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JoeR247 Interviews... Scotty88g1

1. What is the story behind your channel name?

It’s the name I’ve alwasy used for everything so I decided I will use the name of my childhood gaming

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

I love RPG and BR games war inspired games my all time favourite game from this side of the 00 was Battlefield 4, and command and conquer was my all time favourite.

3. What/Who inspired you to start creating content on the internet?

My self really Ive played video games since I was about 9 I’m now 30, and seen I can make money and make new friends and build a following but I watched timthetatman for a few years.

4. When did you start creating content on the internet?

July 18

5. How did you find the first few weeks/months of content creation? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

Hard trying to get a following and not knowing what to do how to network, I’ve not had a bad mistake happen yet lol but it will come

6. How did you grow your channel? How did you network?

TSAN has helped loads but mainly twitter and Facebook

7. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Making a community

8. How did you find the technical side of content creation? Setting up your channel, etc?


9. What do you enjoy most about your content creation hobby/career?

Marking new friends

10. What don't you enjoy so much about your content creation hobby/career?

The cost of having a good channel

11. What are you short term and long term goals for your channel/s?

Short term I’ve achieved and long term just want to keep entertaining my community, but have a large following

12. What advice would you give anyone looking to get into content creation?

Won’t hurt to try

13. Finally, what other content creators do you enjoy watching and recommend people check out?

Onlyjoeyd, Steveyde, waffles these helped alot

Scotty88g1 is a streamer that likes to entertain and play video games like BR and FPS come say hi. Find him at www.twitch.tv/scotty88g1

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