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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 07.01.2019

EYUP! Welcome welcome welcome! Tis a brand new week! You know what that means right? Time for Uncle JoeR247 to teach you all the things he learned in the past 7 days! Hopefully some of it will be related to Twitch and content creation... Shall we see?

Lets begin with Monday... just after we check the scores on teh doors stats wise!

Twitch.tv followers - 816

YouTube Subscribers - 103

Cool. Monday next.


Welcome to the start of the week! JoeR247 was starting the week off as a lazy boi, with a day off work! There was a good reason though this time! It was time to go see #BabyR247!

(Future Twitch partner right there, give it 13 years so we arn't in breach of Twitch TOS...)


Back onto current day present streamers, JoeR247 made the most of the day away from work and hit the streets of Great Britian in Forza Horizon 4! We had more Treasure to find in Fortune island!

20:00 - We went live!

(Place your bets on how many times we have to use the rewind feature as we drift off the side of the sheer cliff face...!)

We returned to Fortune Island, trying to find our fortune, and decided to give the new cars abit of a spin! Joe had prepped some new cars off stream and was ready to drive them off a cliff! Literally...

"Failed the Speed Zone"


Shame it wasn't intentional...

Shall we start the week off with a JoeR247 Dab? MrsJoeR257 certainly thought so! Time for the Dab!

MrsJoeR257 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We had a new feature for 2019! MrsJoeR257 had bought JoeR247 a Fact a day calendar. Todays fact? A pencil can write for 35 miles. Then the link between Joe's mouth and brain got disconnected. It got inappropriate. I still cannot watch this clip back...

Pencil Facts! AKA When the link between your brain and mouth isn't regulated


Remember this game has novelty horns? And we have wanted the Windows XP noise for almost forever? This changed today... 👀



GolithanGaming appeared during a Forzathon event, ready to carry me as always! We had an awkward speed zone to complete. Off road, with just 3 players. This wasn't going to be easy. Thankfully, the magic number (247 in case you wasn't aware) appeared and made everything better!

247 MPH!


We went up against the AI in a battle of wills, leading to some death defying stunts. Thankfully, the death was that of the AI. No JoeR247's were injured during this event.

Good jump!


Shall we Dab again? Wobblyredman certain felt it was time to dab again!

Wobblyredman23 with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Remember kids, if you look up Extraordinare in a dictionary, there's a photo of JoeR247. Here's why...

Twitch Streamer Extraordinaire


Sadly, we had to end our Forza'ing there. Time had run out, we finished the stream, worrying if JoeR247 was developing tourettes. Maybe he should stay away from facts of the day... We shall see!


Day 2. So far so good. Day 2 was made all the sweeter by seeing this twitch achievement. We got a huge 30 person raid in the Forza stream which was amazing to see, but I had no idea about the viewer amount. JoeR247 has recently hidden the view counter altogether. So had no idea if he was streaming to 0 people, or 1,000 people.

Everyone recommends this, but nobody ever seems to want to do it. JoeR247 took the challenge was was shocked to see this after the fact.

So this a nice surprise...

(I don't even know 50 people... 🤔)

When JoeR247 arrived home this evening, he found an interesting item in the post from Inky Gorilla, who you may know, made the





poster which is featured on the Twitch channel webcam.

Whats the item? Some awesome looking nerdy Valentines cards! Unsigned and sealed thankfully! That would be difficult to explain to MrsJoeR257...

Really cool cards so if you're significant other is into that sort of thing, go hunt him down on Etsy!

(Mrs Joe didn't get the references... For shame...)


Day 3. Lets shoot some people shall we?

20:00 - We hit the streets of Liberty City!

(Wonder if Roman will ever ask us to go bowling...)

Now we had reached the big city and shining lights of Algonquin, we needed to look the part. To the fancy suit shop! Fancy suit bought, we needed some nice wheels. Time to go car "shopping"

How convenient they had lots of models in stock to pick from for a test drive...

Car Shopping Part 1


As we had a fancy new car (on loan) and suit, it was time to go show Liberty City our new style. Time to go play some Pool with Roman. Naturally, with a stylish entry to the destination...

Arrive in style


Do you remember way back when this game came out, all the controversy from parents?

I've no idea, why? Its just a lovely Pool simulator! Who could be offended by that? 👀

GTA isn't how I remember it...


Yeah. I'm not great at pool IRL. Or in games. Figures...

I lose...


Again, another event I'm not proud of. Just F for the scooter rider is all I can say...

Mad stunts


The car which we had on Loan wasn't running too well. I think I should go demand a refund, or at least an exchange. Sadly I didn't keep the receipt so it wasn't as smooth an exchange as I would have liked...

Car Shopping Part 2


Where did we take this new car for a test drive? Only the nicest sounding restaurant this side of the Algonquin river... You may have heard about it...

P**P Deck


Turns out we hadn't Dabbled in a Dab for a while... We should fix that. Thankfully Barnesii had the same thoughts too. Smashed that Sub button yet again! Cue the Dab! Dabbing while under fire is extra special too IMO...

Barnesii with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We had to go kill some guys on a construction site this mission, and the nice Mr Playboy X (probably not his real name...) provided us some nice toys to help us out... Say hello to my throwable balls of doom! Bonus points for the landing...

Grenade out!


Enough murder for one stream, it was time to relax and unwind with a nice game of pool with the lovely Michelle. I want going to lose this time however...

Pool MVP 2019


JoeR247 is so humble... Michelle will remember this.

So we are a Top hitman and a top pool player confirmed. Good stream.


Thursday! A day spent IRL after the fun and games of GTA! We finally got around to some of the Birthday presents which had been sent to JoeR247! Mainly this!

(Bet you JoeR247 has only played about 30 of them...)

This awesome scratch off Bucket List of 100 games! This will take pride of place in the man corner of the room! Assuming I'm not too ashamed of my potential rubbish score...


We will start off with a PSA today. Always carry spares!

We did some cleaning of the JoeR247Empires PC, de-dusted and sprayed some compressed air into it to keep it running healthily, only to find that when we put it back, the 2nd screen wasn't displaying...

The culprite? This poor damaged HDMI lead... I broke it...

(Press F to pay respects)

I may have pushed the PC tower a bit too close to the wall... Thankfully, I had a spare, otherwise, that nights stream would have been fun on a single screen...

Stream back on track, it was 20:00. You know what that means by now. Time to head back to Liberty City. I swear I'm addicted to this game...

(Update, still no bowling with Roman...)

Addiction or not, here we are. The game then thought it was a good idea to give me a boat to drive. Simple right? Kinda, Apart from the parking part. How do you park a boat anyway?

I'm a pro gamer...


Nevermind, we died anyway and had to redo that whole part again... Oh well, Lets park more sensibly this time. I can't be doing this mission again. I've failed enough times.

This time, I brought body armour.

That will save me from anything. Even slight drops...

"I'm not risking that..."


We did finish that mission, I think. I wiped the rest of it from my mind...

We found ourselves on a new task, become best buddies with Little Jacob, so he could sell us his finest weaponry. To do so, meant we had to go play some pool. I'm a pro at pool these days did you know. Maelchon was such a fan of the pool, he felt it necessary for a Dab. Sub Hype!

Maelchon with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Speaking of Dabs, Turfy wanted a go. Cue up Turfy with his 13th Sub Dab!

Turfy with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


JoeR247 has a PSA. Always make sure you wear your seatbelt. Seat belts save lives. And windshields... Silly Niko didn't, and look what happened to him...

Always wear a seat belt!


Lesson learnt, we ended the stream.


Urm. Moving swiftly on...


Remember the 100 games poster? Ta-da!

(Turns out I do play more than just racing games!)

49/100! Not bad I guess. Better than the 30 I predicted! Looks mighty fine on the wall above the PC Corner! I should challenge myself to get to at least 75 by 2020...

Anyway, the one day on, one day off schedule was stuck firmly in the on position, but JoeR247 wasn't sure what to play!

Time to go to Twitter to find the answer!

(You wanted me to Cure the guys instead of • Kill • Race • Kill some more)

20:00, time to head to Roquefort Castle and get that 3rd star to complete Bigfoot!

(Will this be our final stint in the chilly north of Two Point County?)

So, 600 patients to cure, 90% staff morale and 90% cure rate, how hard could it be...?

Well, before we even started, Markhal had something he wanted me to do... Is this a new record for earliest Dab in a stream?...

Markhal with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Speaking of Dabbing, GGAAHHHHH was also in the mood for some strange arm movements from JoeR247

GGAAHHHHH with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We were well on our way to the 600 cures, the hospital was running like a dream, we had used hardly any of the allocated floor plan and victory would be mine! Just a waiting game now.

A waiting game made all the more fun when you mention the magic number!

247 cures!


600 cures later, we had to then treat our staff like actual humans and make sure they were happy, aswell as get our cure rate looking healthy. We setup a new overlay on the stream, focusing purely on the main action, and awaited success.

3 stars!


Boom! Bigfoot DLC completed! Happy days! JoeR247 confirmed best Hospital Administrator in the northern parts of Two Point County!

Really fun DLC for anyone who enjoyed the base game!

Now that was dealt with, it was time to return to the sunnier parts of the County! It took some getting used to, placing air con units instead of radiators but I'm sure we will cope!

Something horrendous happened next, MrsJoeR257 threatned to quit! How dare she! We checked out her reason for the threat.

Turns out she just needed a 💩

RIP MrsJoeR257


Toilet seen to, she was much happier. Just like real life 😊

Stream time was over though sadly, and with that, so was Sunday...

That's the week! 7 days of fun and games in the bag! Good week in total!

Shall we have alook at the numbers. Has the Empire grown this week?...

Twitch.tv followers - 816 > 819

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 103

Success! I'm counting it as a success no matter what you say!

Right, I'm sure you have more important things to do, like reading this article on Taekwondo at the 2015 Pan American Games – Men's +80 kg

Until next week, have a good one!



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