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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 10.12.2018

EYUP! Yes I'm still doing this. Try stop me... Anyway, new week! Its getting close to Christmas boys and girls! Hope you've all sent off your letter's to the fat guy in the North Pole. I have! I asked for Twitch Partnership. I never heard back... 😒

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, blog thing. Lets see what happens this week! Lets see if Santa delivers...

As always, we'll check the stats, cos thats probably a good metric to see if all this is worthwhile?

Twitch.tv followers - 806

YouTube Subscribers - 101

Please God, let us keep in 3 digits this week on YouTube!


Welcome to chapter one of this week. Nothing of note happened. Urm... I need to force myself to do more. 🤣


Welcome to chapter two of this week! Stuff happened today! Fear not!

We started off, with a package in the post. Friend of the channel BekahBear101 had sent us the most amazing gift. What do we think of this?

(The Official #BabyR247/Player 3 countdown has begun!)

Eagle eyed followers will have seen this aswell... Turns out I'm addicted to Chocolate Oranges. Pls sponsor me Terry's

(INB4 Fat JoeR247)


Wednesday next! Speaking of Fat JoeR247, tis the season for pies and cakes!


Right Joe, real talk, you're supposed to be a content creator, yet all we've seen so far is food. Fix it.

Ah right... Shall we do a stream?

Thanks to Keymailer.co, myself, Wobblyredman, Maelchon and Ementalo got preview keys to the game Big Crown Showdown! Looks a real fun 4 player brawler. Be rude not to stream it right?

21:00, we went Live.

(Time to kill the guys and #RuleTheCouch!)

So the 4 of us jumped into a discord call, I setup a mic toggle button as not to talk the other guys to death and we started to brawl.

Well, before the brawl. Something incredible happened.

Turfy with the 12 month Sub Dab Hype! <3


Turfy hit the Sub button for a 12th month in a row. A feat JoeR247 had never thought possible.

Much love to Turfy for his continued support of the Empire. I best think of a 12 month sub perk...

So into the game. We got assigned the green guy and set off to kick the other guys off the map and to their doom! First round, first to 20 points. How did we do?

On the podium!


Dam Maelchon! I shall have my revenge!

Speaking of Maelman, he was abit lost for words in this next moment. He may be the winner, but at least I know what the game is 😜

Silly Maelman


I found the reason I was losing. JoeR247 is technically colour blind! This game is unfair! (Not really. I'm just looking for any excuse for my lack of skill.

Not fair on colour blind people


The next round was close, too close for comfort. I was out of the running, but Ementalo needed to be stopped. Cue Maelchon to save the day! No pressure!

The Pressure!



We wrapped up the stream, Maelchon and Ementalo victorious, me and Wobbly the also rans.

The highlight of the stream though, was Turfy getting his hands on the Pink Sub Badge. See Twitch, I need Partner now so I can have a 2 year sub badge for him to aim for 😁


Welcome to the next day! The Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate edition paid off today, we had the new expansion coming out! At 6pm however... Not sure why. Anyway, we left the Windows Store to do its thing and preload the DLC... or so we thought...

20:00, we went live, ready to drive to Fortune Island...

(Time to crash off the sheer cliff edges!)

We booted the game up, and hunted for the fast travel marker. Nothing appeared. Cue 10 mins of panic. To google! To Reddit! To Twitter

"Where is Fortune Island...?"

Oh... They released a last minute update. 7GB. And the Microsoft Store didn't think to check for me.

Doh... Always test your stuff Joe...

So, to fill the time, we carried on with the base game, downloading the update while streaming, which worked well to my surprise...

Somehow, the Sub count came up. Somehow, someone gifted ZombieDeath999 a sub. Time to dabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

ZombieDeath999 with the Gifted Sub Dab Hype! <3


We did a first for the channel, a manual chat command, Someone types !download in the chat, and I update them on how longs left on the download. Novel feature if you ask me. Must be a first for Twitch.

While we waited for the off road/drifty DLC, we did some off road/drifty racing. To Classical music. Long term channel followers know how this usually goes...

More classical...


RIGHT! The download finished! Time to head to Fortune Island! But first, the minimap advertised a hidden board we needed to smash. Oh its this one. The super sneaky one.

Thankfully, we have just the thing for this... Bring out the Peel P50!

Hidden board!


We eventually boarded the hovercraft and set off to the island! And what a greeting we got on arrival! (Despite it being an hour later than planned...)



I'm moving to Fortune Island. Look at that sky!!!!!!

Dat sky tho!


Remember Wobblyredman and his Wibble Wobbles? We were long overdue a new one right?

Wibble Wobble!


Now TwistyShape... I'm so sorry for what happened here. Lets pretend it never happened. (Despite me drawing interest to it here....)

Poor Twisty


Sadly, our first look into Fortune Island was over as quickly as it began. Thanks to the Microsoft Store we only got an hour out of the DLC. Fear not though! We shall return to to Fortune Island!


Nothing to see here. Pls move along


Today JoeR247 and MrsJoeR257 found out something amazing. What flavour baby BabyR247 would be! It's totally going to be a tease though for now, so you can keep guessing.

(Boyby or Girlby - Place your bets!)

Speaking of flavours, it was time for lunch. I'm hungry just looking at this picture again. Safe to say, it was good stream fuel.

(Pls sponsor me El Mexicana)

20:00. Live time! Shall we get some more stars in Two Point Hospital's BigFoot DLC?

(Cure the Guys time - Snowy edition!)

So for this stream, we returned to the Underlook Hotel, with the goal of the 2nd and 3rd stars! Could we get them? Lets find out!

The !name command was in good use today! Time for LolaSunnyButter and Turfy to enter as patients! Time to treat them. Then I sounded like Liam Neeson in that film...

I will find you...


Speaking of those guys, they both turned up at Nurse MrsJoeR257's treatment room at the same time. This couldnt end well could it?

Mrs Joe Vs Turfy and Lola


What is it about JoeR247 and hospitals and innuendo? Never a good combination. Especially in the DNA room...

DNA everywhere...


Remember the points you win by lurking, subbing and hosting. We have a new name for them! Fake Internet Joe Points. Catchy right?

Dem JoeR247 points


Oh look, time to dab on the internet again! you all love that part right? Well if not, blame Aingelsharc for smashing the sub button for a 4th time! <3

Aingelsharc with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


As we neared the end of our objectives, it was time for more GP's offices... but we needed more space for this! Sadly, we had to evict Frosty the snowman. Sorry Frosty...

F for Frosty


Eventually, we got our 3rd star! Staff morale was exceptional, as always in a JoeR247 healthcare facility, and we moved on! Sadly the stream ended there, so we shall have to wait for our next trip to Swelbard!


Dno mate. Not alot to say here. Shall we call it there?

So another successful week in JoeR247 Empires! I think so anyway! Do the stats at the end of the week agree?

Twitch.tv followers - 806 > 804

YouTube Subscribers - 101 > 103

Oh. -2 and +2 means we broke even! Yay! I'll count that as not a loss!

Anyway, go away now. I'm done telling you how awesome I am.

Don't forget to come back next week. It'll nearly be christmas then. What are you getting me?




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