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JoeR247 Week in Review w/c 21.01.2019

Oh hello there! EYUP! Welcome to a new week in JoeR247 Empires! Can I just say thank you for coming out to read this blog, despite it being 2 weeks late at time of posting. Oops my bad... But I've got a genuine excuse. It's been crazy busy here and at WeAreHIVE. Stick around til the Friday section of this blog and you'll see why...

So, as usual, stats for stat fans and people who are following the race to 1,000 followers on Twitch against BekahBear101, here's the all important numbers at the start of the week!

Twitch.tv followers - 833

YouTube Subscribers - 103


We started the week in typical fashion, with a Monday. A Monday featuring a stream no less!

JoeR247 is super into his trip around Liberty City as you can clearly see. 20:00 - we rejoined the fun and adventures with Niko Bellic!

(Fun and games on the streets of Liberty City once more!)

We started off the stream, piloting a chopper around the city, chasing down another helicopter with Little Jacob firing RPG's out of the passenger seat. As you do!

Once we no longer needed the chopper for the mission, we decided to borrow it for a personal adventure. Next stop, to the McReary's. They had a job for me... Something about a Bank...

Anyway we glossed over the details of the bank job, all I had to do was get a vehicle. Turns out we had a good helicopter ready to go. All we had to do was go pick them up. Easy right?

I broke it...


Bank robbery is easy it seems. The hard part, getting away. We found ourselves in the subway as part of the escape, but what goes down, must come back up. Turns out the subway isn't as secure as you think...

Shoot the lock off!


Remember our dear friend Playboy X? Who asked us to Kill Dwayne? Wasn't very nice of him was it. We don't like people who ask us to kill Dwayne... We went to go discuss our concerns with Playboy... Didn't end well for him though...

RIP Playboy


So we now had the deed to Playboy's penthouse. Very nice. As we left JoeR247 accidentally had a grenade equipped. Cool guys don't look at explosions right?

Cheeky Grenade


Speaking of the McCreary's, we got asked to go on a date with Kate! We took the Irish American woman to the bar for drinks - stereotyping much there Joe?

Anyway, we really weren't in a fit state to drive, and the Police agreed. Then the car decided it was sick of me crashing it. Then the police got violent. Niko got violent back. Kate didn't approve. She asked to go home... Oh well. Always next time.

The date went well...


We carried on, doing missions for the Mafia, and then found ourselves in need of some wheels. Turns out, the police don't like it when you stand on their wheels. How rude...

Is this a crime?


More missions, more guys to kill. Only this time, they won't be able to trace the bullet wounds back to me! All it took was a simple push! That fall didn't look too fun though



Back to the mafia, we had some of the cronies riding on the back of our bin lorry. Turns out when you swerve, they swing out a fair bit. JoeR247 wanted to know if he could bash them about on a lamp post. Turns out yes...

Poor guy


With all that, we wrapped up the stream. Helicopter wars, Bank jobs and the murder of a close colleague. All in a good days work!


Tuesday was started out in a very wholesome manner. We reflected on a chat message which we had in the last nights stream.

(Streamers can be fun to watch, whether they have 1 follower or 1 million followers. Very important not to judge someone by their following)

We get compliments at the channel alot and they are always super appreciated, but this one really meant alot.

Speaking of the Monday stream, MrsJoeR257 fell asleep during it, so JoeR247 took advantage of her being asleep (NOT LIKE THAT...) by jumping into the editing booth and chopping together another super awesome Best Bits montage video! Keep your eyes peeled on the YouTube Channel!

(Volume 10. Don't make the same joke as Maelchon and say this makes me JoeR257 now...)

That sums up Tuesday. Come back for some more details on this set of 7 days shortly.


Remember we discussed a montage video yesterday? Well JoeR247 didn't want anyone to have to wait too long. Look what appeared in the subscription boxes on YouTube today...

(MAGIC NUMBER 10! Click the above image to watch it now!)

The postman has something cool for JoeR247 to open today. Yes. More Qwertee...

(Look how cute it is though! And its in french, which makes me look more cultured than I actually am!)

Feel free to contact me regarding sponsorship @Qwertee...

Right, remember there's a big charity weekend coming up? I may have mentioned it once or twice... Well JoeR247 Empires streaming was on hold for now. All content of my face from this point on until last on sunday was all in aid of GetWellGamers.org.uk

(Would we manage to raise the £500 target... Time will tell!)


Nope. Nothing to see here, try again tomorrow... 😆


Ok, the big day was here. Just make it to 5pm and all would be golden. Right? Waking up with my phone with a flat battery was a less than stellar start. Remind me to switch plugs on in future guys...

Nevertheless, 4:55pm. We hit go live. And waited for the countdown.

5:00pm. JoeR247 started to stream and try explain the charity as well as he possibly could. Then we played Jackbox. That always ends well right..?

Around 6:00pm, our fabulous Co-Host, BekahBear101 emerged on the stream. Time to fight it out and find out, who was the "Best Admin"

(Oof, handsome, the one on the right I mean!)

We started on some Gangbeasts. Really fun game, if you know the controls. Turned out, we didn't as I took us into an online lobby. It didn't end well for us... Offline, JoeR247 didn't fare much better either. Killing himself multiple times, while Bekah was AFK fixing her controller. Not my finest hour.

Up next, some Overcooked! We booted it up, started the game. Oh wait. Its local multiplayer only. LET DOWN! This is why you should always test these things! Moving swiftly on, time for some Ultimate Chicken Horse. Its as daft as its title suggests. VS plaformer, where you have to try get your opponent killed. Safe to say, we were good at getting each other killed. Not so much about surviving. I think I did best though...

At this stage, I seem to recall killing the stream. Its fine! We got it back up and running and carried on with the murder of each other. Last up was Stick Fight the Game. We were approaching 10:00pm where TedThe0ne and HarlanTV would take over and run the channel

As our watch ended, the total raised? £385/£500! Not bad for 5 hours work If I say so myself! We left the channel in the capable hands of Harlan and Ted, ZombieDeath and GGAAHHHHH before we returned early doors at 7:00am the next day.

We may have made the level abit too hard on Ultimate Chickne horse...


Bekah having controller issues should mean an easy win for JoeR427 in Gangbeasts right?


Its impossible for someone to mention Chickens without Joe turning to Cock isn't it?


We made a very tricky level on Ultimate Chicken Horse. I got right to the end. If I failed, would Bekah be sympathic If I failed...?


One of the questions during Lie Swatter seemed to give BekahBear101 an unfair advantage, based on the fact she is part bear. Today I learned that Bears plugged their butts during hibernation...


You can watch the part A and B of the streams back here!


6:30am alarm clock wasn't fun this morning.

"Come on Joe. Its for an amazing cause"

"Ok fine"

6:55, we took back control of the WeAreHIVE Channel! This time, to play Axiom Soccer, which had been kindly donated as raffle prizes during the weekend by the developers at Earthbound Games!

We started off with JoeR247 vs TwistTheBones, AKA Jennifer at Earthbound games. 1 vs 1, with money on the line.

Loser donates £10.

First game. JoeR247 lost. Jennifer kindly suggested best of 3. I accepted.


2:1 to me!

I won! Jennifer went to go login to her paypal. I did the same. It was for a good cause, and I had lost the 1st game before the goal posts had been moved. Then we had some more players arrive. It became a 2 vs 1 scenario.

How does having a 2nd person on these games mean I always lose. Turns out 1 is better than 2.

Eventually, we had a 4th player. Maelchon was up early and decided to join in. WeAreHIVE Vs Earthbound Games. Who won? The dev's of course. I'm sure they had alot more practise than us in our defence.

(Time to score the guys! But in hover tanks!)

You can watch the stream back here!

Want to see the best goal you'll ever see on Axiom Soccer? Oh wait, what do you mean thats my goal?... Dammit.


Me and Maelchon may have been several goals down, but we still had our pride to play for. Could we salvage anything against the devs?


Three Lions is still stuck in my head from last year... Can you tell?


Sometimes, 2 vs 1, had the advantage. Pretty sure we lost this game overall...


We finished our slot, the donation goal was sat on an amazing £700. Oh yeah, that £500 goal we had set? Smashed to pieces during the night! NEXT STOP? £750!

9:00am slowly turned up, and we passed on our slot to LolaSunnyButter, who was streaming some Telltale games! JoeR247 then had some IRL stuff to go sort out. We left the event in the capable hands of Lola, who would then pass onto Jazzcranston, then Franchize1140 then OdiBatterz.

What happened next, may shock you.

JoeR247 was in the barbers, getting his hair cut, when all of a sudden gets a phone shoved in his face. Its BekahBear101. Telling me that WeAreHIVE and Jazzcranston/Franchize1140 are on the FRONT PAGE OF TWITCH UK.

This is the stuff of dreams for any Twitch streamer, and our little charity even was on the Front page of Twitch for millions to see.

JoeR247 was out of action that night, celebrating the birthday party of @TheStitchyBaker with @WobblyRedman and MrsJoeR257. Now I owe an apology to TheStitchyBaker as me and Wobbly spent most of the party on Twitch keeping check of the event.

Sorry Stitchy ❤

Ementalo took over from OdiBatterz and then GGAAHHHH once again. That was saturday. We were still on the front page of Twitch.

Oh, the JustGiving page also smashed the £1,000 target aswell this evening. Next Stop, £1,500. 3 times the original goal... This may be tricky...


Sunday. The final day of the charity weekend event with GetWellGamers UK. We woke up super early, to find AirAngel_TV in the host seat, ready to be taken over by OdiBatterz, MadDogWoz, JazzCranston, Maelchon, LolaSunnyButter, then to be finished off by me and BekahBear101 at 8pm.

No pressure right? Just the £1,500 target to get. All while on Twitch Front page.

How hard could it be...

Me and MrsJoeR257 had a long drive back home around lunchtime back from Preston, and this gave JoeR247 a brilliant idea for a donation incentive if we hadn't hit the goal in time. Personal suffering. Inspired by HarlanTV and TedThe0ne who had been eating crickets for donations, JoeR247 went to the shop and found some of the infamous JellyBelly Bean Boozled Jelly beans.

£2.47 donated would mean a bean would be eaten on cam. Good or bad. How bad could the bad ones be?...

JoeR247 already Dabs for money, why not eat terrible sweets for money right?

(Looking back at this image. I regret it so hard. But it was for a good cause so I'll let it slide...)

8:00pm. We went live. with some JackBox Party Pack 2. BekahBear was to join abit later on ready for some more games and then the big donation incentive prize draw!

(Remind me to test these games before hand. BidIots wasn't too great... Quip Lash was though!)

Worryingly our first donation incentive Beans were all the nice flavours... This meant we were due some bad ones...

Then it happened. Cue the spoiled milk, cue the dead fish, cue the dirty dishwater, cue the worst of them all, the Stink bug.

That was not nice.

Want to see the effects of these so called Bean Boozled? Meet the StinkBug bean....


We played some BidIot's. Someone did an accurate drawing of me. Post Beans.


We did the raffle people won some awesome prizes, Unicorn hair/SelekVaren/Harlan TV tried to kill me with jelly beans, I nearly vomed on at least 2 occasions but we did it. WE HIT THE £1,500.


You can rewatch the final part on YouTube right here!

There we go. We hit Stop streaming and the weekend was done.

I have 4 main images from this weekend which make me smile.

(Here's some of the highlights of this crazy weekend. Little old JoeR247 on the front page of Twitch UK. The amazing total we raised for GWGUK, £1,829.09 including GiftAid, JoeR247 and BekahBear101 closing the weekend, and finally, thanks to Maelchon for this image, the WeAreHIVE Channel having 247 viewers! 🤣)


That's the week. Painful, stressful, ruined my stomach with eating challenges. All for an amazing cause which made it all so worthwhile.

Twitch.tv followers - 833 > 838

YouTube Subscribers - 103 > 105

Remember, this week was never about me or JoeR247 Empires. It was about raising some serious cash, for an amazing charity organisation. I am super proud of everyone involved, either by streaming, helping out behind the scenes, watching and donating or by spreading the word about the event.

We raised 320% of our original target. Utterly mind blowing. I cannot wait to hear in the coming weeks of the great work that GWGUK can achieve thanks to everyones generosity.

Thank you all for your support.

Special shout out to BekahBear101 for helping me plan and co-ordinate this event, LolaSunnyButter for bringing GWGUK to our attention and especially MrsJoeR257 who put up with me being glued to Twitch all weekend and supporting me when I was worried we wouldn't raise even £50.


Right. I need a nap. And to go brush this Stinkbug taste out of my mouth.

You go do something productive, like go read up on the amazing work that GetWellGamersUK do for children in hospitals all across the UK



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