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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 14.01.2019

Eyup Empire Fam! Welcome to another new week in the wonderful world we all share! Shall we review it, all things JoeR247 related? I vote... YES! If you said no, your mean. Why are you hear... I'm looking at you Maelchon... 👀

Before we being, recap the stats as always!

Twitch.tv followers - 819

YouTube Subscribers - 103

Good numbers! Let's go get that 1000 on Twitch so BekahBear101 has to buy me a Nandos


It Monday! You get how these weeks work by now I hope! No stream tonight sadly, but we had some interesting footage to watch from the PlayGround Games guys on their live stream.


THEY FINALLY ADDED MITSUBISHI BACK! Time to bring back the Need for Speed Most Wanted Lancer EVO 8!



Oh heyyyy! It's a stream day! Did we stream Forza?...

(That ain't Forza...)

Nope! JoeR247 wanted to bowl the guys! 20:00 arrived and we went live back in Liberty City!

Yes that's right! We are still waiting for our good cousin Roman to offer to go bowling with us!

Before we could do that however, Roman only went and got himself kidnapped... Looks like we have to go #KillTheGuys again... But first, we had to go top up on some health... To the Nut van! Nuts are very healthy did you know?

Healing power of nuts!


Healed up, time to go save the day once again... We rambo'd ourselves into the hostage situation, and found our new favourite weapon... The Molotov!

Fire Hot!


Roman rescued, we had some time to kill, before our next kill. We had the interview to go do, but before that, we decided to to take a look at the pier and see what was good. Turns out, our cars brakes, weren't so good...



Time killed, we head off to the interview in our very smart suit, only to be told it wasnt smart enough. 40 mins later, $2000 suit purchased, we made it to the interview.

Before we met the Lawyer in question, OdiBatterz wanted a Dab! Sub Hype Dab inbound!

OdiBatterz with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


Lawyer despatched with, we escaped, not before killing all the police in the world (Which I later found theres another method to do it with no police attention :facepalm: ) we went to go collect our reward. $2000.

We killed someone for no profit. FML!

Speaking of killing guys, we then got sent on another hit, this time to the projects. While we chased the baddy down, he had an interesting technique for stopping us. Throwing a mesh wire bin at us. This didn't work. Why would that ever work...?

Who throws a bin?


Guess what LolaSunnyButter did. She made JoeR247 Dab. On the internet. For money! SUB HYPE!!!!!!!!

LolaSunnyButter with the Sub Dab Hype! <3


We wrapped up the stream with what JoeR247 "thinks he does best" - Racing!

He was abit too cocky. The universe repaid that cockiness. Sadly, he got away with it. This time...

Place your bets!


Race won, happy days. Told you he's a great driver... We ended the stream there! definitely going back to Forza next time! Trust me on that one!


Hump day! JoeR247 had some post. Look what came!

(JoeR247 not applied by CEX. Applied by me. To cover up some box damage - but don't tell anyone... Our secret! Told you this blog had some exclusive info in it!)

I kept telling you I was missing my old school Need for Speed racing action! Well here is the latest which should be appearing on your screens!

Is your body ready? 👀


We're back and ready to go live! Remember the fine people at Playground games finally gave me my Mitsubishi's back? Well its time to hit the streets, Japan style!

(How long before we get the NFS:MW Evo? 5 mins? 10 mins?)

We started the stream, in the NFS:MW Evo. Yep... I played some the night before offline and got the car ready and set to race!

Dam it feels good to have the JoeR247 car back! Zagoy also had something good to show us. Remember this from Forza Horizon 3...?

The JoeR247 Van of dreams!



We Raced with Zagoy around Fortune Island, enjoying the new cars. Eventually, Zagoy dropped out and it was down to me!

We headed to the main game island and found ourselves in the new Horizon Life story mode, the Crazy Taxi missions! Old London Black cab, but with a V12 racing engine in. This couldn't end well could it?...

Long story short, it didn't...

To wrap up the stream, we decided to give the next new feature a go, Free For All Adventure! Basically Team adventure, but you don't lose, even when you finish first as the rest of your team either quit or finished dead last!

We joined mid way during a session and still came 2nd overall! We also actually won a Freeroam rush event in the Evo! Is there anything this car couldn't do?

After that, we wrapped up the stream, and the day! Forza shall return...


Friday, we found a cool thing on Twitter, There was a game going around Twitter, 30 questions, and every time someone liked the post, you got to answer another question. We took the original image, adjusted it a bit and put a boarder on it, posted it and waited for the likes to pour in!


Safe to say, we got the 30 likes, and answered all the questions! Want to see the thread?

Click me!

Apart from that, pretty quiet day.


Saturday means speed! I know traditionally, Sunday means speed, but whatever, its my blog, I'll write it how I want!

MrsJoeR257 had escaped for the day, meaning I had the house to myself, Time to do what we do best! Race cars averagely on the internet!

12:00pm - We went live! This time, with a special guest! LolaSunnyButter!

(Daytime stream. How does this work?)

We started up the game, the stream, and the voice call. Only to find 10 minutes later, nobody could hear Lola... I guess it will be our little secret what was said...

Eventually, we fixed it, theres nothing we can't fix at JoeR247 Empires, and we met Lola in game. Lets say her introduction was subtle...

Meet Lola!


Zagoy joined us again this stream in game, so I took us to Bamburg Castle for us to do some driving warm ups in some Playground games, Zombie, king of the hill, flag rush, that kind of thing!

What are the odds that if Lola was the infected person, that I would be the first one she aimed for?

Hide from Lola!


Turns out quite high...

It was fine though, I was now team zombie. Time to get the winning kill! How hard could it be...

Got him!


Turfy had informed us that the Forzathon prize this week was pretty nifty, and I was 50 points away from being able to get it... Then a Forzathon Live event happened.

First task, get the jump and score all the points! Sadly, you don't get bonus points for style otherwise I'd have won straight away

Ultimate Flatspin!


Want to see what I spent those Forzathon points on?...



Limo Racing FTW


Limo racing is now my favourite.

We wrapped up the stream with some more of that sweet sweet Free for All adventure. Only to find some lovely trolls. Sadly for the griefer, JoeR247 is too fast. Better look next time sir!

Troll fail


Stream over. It was only 3pm. What heck did I do with the rest of the day?

Napped. THUG LYF


Urm. Not alot to report.

It was friend of the stream, LolaSunnyButter's streamaversary so we spent most of the day in her stream, even guest staring on it to play some Jackbox Party.

Everyone loves Jackbox Party. I put JoeR247 so many times. Wonder if anyone saw it...

But apart from that, not alot to say.

I guess we should wrap up...

Feels like a productive week stats wise. Shall we see?

Twitch.tv followers - 819 > 833

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 103

BIG OOF! Now that was an interesting week! Welcome all new members to the JoeR247 Empires and thank you for joining!

I feel another montage video should be due soon too. Keep those eyes peeled on the YouTube channel for that...

Anyway, I've taken up enough of your day. Go do something more interesting, like read up on the Belgian Band, Mint.

Until next time, have a great week



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