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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 31.12.2018

Oh hello! EYUP! It me! Remember me? I think I last blogged W.C 10.12.2018... Yeah... It's been a while! My baaaaaaaaad!

I can explain! I was ill! Man-flu is deadly did you know! Oh and it was Christmas! Merry Christmas if you celebrated it Happy Holidays if not!

So there's abit to catch up on... Mainly I was ill. There was some streams. Mainly with me with a cough and bunged up nose... Exciting stuff!

So 2019, new year, new me! To commemorate this, we have a new look for the Week In Review Blog! Bit more exciting than the last one!

Shall we crack on then with the first week of 2019? Lets! But first, where did we leave off stats wise before the break?

Twitch.tv followers - 804

YouTube Subscribers - 103

Good numbers, Lets try increase them in 2019!


Welcome to Monday! The man flu was finally disappearing from JoeR247's system, and it had been almost a week since the last stream, and JoeR247 had a brand new game ready to show off on the channel...!

Time to Car jack the guys! Welcome to Liberty City!

(Time to go #BowlingWithRoman in GTA IV! This should be good!)

Thats right! As Red Dead 2 isn't on PC, time to go back to some Old school Rockstar Open World gaming, with 2008's Bowling Simulator, GTA 4!

We continued life as Niko Bellic in Liberty City having done a small stream of it the day before, helping Dimitri upset some S3X Shop workers. Mainly by shooting them in the privates...

Shot him in the dick!


Gential assault out of the way, time to Dab! Oh Look. Ementalo and Hill1030 want to see the trademark JoeR247 Dab! I best not dissapoint! Time for the final dabs of 2019!

Ementalo with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Hill1030 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Somehow, we ended up having to do something very naughty, which JoeR247 Empires does not condone. We went Drinking with Little Jacob. He made us drive. We definitely should have got a taxi...

Don't do what JoeR247 does do...


By this point, Joe was ready for a nap. Bloody man flu... We shall return to Liberty City before too long, fear not!

Today was also New Years Eve! We sat and watch the Twitch New Years Eve stream of Ninja, doing the Floss in Times Square, in which non of the audience joined in with. He should have done the JoeR247 Dab. Never fails...

Anyway, the clock hit 00:00 and we entered a new year! Happy 2019 everyone!

(New years resolution - Keep being amazing)


Welcome to 2019! Guess what...

Despite what Maelchon and WobblyRedMan say, I'm not 12, or 13, or 14. JoeR247 is old AF right now. Happy birthday me. I should celebrate...

Oh look, JoeR247 is at the Cinema, drinking something exotic. Reason for the drinks? JoeR247 was seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse! The even better bit? MrsJoeR257 paid!

(Drank!!!!!!!!! Cinema!!!!!! Popcorn!!!!!)

Spider-Man was an amazing film and I urge anyone with an interest in the webbed hero to go see it!

We got home from the Cinema and was in the mood to do a special stream! Cue a new party game!

(Oh god. This has been on the cards for a long time, but its finally happening. Time for some fun totally NSFW Drawful...)

First of all, shoutout to LolaSunnyButter / Ementalo / WobblyRedMan / TheStitchyBaker for their awesome Steam Gift cards which helped make this stream game possible!

20:00, happened, then we went live. Birthday streams never end well right?

We started off, with JoeR247 with a special badge. I wont spell it out, but it was rude... See for yourself...

Birthday Badge!


So we had a few rounds of Drawful. Mainly with Lola doing self promo. Mainly with terrible drawings from me. But we were on the final round, MrsJoeR257 had an impressive lead. Could she be stopped? Oh wait, It me!

Unlucky Mrs Joe!


Remember I mentioned that this could get NSFW really easily... Yeah... See for yourself guys.

What is this Thing....


After that, I decided it would be for the best to change games. Time for some Fibbage! Time to see who the best liar is...

Cue BekahBear entering all the rude words. I swear shes trying to get me banned!

A what now...?


JackBox clearly wasnt enough fun for TheStitchyBaker and Unicorn hair, they demanded the JoeR247 Sub Dab! Cue the dab!

TheStitchyBaker with the sub dab hype! <3


UnicornHair with the sub Dab Hype! <3


A few rounds later, MrsJoeR257 wanted to get me banned too it seemed. More rude fibs in the game of Fibbage.



We ended up on some Lie Swatter after that as the stream got busier, and we wanted everyone to get involved. At this point, my brain was mush, trying hard to work out what half of these US based lies were even asking me!

After that, we wrapped up with a final game of Fibbage. I didn't win. Sad times.

Happy new year. I'm old AF right now.


Ummm, pass?


New Year, new me, new diet? No... What do you mean Joe found more Chocolate oranges? God dammit. Ya boiz getting fat...

(Vote them, best to worst in the comments so I can silently judge you...)

We got some post at JoeR247 Empires today. A birthday card from WobblyRedMan and TheStitchyBaker! An amazing birthday card, I'm sure you'll agree!

(Guys, actually 14 now, we discussed this!)

Not sure if you realised, but JoeR247 was hooked on the tales of Niko Bellic in Liberty City... so 20:00, we booted up OBS and GTAIV, and went bowling again!

(Oh boy, here we go killing again!)

GTA Time! Time to get hype! We started off still in the crappy appartment which Roman owned, doing the crappy jobs for the other gangsters. Such is life.

We then found ourself in a police car. Fun fact. Emergency vehicles dont have to pay at the toll booth on the bridge! Watch as JoeR247 demonstrates, without a hitch! Or flips his car. You decide...

Police car Perks


Speaking of excellent skills behind the wheel, our dear friend Brucie, entered us into a race. He obviously watches JoeR247 play Forza Horizon 4 on YouTube, or whatever the GTA universe equivalent is... Anyway. Heres some excellent tips and tricks I use while racing.

Driving Master


It sadly didn't end well. We flipped the car. I'm still not sure how. Time to try again...

That's not a boat


I really shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel... Sorry Brucie... Ask Roman to drive for you.

Eventually we won the race, Told you I'm not a terrible driver, and we carried on with the game.

Now for a slip of the tongue. This could be taken so out of context, so I'm putting it to rest now. I meant Blow the dudes up with a shotgun. Nothing sinister or rude...

Blow the dudezzz


We eventually found ourselves on the 2nd island! This game is really coming into form now. No more tutorials, just straight up action. I love it!

Sadly, time was up. We had to wrap up. IRL work means sleep is needed sadly 😒


Non stream day! TGIF and all that jazz. Time to kick back with a Nuka Cola!

Not really, but the next best thing! A Lilley's Cider Cola/Cider mash up that MrsJoeR257 got me. It was good. I need more...

(@Lilleys - Send me more pls)


Right, we start of Saturday with some troubling matters

Someone has stolen my catchphrase and put it on a cushion...!

(Wait till my lawyers here about someone else using this common Yorkshire saying for profitable gain... 👀)

Jokes on them though, my design for Ey Up is miles better!

Saturday was a stream day, but JoeR247 needed to mix it up abit and give some of the old games some love. Time for a Twitter Poll

Two Point Hospital VS Forza Horizon 4

What did you want to see?...

Looks like we're curing the guys again! Time to wrap up warm. 20:00, we're heading back to the Big Foot DLC!

(Insert 3 stars here)

First objective, get 3 stars on Swelbard. Done! We trained the guys and cure the guys enough to Tick off all the objectives. EZ

Next stop, get our 2nd and 3rd on Roquefort Castle. How hard could it be.

First of all though, we had Dr MrsJoeR257 making flirty eyes at the patients. I need serious words with her about this... 😜

Blame Dr Mrs Joe


Things then got abit weird as we waited for the ghost capture requirement. JoeR247 used the patented JoeR247 Bottle opener, sadly, it didn't too well. JoeR247 saw a face in the cap. Cue the madness...



Whilst we waited for some more for more ghosts to be captured (I need to kill more people it seems...) we had Odibatterz use the !name command! He took the brave choice of being a patient. I think his real issue was how door handles work based on this clip though.

Odi vs the Door


Eventually, we did it! We Captured 200 ghosts! Would have been alot sooner if we didn't have such an awesome hospital. We claimed our 2nd star and wrapped up the stream! Only 1 left until we have completed the BigFoot DLC and return to the main game!


IRL day. Birthday meal V2. Look at mine and MrsJoeR257's food.

(The cheesecake was all mine. I don't share cake...)

Then we went home and napped. Thats about as much as I remember for the week. Thats probably a good place to wrap it up on.

In summery, man flu sucks. Shall we look at the scores on the doors since the last blog post, 2/3 weeks ago?

Twitch.tv followers - 804 > 816

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 103

Good times.

Well we said goodbye to 2018 and welcomed in 2019. I got a good feeling about this year. Until BabyR247 arrives. Then I may need to rework my schedule. We can work that out later though. It'll be all-reet as they say!

Right, go away and read something interesting for a change, like this article on the 2015 Baltimore Ravens season


I will see you next week for more #WeekInReview!



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