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JoeR247 Interviews... RetroJoe27

1. What is the story behind your channel name?

Honestly, I was going for RetroJoe, because of my love of nostalgia and older games. 27 is just my favorite number... I like it though.. it Rhymes.

2. What is your video game history/background and all time favourite game?

I've been playing videogames ever since I could hold the controller... One of the first games I remember playing is Combat on the Atari 2600. My Grandmother had an NES in her attic (For my Aunt who still lived at home) and I remember playing things like Megaman, Mario, Battletoads, Zelda... all of those classic NES games...

Then my Aunt got a SNES for Christmas and it was all over!! I was hooked on all of the great SNES games! I'm gonna spare you all of the gory details, but after that I ended up with a PS1, and was introduced to Final Fantasy VII, which is still my favorite game of all time.

3. What/Who inspired you to start creating content on the internet?

As a performing musician, my need/want to entertain people is always looking for new outlets.

As I decided to transition out of playing music with my band, locally, I needed something to pump my creative juices into. Enter streaming! I took the time to learn how it works, studying people like DGR_Dave, Harris Heller's videos on Youtube, and just watching other streamers among the community (you know.. like JoeR247)

4. When did you start creating content on the internet?

So, I've done music stuff for quite a few years, acoustic covers on instagram, rig rundown on YouTube... stuff like that... but for this brand, I started in February of 2019.

5. What is your content creation setup. Specs and accessories?

I have the standard "desktop" setup. Prebuilt Acer TC-710, boasting a 7th Gen I7 processor, 16GB ram, upgraded to a 1050TI 6gb micro, 256gb SSD and 2 TB HDD, runs through a Sceptre 27" curved monitor and an HP 24" monitor. For a Camera I just use a Logitech C920 - For mic/audio I use a Behringer FCA1616, which is the audio converter for my HOSA QCM-3 mic, which is an older studio mic with a tube/pre-amp. - I also use a Mira-box capture card for all of my console streaming... which I do from Switch, Xbox, and PS3 (fully backwards compatible model) - I also have 3 Yeelight bulbs that are controllable by chat, and react to things like follows, subs, cheers.. etc.

6. How did you find the first few weeks/months of content creation? (any funny stories/mistakes/highlights?)

Oh man... here we go... I started, partly out of boredom... my wife was still very tired with our youngest child, so I'd just throw up a really simple overlay and play games like Dead Cells, and some retro stuff like Megaman X, Super Mario World... I'd get one or two people pop in and chat... and then started getting a few follows here and there...

I don't think anyone was there for the one time I actually fell asleep on stream... I was playing dead cells, it was almost Midnight, and I just konked out on the couch... Woke up about an hour later and just ended stream. I had the classic "stream for a good amount of time without a mic on" happen... You just gotta laugh at it, pick up, and move on!

Back in July, I was doing Mario Maker 2 levels... and got an 800 person host by the great SimpleFlips... it was one of the coolest things that has happened to me as a streamer so far!

7. How did you grow your channel? How did you network?

Twitter. If you're not using this platform to grow your twitch, you're doing it wrong!!! I started looking for like-minded people that were about the same level as I was as a streamer.

We kind of all started jumping from channel to channel... recruiting a group that we call #BASS and is just about 300 members strong!

8. What has been your proudest moment so far?

There are honestly so many... Seeing how much our community has grown has to be my proudest accomplishment so far, as a streamer.. watching people among our community help one another, support one another, and just love what we are all about, is how I measure my success in this field.

9. How did you find the technical side of content creation? Setting up your channel, etc?

I love the setup part of it.. I love making overlays, trying new equipment and things out to see how my crowd reacts!!!

There's just something satisfying about being able to provide a unique look/feel to your stream.

10. What do you enjoy most about your content creation hobby/career?

The confidence it's renewed me with... As a person who's suffered with some pretty wicked depression and anxiety over the years, this is a great outlet for me to use all of the skills I have in audio production, photoshop, and entertaining.

11. What don't you enjoy so much about your content creation hobby/career?

The fact that I am still in the "awkward" growth stage and still have to balance Real life and a full time job with the streaming side of things.

12. What are you short term and long term goals for your channel/s?

Short term: We are in the process of buying a new house and moving... I am getting a much larger studio to make my own... so, getting that started and finished is where I"m aiming my sights currently.

Long Term: I want to continue to grow, possibly consider pushing harder towards partner next year, but while keeping in sight where I am and not leaving behind those who have helped me along.

13. What advice would you give anyone looking to get into content creation?

Take your time. This doesn't happen over night. If something isn't going right, take it as a learning experience...

Take daily/weekly/monthly stock of what you're doing as a content creator, and make goals to squeeze as much quality out of your "spotlight time" as you can!

14. Finally, what other content creators do you enjoy watching and recommend people check out?

My fellow #BASS co-founders: Pkblaze, Imal0ser_, and WhiteHare... Also some of our streamers I look to make big moves in the streaming world: Ken_Kennn, MrMajama, Bjarkeeeee, and Quad_Banger...

Everyone in our community is awesome though, and I strongly suggest checking it out!

RetroJoe27 is a variety streamer with a heavy focus on interactivity, he is usually streaming platformers, RPG, and Music content. The All-Dad of #BASS You can find him at www.twitch.tv/retrojoe27 and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Retro_Joe27.

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