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JoeR247 Interviews... Zinkenspiel

1. What is the story behind your channel name?

Since I grew up in Germany, some of my old High School friends tried to come up with different clever play-ons with my name and the random German words they knew. Zinkenspiel really sat well with me, especially as a gaming content creator, so I stuck with it.

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

The very first games I played, I was very young, I can't even remember how old I was. I just remembered playing the original Super Mario and playing video games became my life from there on. My all time favorite video game would probably be The Last of Us.

3. What/Who inspired you to start creating content on the internet?

Well, I have been fascinated on the subject of content creators, especially when I found out that there were people playing video games for a living, so the first real YouTuber that I came across was Pewdiepie, back in 2011.

However people like Markiplier, Game Grumps & Jacksepticeye have really inspired me to create content and be able to help out charities. Very recently, the YouTubers, Yes Theory, have been inspiring me as well, to create content that will get me out of my comfort zone, to seek discomfort and grow, as well as to create a support platform that could help other young, small entrepreneurs on their journey.

4. When did you start creating content on the internet?

My very first video got uploaded in May of 2019.

5. What is your content creation setup. Specs and accessories?

In all honesty, I am not sure. I am using a cheap Asus Laptop for now since my channel is still small.

6. How did you find the first few weeks/months of content creation? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

They were interesting, because I was both nervous and excited. I judge my content hard, but that also is because I am looking to improve on the content that I make and learn from my mistakes.

When I did my channel introduction video, it was my very first time sitting down in front of a camera to talk to everyone and bring across a message and it took me almost 2 hours to ONLY RECORD a 57 second video to introduce my channel due to the anxiety building up.

7. How did you grow your channel? How did you network?

I have been growing my channel through the support of my friends and also through the support of F8L Gaming, as I am affiliated with them.

8. What has been your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment has been my very recent videos. They are my first collaboration videos, which I made with 3 of really good friends of mine.

9. How did you find the technical side of content creation? Setting up your channel, etc?

I am still learning how to do it. Since I did not grow up doing that sort of thing, it is still a learning curve for me.

10. What do you enjoy most about your content creation hobby/career?

I get to create content that I love, grow together with others as I challenge myself in different ways and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

11. What don't you enjoy so much about your content creation hobby/career?

What I don't enjoy is that I don't have better equipment to work with, so it is less about what I do, but more about the lack of a better PC.

12. What are you short term and long term goals for your channel/s?

The short term goal is to just slowly work towards one milestone after another. Have fun while doing so.

The long term goal is to eventually make a full-time living off of my channel and support other channels, while I keep growing in influence to eventually be able to do more for the world we live in.

13. What advice would you give anyone looking to get into content creation?

Don't give up. Your channel is going to grow extremely slowly. However, even extremely slow progress, is still progress. Take baby-steps and take it day by day without giving up on yourself.

14. Finally, what other content creators do you enjoy watching and recommend people check out?

Here are my top 5 shoutouts!

1. F8L_Xaos - He streams a few times a week on Twitch and he loves to engage with the audience and have a good time on his streams.

2. LambChop!Vlogs - She is a good friend! She creates different kinds of content, such as cooking videos, vlogs & different diy's and tutorials1!

3. oXPorkChopXo - She creates different kinds of gaming content and is always extremely kind to everyone!

4. katsebastian - She loves to stream games as well! She is fun to engage in conversations with!

5. AlmazanKitchen - He creates incredible cooking in nature content and makes the most delicious looking meals on YouTube!

Check him out on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGr_O8cUDR8LUQPtCKRR-A or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Canada_zink

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