying, loud and long...


After that, we ran out of time and had to go refuel the cars until next time.


Nothing to see here, move alone please.


Want to see what JoeR247 had up his sleeve, straight from the presses at Two Point Studios...?

Some special new DLC for a particular Hospital based game... 👀


Snowy DLC! Just in time for the festive period! Welcome to Bigfoot! 3 new hospitals with 34 new conditions and loads of new in game items!

Can you guess what we played tonight?

20:00, we ventured to the mountains of Two Point County!

Oh look, a christmas tree... Anyone know any carols?...



So we found the first new interesting illness pretty quickly. Welcome to the dog related illness. Want to see my reaction to the cure process?... Its a good one 😆

Poor Doggo!


Shortly after we spammed more Christmas trees down, we had to dab! Maelchon smashed the Sub button yet again! OR forgot to cancel it, either way, DAB time!

Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


After the dabbing, we had a challenge from the Hotel we were getting funding from. Get no deaths... in 60 days...

If your familiar with the Two Point playthrough, you know this is an impossible feat for me. Or is it...? Headphone users, be careful watching this one...

No Deaths!


Eventually, we got our 1st star, and decided to move on to the next hospital to see what else was new. Turns out alot... Meet the Robots and Dinosaurs...

Robot vs Dino!


Before we finished though, we had one final Dab to perform. Introducing Barnesii with yet another DAB! He keeps telling me he hates the dab... Yet they keep happening due to him... 🤔

Barnesii with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


That about wrapped up the stream. but not before we took a moment or two, to line up a screenshot. As you will see below, JoeR247 was hosted on the SEGA channel again! Those boys and girls at SEGA are way to kind to little old me! Still blows my mind everytime!

So cue me, lining up a cheesy ass grin to camera, only to wait for the Twitch Delay to get that perfect screenshot. I'm so vain...

(JoeR247 in association with SEGA... Never going to get tired of that)


Data not found, please move along...


Howdy folks, TGIF! Look at this! Me and David Attenborough are on first name terms. The BBC are cool like that.

(Damn right the BBC refers to me as JoeR247)

Moving on, its that time of year where Apps give you reviews of your year. Cue Spotify, and my top 100 songs of the year. Look at what appears in mine. I approve of this.


Back on topic of the whole content creation thing, we did a stream. More Bigfoot DLC anyone?

(Time to heat/cure the guys!)

20:00, we went live! We got our 1 star on Swelbard and took the opportunity to go open a Castle based hospital. Goals amirite?

This was gonna be a big one, 20 plots available. This was going to be a task!

During this stream. It was time to DAB! Mrs Joe, bless her with a 5 month resub, and WobblyRedMan23 smashing that 6 month sub badge! The Red badge! Next stop, the Pink 12 month one?

MrsJoeR257 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


WobblyRedMan23 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We just about got the 1st star before it was time to wrap up for the night! We shall aim for 3 stars on the first Hospital next stream I think!


Urm... Pass?


Welcome to the final chapter of this week! Time for something completely different! Time to grow our giant space plant and Grow Home!

(How many Viagra jokes can we make about this...)

I bet none of you expected this... I didn't either until this morning to be fair! I just got the urge!

Anyway, we set off as Bud on the planet with the goal of growing our Star Plant back up to our Mother ship! What did JoeR247 do first instead though? Well first he found the self destruct button, and then found a poor space sheep to abuse... and drown...



This game, it seems had alot of potential for innuendo. Heres some!

"How to make it bigger!"


We eventually got some power ups and mastered the basic controls. We were also quiet high up in the game world. Joe also found another sheep. Can you guess what happened next?

Sheeeeep V2


This next clip is teetering on the very edge of Twitch TOS... Watch at your peril.

Thats fine...


Would it be a stream if there wasn't a dab? This stream had a dab. All thanks to the legend which is GGAAHHHHH! SUB HYPE!

ggaahhhhh with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We got around 1200m of the 2000m goal when we had to call it a night. It had been a very Christmassy stream, with song request getting well and truly abused by Wobblyredman... But he did fix it so I'll let him off...

With that, we ended the week! Really fun week with a load of fun games played! How did we do stats wise?

Twitch.tv followers - 805 > 806

YouTube Subscribers - 99 > 101

Back into 3 digits on YouTube! Happy days!

Right, enough from me for another week! Go get some mince pies and mulled wine!



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