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We started from the bottom...

Hello Blog fans... It's been a while... How about a special one off post? Ok... Let's go.

So on the 4th of June 2019, this happened. The JoeR247 Twitch channel achieved what was once thought of as impossible to this budding streamer. We had somehow convinced 1,000 Twitch users around the globe to show support by hitting that follow button.

Having started in November 2017 as a test to see if it could even work with my crude setup and limited knowledge, it's safe to say I can consider this whole experience a resounding success.

We have made some unbelievable bonds and friendships during this period, had countless laughs (some of them not at my expense or lack of skill) and produced some, what I like to consider, good entertainment. Sure its not quiet Game of Thrones Quality, but for one lad in the corner of his flat with nothing but a dream, it's bloody good to me.

When I think back to the start, streaming to nobody, shyly mumbling into a terrible headset, with a flickering webcam, playing a game from 1997, while MrsJoeR257 was wondering WTF she had got herself into, it makes me smile. Twitch has reignited my love for all things Video gaming. Before I started, my interest was starting to wane so I am very thankful to everyone who has supported my in this "Weird Internet Hobby" I've come to love and has trurly become my obssession and passion in life.

I have been very fortunate in my time, and have taken part in some amazing experiences thanks to friends and game developers and publishers. We visited SEGA Europe HQ in London in July 2018, for the Influencer Event for Two Point Hospital. We took part in the Launch day stream for Two Point Hospital. The whole team at Two Point Hospital will forever be in my heart for taking a chance on me, a channel which probably had 400 followers at the time, in helping to stream and promote their amazing game, trusting me on their official SEGA channel. This would be the stuff of dreams for any SEGA fan. It was the stuff of dreams come true.

We have also worked with Team17, helping to show off the awesome game which is Overcooked 2. We managed to convince MrsJoeR257 to come on stream when we streamed the new DLC for it, on the Official Overcooked 2 Steam Store page. I think we had around 700 viewers at one point. Its a miracle I survived those streams without suffering a divorce.

The thing which stands out probably most, was when we launched the WeAreHIVE community, especially in January of this year. We arranged the GetWellGamers Charity stream. That was a very stressful event. I wanted it to be perfect. We set a humble goal of £500. We streamed all weekend as a community. We raised £1,800. We streamed on the front page of Twitch UK. I was lost for words.

So... 1,000 followers. All this has been achieved thanks to you guys. The viewers, the supporters, the subscribers, the channel mods, and most importantly, the friends I have come to love.

And especially one person. MrsJoeR257. My wife, who back in 2017 wondered what the heck she had got herself into marrying me. The one who supported me unconditionally throughout this process. The one who didn't mind me buggering off to play video games to strangers 3/4 nights a week for 2 hour periods. The one who has been creating BabyR247 these past nine months. Its been a wild ride.

And yes MrsJoe, I remember this tweet.

(Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner)

Here's to the next 1,000 followers.

Thank you all for reading. This has been an interesting ride. I can't wait to see what happens next.



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